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Tips on Letter Writing

[*] Remember that the author may not realize what he/she has done is wrong.

As it becomes easier to make web pages (lots of html editors out there) more people are not taking the time to learn it well before they make a web page. This means there's a lot of 'newbies' out there making web pages, that may not understand that linking to graphics and files this way is wrong. Please take this into consideration when you send them email, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Send them to the Web Guard homepage so that they can find out why what they are doing is wrong.

[*] Be courteous.

We reiterate this statement; please, remember to be courteous. Angry letters can only alienate.

[*] Provide the important information.

It is a good idea to tell the author what graphic on what page you want removed. They may not know, otherwise, and in that case, will not be able to remove it.

[*] Tell them that if they do not comply you will take other action.

No ISP encourages this type of behavior. Let the author know that, and that if they do not remove the link to your graphic, you will take further action to remove it yourself. Remind them that it is your graphic on your server and that you can replace it with any image you so desire at any time.


Sample Letter #1


I have discovered that you are using graphics from my server and my account on your page at [URL of offending page here]. You did not ask for permission to do this and I do not appreciate you taking my image(s).

I request that you remove the link to my [name of graphic here] from your page immediately, as in case you are not aware, this practice of linking to files on other sites is rude and can cost me money. If you do not understand why what you are doing is wrong, please go to http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/wbg1/webguard.htm as this page describes the problem in detail.

While I understand that some service providers make it difficult to upload graphics onto accounts, or that you may have limited space to do so, that does not make it right to use things from my account without my permission. There are many places on the web that offer free accounts with plenty of web space.

If you do not remove the link(s) to my account immediately, I will contact your webmaster. This type of behavior is against the acceptable use policies of many internet providers, and yours is probably among them. And remember, I have the capabilites to change or alter the image you are using in any way, shape, or form.

Please respond as soon as you read this message.


[Your Name or Signature File Here]


Sample Letter #2

If the above letter seems a bit too long or technical for your taste, you could try this one instead:


I have discovered that you are pulling images from my server on your
page at this URL: [URL of Page]

You cannot link directly to the graphics on my server. It takes up
bandwidth and I will end up getting charged for it. I don't want to have to
pay more.

Also you should have "asked" permission to "use" the graphic in the
first place, this means you are also in violation of the copyright law. If
you don't understand what is wrong with this, you can go to the Web Guard
page at http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/wbg1/webguard.htm and find out.

If your server doesn't allow uploading of files, then you need to find 
an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Web Space Provider (WSP) that gives 
you more space, and place them there. 

If you do not wish to comply with either of my requests, then just remember this: I have the capability to alter the look of your page(s) drastically. You may find a very disturbing image on your page(s).

Please, let me know your intentions.

[Your Name or Signature File]



If you have any thoughts on how to write a better letter, or have any questions in writing one that are not set out here, please email us at Web Guard.

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