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. How To Copy HTML from the Web Into FrontPage

What is the problem?

Some websites provide listings of HTML to copy to your pages. When you copy this HTML onto your clipboard and then paste it into FrontPage, it doesn't work.

For example, suppose you tried to copy this HTML to FrontPage:


You highlight the code and copy it onto the Windows clipboard.

Then you go into FrontPage onto the page you want the code. You go into HTML view and paste this code.

After you paste the code you look at it and notice it says:


This isn't what you wanted!

What Causes This?

In order to get the code to appear as HTML on their page, the people giving you the code had to code it using special characters:

  1. &lt;   means the Less Than Sign ("<")
  2. &gt;   means the Greater Than Sign (">")

If it was coded as you saw it, then the browser would have interpreted it as HTML instead of displaying it as HTML.

FrontPage is too smart. It knows how it was coded and copies it as coded.

So, How Do I Solve This Problem?

Here is a simple trick.

After you copy the code onto your clipboard, paste it into a Notepad (or WordPad) session. It will paste "correctly" as the text you originally saw.

Then copy all the text back onto the clipboard and paste it into FrontPage.

Why Does This Trick Work?

Because Notepad isn't as "smart" as FrontPage, it copies the code as it was displayed. The copied code, once copied into Notepad, "loses" the special characteristics and becomes simple text. At that point it can easily be copied and pasted into FrontPage.

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