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This page was migrated from the 
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Over the next months 
these pages will be reviewed and adapted.

If you would like to make comments or 
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You can also email the original
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Shena remains the moderator of the
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This Site is Being Rebuilt

After much delay, this section of my site is being completely restructured.

If you are looking for the Web Guard Webring, you should go to the NEW Web Guard Webring page at www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/wbg1/web_guard.htm

In the meantime, the "old" pages all still link together so feel free to explore while the restructuring continues.




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Don't be a bandwidth bandit, and don't let others be ones either. Help us to protect originality on the web; join Web Guard!

Follow the links below to find out about an organization dedicated to protecting copyrights and eradicating bandwidth bandits. Having problems with people stealing your images by linking directly to your server? Web Guard shows you how to fight back, and will support you in your battles. More than a simple webring, Web Guard is an association united in a common goal.

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[Are You A Bandit?]

Items of interest

  • Read the intro and purpose for Web Guard
  • Learn how you can join Web Guard today!
  • Ways you can fight back against bandwidth bandits!
  • What to do against copyright infringements.
  • Links to helpful people and sites
  • Things we support or are members of

Pertaining to the Webring

  • See an index of sites
  • If you are a member, edit your site information


Attention! Web Guard has been featured in an article at ZDnet! The article is called The Problem of Direct Linking. Thanks, ZDnet, for noticing us!

As of June 26th, 1998: WebTV users now have many options with which to upload files for their web pages. There is now no excuse for them to steal bandwidth. Click here to read all about it!

If you are on AOL and are thinking of joining Web Guard, please Click Here now for some important information.


If you are a "bandit" who has been sent here because you've been using someone else's images or files and got CAUGHT, please click this link if you want to mend your ways but aren't sure how.

Caught!  How do I fix it?

Support Web Guard!

Show your support! We have a number of buttons that are available for display on your pages so that you can spread the word! If you want to be a member but don't want to join the Webring then grab one of our buttons. You can find them here. We've gotten so many that we needed a whole extra page to showcase them! (Any additional designs are still welcome and will be displayed if appropriate.)

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We have received some lovely awards:

Widow's Web Award   Foxfire Island's Once in a Blue Moon Award
Kit's Purrfect Page Award Skyylight Productions Peace Award 1997   http://skyy.simplenet.com/
Special Recognition for Service to Writers   http://pages.prodigy.com/XLTX22B/publish0.htm Ace+ Award for Nice Sites   http://home1.gte.net/smcalfas/ Best of Web   http://www.alternative-webs.com/html/best_of.html
Award for Excellence & Beauty in Web Design - Yakir Design Award of Excellence
BigzJon's Site of Elegance Award

Blue Moon Award


Original Concepts and Design

Original concept for Webring by Shena Delian O'Brien.

Original design for Webring developed by Darklock Communications, 1997-1999 in association with Danie Powers

Design by Darklock         Design by Powers Court

The extra text menu links (previously here) are being removed in the site redesign.
Browser and search engine improvements have eliminated the motivation/necessity for them.

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web guard organization, web guard webring, web guard webring, copyright theft, bandwidth theft, qwerty . . . web guard organization, web guard webring, web guard webring, copyright theft, bandwidth theft, qwerty