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FrontPage Tips

The idea for this page is simple. It is a place I can accumulate and share simple tips for the FrontPage user.

I have gathered these tips through my own trial and error (with emphasis, perhaps, on the error) as well as through the excellent resource of the FP List and comments and suggestions by friends and colleagues.

Join the FrontPage List

If you are using FrontPage, my first recommendation is to join the FrontPage List. This email list has a moderately high volume of posting, but even if you have to click delete a lot, it is worth it. There is a variety of input from a variety of backgrounds and a diverse set of opinions and approaches.

You can subscribe by going to the hosting site at www.at-frontpage.com or by sending an email to FPList-Subscribe@YahooGroups.com. You can also sign up at the Yahoo! Groups site at groups.yahoo.com/group/FPlist

FrontPage List Resources

In addition to the FrontPage List discussion, the Yahoo! Groups site for the list has a "Files" area. It contains shared files for list members. For example, it has a folder titled "sample contract, proposal" that contains both a proposal and a sample contract for web work.

The Yahoo! Groups site is at: groups.yahoo.com/group/FPlist

Watch Out For Redundant Code

As FrontPage has matured through the years the quality of HTML code it produces has improved. However, one limitation still exists: FrontPage will produce "redundant code".

Redundant code is a name for code that unnecessarily turns itself off and then turns itself back on again. FrontPage is not yet good at detecting and repairing redundant code.

For example, when you apply a style to a paragraph, you mistakenly select a portion of a paragraph and apply the style, then, realizing your mistake, you select the rest of the paragraph and apply the same style. FrontPage cannot recognize that it is the same style applied to the whole paragraph. So, it will turn the style off and then on again.

To avoid this, select the area first, then use Format/Remove Formatting. This will remove all old formatting. Then select your new formatting and apply.

How to Copy HTML From the Web Into FrontPageHow to Copy HTML From the Web Into FrontPage: Sometimes copying HTML from the web into FrontPage and other wysiwyg editors can have unexpected effects. This page describes one of those and provides a trick to overcome it.

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frontpage tips; tips for frontpage users; how to use frontpage; better use of frontpage; qwerty . . . frontpage tips; tips for frontpage users; how to use frontpage; better use of frontpage; qwerty