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I speak about technology. I spoke at some length about the Year 2000 problem. I have spoken to support technology sales. And, today, I speak about technology and society and technology trends.

This page provides links to sites around the internet that I have found with useful information on technology trends, information, and the impact of technology on individuals, society and organizations. 

Burn All GIFsBurn All GIFs: Unisys holds the patent on GIF technology. Now they may want $5,000 if you use GIFs on your website. But maybe not. Explore the world of GIF, PNG, Software Patents and Intellectual Property (IP).  (Burn_All_GIFs)

COBOLCOBOL: My COBOL page. Links to information about COBOL on the net. (cobol)

First Computer BugFirst Computer Bug: On 09.Sep.1947 they removed a moth from Relay #70, Panel F, of the Harvard University Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator. That story became a favorite of Grace Murray Hopper. This page describes that "bug", and includes a photo of it. (first_computer_bug)

Grace Murray HopperGrace Murray Hopper: My page on Grace Murray Hopper, the Mother of COBOL. (grace_hopper)

Portraits of Grace Murray HopperPortraits of Grace Murray Hopper: Portraits collected from around the net. (hopper_portraits)

How Much Data Is That?How Much Data Is That?: Do you know how big a Megabyte is? A Gigabyte? A Terabyte? Perhaps this page will help.  (How_Big)

Internet TimeInternet Time: Swatch has proposed a new international time standard. See how this new Internet Time is moving across the net and onto wrists. Is it just clever marketing by Swatch? Or, will it really change something in the long term?  (InternetTime)

Internet Time --- CNN Transcript (Excerpt), 20.Feb.1999Internet Time CNN Transcript (excerpt), 20.Feb.1999: This transcript excerpt is from the CNN TV show, Science and Technology Week. (InternetTimECNN)

Internet Time --- CNN Transcript (Excerpt), 20.Feb.1999Internet Time Multiples & Fractions: This page shows what you get if you apply standard metric prefixes to the basic internet time measure: the beat.  (InternetTimEDecimal)

The Online Hacker Jargon FileThe Online Hacker Jargon File: The Jargon File, a continuing work-in-progress, is not a source of information about current corporate or Wall Street information technology terms. It is a source of insight into the culture of hackers, their language, their internal disputes (e.g., PDP-10 vs UNIX), their views of legacy systems and more. (Jargon)

Prurient ProgrammersPrurient Programmers: A snippet extracted from The Wall Street Journal relates an interesting story about where programmers go after work . . . and how recruiters follow them there.  (PrurientProgrammers)

Remember When --- A Poem About TechnologyRemember When A Poem About Technology: It doesn't mention Post-it Notes, but just about everything else.  (RememberWhen)

Spam and the LawSpam and the Law: Did you recently receive spam? Did it claim it was legal because of the law S.1618? Maybe you should check this out.  (spam_and_law)

Sunscreen, Vonnegut and the InternetSunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet: An article on my site about how a Chicago Tribune column became an Internet hoax, and then a hit song.  (Sunscreen)

Sunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet --- The TextSunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet The Text: The full text of the "speech".  (SunscreenText)

Two or TenTwo or Ten?: Does Kilo mean exactly 1,000 or does it mean 1,024? Think you know? Want to bet? (Two_or_Ten)

UCITA: Uniform Computer Information Transactions ActUCITA: Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act: This model law could deprive every consumer of basic rights whenever they purchase software, data or internet services. If you don't know about it, you should.  (UCITA)

Where Did Kilo, Mega, Giga and All Those Other Prefixes Come From?Where Did Kilo, Mega, Giga and All Those Other Prefixes Come From?: They have entered our language. Everyone uses them. The terms are almost commonplace. But do you know where they came from? (Prefixes)

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My Geek CodeMy Geek Code: Robert A. Hayden developed a "code" to permit geeks to classify themselves as to their geekiness. This is my code.  (my_geek_code)

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technology, technology trends, technology and society . . . technology, technology trends, technology and society