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This page has been migrated from the 
original Web Guard site with minimal changes. 

Graphics presented on this page include 
the old address of the Web Guard home page. 

New graphics are being developed.

For more information on these 
changes to Web Guard, click here.



Tips on creating graphics

[*] Make it big.

You want people to See it. Make it big enough and flashy enough to catch their attention.

[*] Write out your message clearly.

You don't want people to think the web author put the graphic there on purpose. Write something out to get the point across that this image is -stolen- from another server without permission and that the web author was caught doing it. Point people to the Web Guard homepage for clarification if they don't understand.

[*] Don't get in trouble yourself.

Try not to use images that your web provider or the bandit's web provider might have banned, like pornography. While some of us may be tempted, you want the bandit to get in trouble, not you.

Ready Made Graphics:

Feel free to download any of these images and use them freely against bandwidth bandits. Just right-click on the one you want to pull up the menu, and choose 'save image as'. AOL users, please note that if you have graphics compression enabled in your browser, you will not save off the images correctly, and they will appear broken to the rest of the world (those of us not on AOL) when you use it on your web page. So please follow the instructions detailed on this page before downloading any images off this site: Web Development on America Online.


A nice guy named Joe Nadeau made an animated gif version of a bandit graphic. So go to his page here to see it!


[Little Bandit]



[Big Bandit]




Thanks very much, Caliban Tiresias Darklock, for the above graphic!




Many thanks to THE SKuLL!! TM for this graphic!
For a German version, click here. Thanks Bernhard Luecke, for the translation.



[You Bastard!]



[You Dork!]

Thanks again, Caliban, for the above 2 graphics!



[Excuse Me]

Many thanks to Kevin Greggain for the above graphic!



We will be glad to hear from you if you make any images that you would like displayed here for everyone's use!


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This is the New Web Guard Home

This page was migrated from the 
original Web Guard site with minimal changes.

For more information on 
this move and these changes, click here.

Over the next months 
these pages will be reviewed and adapted.

If you would like to make comments or 
suggestions, please email me, James S. Huggins.

You can also email the original
creator and Mother of Web Guard, Shena Delian O'Brien.
Shena remains the moderator of the
Web Guard mailing list
(ONElist, then EGroups, now YahooGroups).



This Site is Being Rebuilt

After much delay, this section of my site is being completely restructured.

If you are looking for the Web Guard Webring, you should go to the NEW Web Guard Webring page at www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/wbg1/web_guard.htm

In the meantime, the "old" pages all still link together so feel free to explore while the restructuring continues.



The extra text menu links (previously here) are being removed in the site redesign.
Browser and search engine improvements have eliminated the motivation/necessity for them.

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web guard bandit graphics, qwerty . . . web guard bandit graphics, qwerty