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email to IBM Re the Statement on Software Patents

I wrote IBM (actually sent an online web query) to attempt to obtain information on the Statement of IBM on Software Patents.

I sent this query at www.ibm.com/contact/query.

This page shows the original message and subsequent correspondence.

Reference: http://www.base.com/software-patents/statements/ibm.testimony.html



I am writing to find out the view of IBM on Software Patents.

The above referenced web page shows what purports to have once been a statement regarding Software Patents by Victor Sibber, Senior Corporate Counsel, IBM.

I am attempting to obtain an on the record response to several questions:

(1) Is this an accurate transcript?

(2) Does a similar transcript exist on the IBM site?

(3) Did this accurately represent IBM corporate policy, or was it solely a personal statement by Victor Siber.

(4) Is this still the policy of IBM?

(5) If it was and isn't now, when was it changed?

(6) If it never was, can you comment on it in any way?

(7) Are there any more recent statements by IBM on Software Patents?

Thank you for your kind response. Please feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions.


James S. Huggins 

[remainder of signature snipped]

From: askibm@vnet.ibm.com
Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2000 9:41 AM
To: [James S. Huggins]


To......: [James S. Huggins]

Dear Mr. Huggins,

Thank you for contacting IBM.

Information and technical assistance regarding your questions may be obtained via the IBM Software Support Web site at: http://ps.software.ibm.com

Software fixes and related information are available at: http://www.software.ibm.com

If you wish to speak with a software technician directly, please contact IBM Software Support Services Center at 1-800-237-5511.

Thank you for visiting our site and contacting IBM.

[name removed 10.Dec.2003 at sender's request] (ASKIBM@vnet.ibm.com)
IBM Internet Support Group

CALLOWN Log Number: 1405468

From: James S. Huggins (dot com)
Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2000 1:52 PM
To: askibm@vnet.ibm.com
Subject: Re:

I have some further questions:

(1) Was this an automated response or did a person write this?

(2) Given that I was not writing for technical assistance or software fixes and that I have no need to speak to a software technician, I am unclear how this response applies to me. Could you clarify?

(3) If you cannot assist directly with the answer to this question, could you direct me to (a) Media Relations, (b) Public Relations, (c) Legal. Any of these groups may be able to assist me.

James S. Huggins
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