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U. S. Mailboxes: Creating Another Email Address in Outlook or Outlook Express

Creating Another Email Address

One of the big misconceptions on the net is that your email "reply address" is somehow "real" or "correct".

In actuality, your email "reply address" is just like the reply address on the outside of a snail-mail envelope.

The email reply address tells the recipient how to write you back.

But, the email reply address can be anything. I can set my email software to have any reply address I want.

This page explains how to create a second (or third, or fourth) email address using Outlook.

Outlook and Outlook express

The particular steps here only work for Outlook. If you are using different email software, you will need to consult that software to identify how to change your email reply address.

Why Have Multiple Reply Addresses

There are three major reasons.

  1. You might have one email account with one ISP, but receive mail there at multiple "addresses", and
  2. You might have multiple email accounts with different ISPs, and
  3. A combination of #1 and #2.

One Email Account, Multiple Addresses

Now you ask how this is possible.

This most common reason is that you are using an email forwarder in order to "own your own email address". I explain how to do this on this page.

If you are using an email forwarder, then you may have different addresses forwarded to your one "real" email address.

Consider this example. Assume that you are Gaspar Aluzo. Your "real" address is But you own a domain name of You are using a registrar like NamECheap to forward your email. All email addressed to is actually forwarded to Most people write you as and you have set your reply address to show as (like I explain on this page).

Now you would also like to use another email address. You would like to use in your email as a reply address.

(Note that this address will already forward to you. All we are talking about is setting up a second account so you can send some mail with this reply address.)

Because, in this example, you have one real, incoming account, you just need to create an "outgoing" email account in Outlook using this second email address. Here is how.

These steps will work in Outlook 2007:

  1. Click on "Tools".
  2. Click on "Account Settings.
  3. Click on "New" to set up a new address.
  4. Click on "Next".
  5. Check the box "Manually configure server settings ...".
  6. Click on "Next".
  7. Choose "Internet email".
  8. Click on "Next".
  9. Fill in the data (Your name [the name that will show in the reply address], Your forwarding email address [the address replies will be sent to], Your server info, and Your server email login info).
  10. Click on "More Settings".
  11. Under "General" enter the account name as you want it to  show in Outlook on your computer.
  12. Under "Outgoing Server" probably choose "My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentification.
  13. Under "Outgoing Server" probably choose "Use the same settings as my incoming mail server".
  14. Under "Advanced" you may need (check with your email host) to change the "Outgoing server (SMTP)" port number (587 is common if it is not 25).
  15. Click on "OK". then "Next", then "Finish".

Note: I substantially rewrote this section for Outlook 2007 on 19.Nov.2010. Please let me know. Is it right? Wrong? 

You will now have changed the address that will show as the From address when you send an email and that will be used as a Reply address when someone clicks Reply.

To use this account, click the "pull down" arrow next to the "Send" button on any email. Outlook will reveal all your defined accounts and let you specify which one to use.

In our example, using this second account would cause the email to be sent with a reply address of And anyone who sends mail to that address, will have the mail automatically forwarded to the "real" account at

Multiple Email Accounts at Different ISPs

If you have multiple email accounts at different ISPs, Outlook can handle that.

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