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Other Snippets Stuff

All About Snippets, My EzineAll About Snippets, My Free Ezine: This page tells about my free ezine (newsletter), where it came from, how to subscribe . . . the whole banana.

Subscribe to SnippetsSubscribe to Snippets: Like it says, go here to subscribe.

Unsubscribe from SnippetsUnsubscribe from Snippets: I'd hate to lose you, but if you need to unsubscribe, this page will take care of that.

Previous Issues of SnippetsPrevious Issues of Snippets: This page links to the archive of Snippets issues.

History of Changes to SnippetsHistory of Changes to Snippets: Describes the history of Snippets, with emphasis on the technical changes I've made since starting it, including moving to  Gammadyne, adding double-opt-in and complying with CAN-SPAM.

Snippets Privacy PolicySnippets Privacy Policy: The short version of my privacy policy for my Snippets ezine. It explains that I do not spam. Period. And, I do not sell, lend or release your subscription information to anyone for any reason. 

Other ezines I Offer

All About TestZine, My EzineAll About TestZine, My Ezine: This page tells about my test ezine which I created to let me test my ezine processing system.
NB: This ezine was fully functional, but there isn't really a newsletter. TestZine let me test my system. It also let the curious subscribe, unsubscribe and get a sample issue without really really signing up for anything.  

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List Management Information

Best Practices of Email, Ezine and List ManagementBest Practices of Email, Ezine and List Management: The organization known as MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System) once published a list it called "Basic Mailing List Management Principles for Preventing Abuse". I used this list as the starting point to create my own "Best Practices" which I follow in managing my lists.

List Email HeadersList Email Headers: An explanation of the RFC standard headers which should be used on emails for lists and ezines. Also identifies the supplementary user-defined fields I use on my ezines, as well as RFC standard email addresses ezine publishers should implement.

Gammadyne MailerGammadyne Mailer: I use the Gammadyne Mailer for all my ezines. This page provides more information about that use, including summary information about the data I keep, the functions I've custom programmed and how to access my TestZine if you want to try it out. 

CAN-SPAM Is StupidCAN-SPAM Is Stupid: A personal rant about the U. S. federal law known as known as CAN-SPAM. While it is supposedly designed to help eliminate email spam, I think the law is stupid. The article also provides links to CAN-SPAM resources.

My Use of Gammadyne Mailer

I began using the Gammadyne Mailer to manage and broadcast my ezines in late 2002. It is possible to use it very simply, almost out of the box. But it also features a very complete internal programming language to let you do just about anything you want. And, it keeps all the information on my PC in an Access database, where I know the information is secure and under my control.

It is screaming software. I strongly recommend Gammadyne Mailer.

PS: You can test drive my implementation of the Gammadyne Mailer just to see how it works. I created an ezine named TestZine to let me test my programming. You can test it too. Subscribe and receive a "sample issue". You can even try out some of the tests I perform, like submitting a subscription request twice in a row, or subscribing when I'm already subscribed or unsubscribing when I'm not subscribed, just to see how it handles these "special conditions". Just go to my TestZine page.

Disclosure: I participate in the Gammadyne affiliate program. Click here to link without crediting my referral account.

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