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Snippets #31, Wednesday, 05.Jun.2002     (ISSN 1530-9622)


________________________________________S N I P P e T S

_____j a m e s   s .   h u g g i n s '   r e f r i g e r a t o r   d o o r

_______________#31, Wednesday, 05.Jun.2002 (ISSN 1530-9622)


_____0. Thoughts

_____1. Quotations

_____2. Ephemerae

_____3. New on My Site

_____4. Awards

_____5. How You Can Help Me

__________0. THOUGHTS

Thank you for all the readers who wrote understanding notes about the
advertising. It is good to know that everyone understands.

And also thank you for everyone who wrote about my good news about my site
being features in Judy Vorfeld's Communication expressway ezine (the July
»» http://www.ossweb.com/ezine.html
»» http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/awd1/awards25.htm

To everyone who caught the typos in my notice about Richard Lowe's award
(misspelling "Richard" and the double "http" in the URL, thanks. Here is the
corrected entry:

Internet-Tips excellent Site Award
Richard Lowe awarded me this in January of 2001. While visiting his site I
realized I'd never posted it and that it had been "lost" when my prior PC
"crashed". Richard was kind enough to send it to me again to post. Richard
has a great site. Let me encourage everyone to check it out, and also to
subscribe to his newsletters and forums.
»» http://internet-tips.net
»» http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/awd1/awards25.htm

I've been busy over the last 4 months preparing some major updates to my U-2
pages. You've seen some already. Today I've updated the U-2 page itself with
lots more information. If you are a U-2 info junkie, you'll appreciate that.
And be sure to check out the ephemerae link about "wheels". Wild!

__________1. QUOTATIONS

I am a red man. If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man he
would have made me so in the first place.
         — Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

When you respond to life, that's positive; when you react to life, that's
         — Zig Ziglar, professional speaker

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.
         — James Dean

A lot of growing up takes place between "It fell" and "I dropped it.
         — Anonymous

Change brings opportunity.
         — Nido Qubein, professional speaker

Restlessness is discontent, and discontent is the first necessity of
         — Thomas edison

::::: You can see these and more in my Quotations section:
::::: http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/quo1/quotes.htm

__________2. EPHeMeRAe

every day interesting “stuff” crosses my desk. Some isn't important enough
to put on my site in any permanent way. But it is interesting enough to put
there somehow, quickly, at least for a while.

These are ephemerae: collections of temporary, transitory tidbits. 

Today's ephemerae include information on the Hollywood/Technology battle
(I'm on the technology side), information about an amorous dolphin, and a
wheel you can live in!

Wired News (04.Jun.2002), "ReplayTV Won't Quit, Won't Quit": 
Sonicblue is pressing forward to make their ReplyTV recording device. The
entertainment industry doesn't like it.
»» http://www.wired.com/news/print/0,1294,52944,00.html

Fortune.com (27.May.2002), "This Is War – Should the computer industry
protect Hollywood from digital theft?":
This overview article has some questionable "facts". For example, it claims
that "piracy" is responsible for the decline in music sales; that is clearly
questionable. Several surveys indicate that people who sample MP3 are more
likely to buy the CD. And other surveys suggest that a reason for the
decline in music sales is that the price reductions promised when the CD was
introduced never happened. But, overall it presents an interesting overview
of the topic.

ABCNews.com (04.Jun.2002), "Flipper Tries to Get Fresh: Swimmers Warned That
Dolphin Off British Coast Is eager to Mate": 
Seems that a sexually frustrated dolphin is trying to lure unwary humans
(normally females) out to sea to mate with them.
»» http://abcnews.go.com/sections/scitech/DailyNews/dolphin020604.html

Wired (18.Feb.2002), "Try Living in the Wheel World":
Seems some Viennese architect firm has designed large "hamster wheels" you
can live in. They rotate to change function. Some news isn't really news. It
is just fun. This is just fun.
»» www.wired.com/news/gizmos/0,1452,50243,00.html

::::: I have the same information and links to prior items at
::::: http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/eph1/ephemerae.htm

__________3. NEW/CHANGED ON MY SITe

The U-2:
My brother was a U-2 pilot in the U. S. Air Force. Then he left to become a
commercial pilot for United Airlines. Now he has returned to the Air Force
to again fly the U-2. This is a page about his plane. This page had major
additions today, 04.Jun, including several dozen additional links and links
to U-2 books.
»» http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/u-2a/u-2.htm

::::: I have the same information and links to prior items at
::::: http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/ephemerae

__________4. AWARDS

Learning Fountain
The Learning Fountain is not so much an award as it is a statement of the
way you do business. I, therefore, hope you will not hide the emblem in an
awards page.
I have also included the learning fountain award on my Front Door
and also on my Memberships – Participation page.
»» http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/awd1/awards25.htm
»» http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/bas1/front_door.htm
»» http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/bas1/memberships_participation.htm

::::: I have posted these awards at
::::: http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/awd1/awards25.htm

__________5. HOW YOU CAN HeLP Me

First, if you encounter something interesting . . . please forward it to me.
I'd love to hear from you.

Second, if you know of anyone else who might appreciate receiving Snippets,
forward a copy to them so that they can subscribe.

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snippets from james s. huggins' refrigerator door snippets an irregular journal; qwerty snippets from james s. huggins' refrigerator door snippets an irregular journal; qwerty