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RingMaster Tip: The "Home" Function

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Many ringmasters do not know about the "home" function of Webring.org. This page explains it and also explains why ringmasters should use it.

Link Coding

When the HTML is coded for Webring Controls, the typical format for a link is:

<a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?
ringid ;id= siteid ; function ">

The variable ringid identifies the webring. The variable siteid identifies the site. The variable function tells Webring.org what to do.


RingMasters frequently know about these functions:

  • prev5
    List the previous 5 sites
  • sprev
    Skip the previous site
  • prev
    go to the previous site
  • next
    Go to the next site
  • skip
    Skip the next site
  • next5
    List the next 5 sites
  • random
    Go to a random site 
  • list
    List the member sites 
However, many ringmasters don't seem to know about the home function.

The Home Function

The home function takes the surfer to the home page of that particular Webring. This is the page registered with Webring.org as the home page of the webring. It is the page that surfers go to if they click on "Home Page" on the List Page. It is the page that surfers go to if they use the Webring.org directory to find the webring.

The Problem

Today, many ringmasters explicitly code this page into the webring controls.

Then, for one of many possible reasons, the ringmasters decide to move their site. When that happens they are faced with a problem: they must convince everyone in the webring to change the webring control codes to have the new home page URL.

The Alternative

There is a simple alternative to this problem: use the home function.

Instead of "hard coding" the actual home page URL, use the home function. Then when you move your site, and you change the registered home page with Webring.org, no one has to change their webring control codes.


Some ringmasters have told me that they did not use the home function because they thought it took surfers to the AddForm. Instead, they wanted the surfer to come into their site to learn about the webring.

This is a common misconception. The home function does not take surfers to the AddForm. It takes surfers to the registered home page for the webring.

Again, this is exactly the same page that surfers are taken to through several other paths. It is the primary page for that webring.


Don't hard code your home page URL.

Instead, use the home function.

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