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Please, if you are on AOL and are joining Web Guard, take the time to visit this page: Web Development on America Online. There is a problem with the AOL browser and it changing all web graphics into a different format by default, so that when you save images off web pages, they are still in this format (even though they are named the same). This is bad. Not only can Netscape Communicator not see this format, but the W3C certainly hasn't included this format in their HTML standards. Web Guard upholds HTML standards and proper web graphics formats.

This means that if you have "broken images" on your page in place of badge or webring graphics, your site will not be linked or added to the Web Guard webring until the graphics are no longer broken. It just takes a minute to fix, folks, to reconfigure your AOL browser to fix this problem. If you are using the AOL browser, please correct this before attempting to save images.


This is the New Web Guard Home

This page was migrated from the 
original Web Guard site with minimal changes.

For more information on 
this move and these changes, click here.

Over the next months 
these pages will be reviewed and adapted.

If you would like to make comments or 
suggestions, please email me, James S. Huggins.

You can also email the original
creator and Mother of Web Guard, Shena Delian O'Brien.
Shena remains the moderator of the
Web Guard mailing list
(ONElist, then EGroups, now YahooGroups).



This Site is Being Rebuilt

After much delay, this section of my site is being completely restructured.

If you are looking for the Web Guard Webring, you should go to the NEW Web Guard Webring page at www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/wbg1/web_guard.htm

In the meantime, the "old" pages all still link together so feel free to explore while the restructuring continues.



The extra text menu links (previously here) are being removed in the site redesign.
Browser and search engine improvements have eliminated the motivation/necessity for them.

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Fri, 25.Oct.2002

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16:20, Sat, 10.May.2014

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web guard, aol and graphics, qwerty . . . web guard, aol and graphics, qwerty