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  Microsoft MVP - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
Microsoft MVP

I am was a Microsoft FrontPage MVP

In April of 2003, I was notified that I was named a Microsoft MVP for FrontPage.

My first reaction was:

"How much money will this cost?"

Seriously, I thought perhaps I'd accidentally signed up for something and was being billed.

I didn't know what a Microsoft MVP was. I didn't know what "Microsoft MVP" meant. And, to be honest, it wasn't until April 2004 when I attended my first MVP Summit in Seattle that I really began to understand.

Update 25.Mar.2009: I remained an MVP Up to end of Mar, 2009. My MVPism was not renewed at that time.

What is a Microsoft MVP?

I didn't know anything about Microsoft MVP until I became one.

Since then I've learned a lot about what Microsoft MVP means.

For example, I found the MVPS.org site where it had a great description and history of the program.

I found lists of other MVP sites and even more lists of their sites.

The MVPS.org SiteThe MVPS.org Site: Independent from Microsoft, this site provides some of the most complete information about the Microsoft MVP program. 

Description and History of MVP ProgramDescription and History of MVP Program: A nice summary of the whole program. Includes links to recreations of the pages announcing the ending of the program, and its reinstatement 3 days later. 

Short List of MVP SitesShort List of MVP Sites: A short list of some of the best and most important of the MVP sites.

Big List of MVP SitesBig List of MVP Sites: One of the largest and most complete lists of MVP sites.

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