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How do I stop people from copying my stuff? (picture of lock dial)

How Do I Turn Off Right Click?

First, let me confess something.

I'm not going to tell you how to turn off Right Click.

Instead, what I will do to explain why turning off Right Click is not something you really want to do.

Why Do People Want to Turn Off Right Click?

The most common reason to turn off Right Click is to attempt to stop "theft" of graphics.

On Windows platforms, Right Click is used to access the "Save Picture As" function.

It is possible to use JavaScript to disable Right Click and make it difficult to use that function.

Are There Problems?

The problems are:

  1. Right Click is used for more than "Save Picture As".
  2. Turning off Right Click does not stop copying,
  3. It is easy to turn Right Click back on.

What else Is Right Click Used For?

The most common use of Right Click is "Open in New Window". This function permits people to create a second window to hold the link while keeping the original window open.

This is one of the major uses of Right Click. On any page that disables Right Click, I cannot open the new windows while keeping the old window open. The solution would be to first create a duplicate window (e.g., File / New / Page) and then to use that window to load the linked page. This is so inconvenient that those who routinely use Right Click for "Open in New Window" are extremely "put off" by Right Click disablers.

Other uses of Right Click include:

  • Back
  • Create Shortcut
  • Add to Favorites
  • Print, and
  • Refresh

Having these available from the mouse is very convenient.

Turning Off Right Click Does Not Stop Copying?

The easy workaround (in Microsoft Internet explorer) is to use File/Save As. This will save the entire page, including all HTML and all referenced graphics and even adjust the HTML graphic references so that it refers to the folder containing the saved graphics!

Another workaround is for the user to just go to the folder on the browser computer where the browser stores all these graphics and get them from there. (This is commonly called the browser "cache".)

A User Can Turn Right Click Back On

There are a variety of ways.

The first (in Microsoft Internet explorer) is Tools / Internet Options / Security.

Once there you can disable JavaScript processing.

The technique I prefer is to use a tool. I use AdSubtract Pro. It will "filter" JavaScript and is configurable on a site-by-site basis letting me turn it on for some sites and off for all other sites.

(It also filters advertising, pop-up-windows, Java Applets, referrer information, cookies, background music, background graphics, animations and auto refresh.)

even easier!!

It turns out there is even an easier way. It doesn't require a tool. It doesn't require turning off JavaScript.

(I'd love to take credit, but a colleague (Cheryl Wise) found this on Hywel Jenkins' website.)

Here is what you do when you come across one of those "you can't do a right click here" pop-up windows.

  1. Press and hold the right mouse button. Hold it.
  2. While you are holding it, the pop-up message pops-up.
  3. Press enter.
  4. The pop-up message disappears.
  5. Now, let go of the right mouse button and voila, the right-button menu pops right up!!

Give it a try the next time you encounter such a page. Or, if you think you've protected your page, try it and see!

So What Does All This Mean?

Let me summarize:

  1. By the time the user sees your page, all the HTML and all the graphics have already been downloaded and stored on their machine.
  2. Turning off Right Click doesn't stop downloading.
  3. Turning off Right Click doesn't stop copying.
  4. Turning off Right Click irritates everyone who uses it for other things.
  5. Users can turn Right Click back on.

In other words, there is not a (simple) technological solution to this issue. Rather the solutions are cultural (respect for creators' rights) and legal (e.g., copyright).

This Page Seems Familiar

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How Do I Stop People From Downloading My Graphics

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turn off right click; stop downloading graphics; prevent download graphics; web theft; graphics theft; stop cut and paste; qwerty . . . turn off right click; stop downloading graphics; prevent download graphics; web theft; graphics theft; stop cut and paste; qwerty