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Snippets #18, Friday, 18.May.2001     (ISSN 1530-9622)


_______________S N I P P e T S

_________________________from James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door

___________________________________#18, Friday, 18.May.2001

_____________________________________________ISSN 1530-9622


_____1. A Status Report

_____2. Topica Changes

_____3. Ephemerae Updates

_____4. Two Requests

__________1. A STATUS RePORT (ONe MORE TIMe)

In late August of 2000, my attentions became largely focused on the
changes that Yahoo! was making to the WebRing system.

Yahoo! had acquired WebRing when they acquired Geocities, but had left
it alone till then.

The changes upset many of us. They caused a large exodus from Yahoo!
WebRing and helped invigorate at least two other alternative systems
(RingSurf and Ringlink). They resulted in my efforts that came to be
know as the Wazillion Navbars Project (see http://www.Wazillion.org).
And they took a lot of time from everything else.

These have settled down now and I realized I wanted to get back to my

So, back on 21.Apr I pulled the start cord and fired it up again.

This is the first issue since then. Issues will be coming much more
rapidly now.

__________2. TOPICA CHANGeS

I wrote about this before, but it is worth repeating. Topica, the
service I use to distribute Snippets, has changed. It is now easier to
unsubscribe. If you wish to unsubscribe, just go to the very bottom of
this newsletter and you will see simple instructions.

So, if you like the newsletter, stay subscribed. If you wish to
unsubscribe, that is now easier than before.

__________3. EPHeMeRAe UPDATeS

It has been "a while", so the first thing to do is to purge my inbox of
items I was planning to post on my ephemerae Page. Here is the first
batch of those pages. I have the details and links to more at

WiredNews (02.Sep.2000), “The Michelangelo of Lego”: 
How would you like to get paid for building Lego sculptures. He does.
And he just built a 35,000 piece Lego desk! The article includes a link
to pictures!

Technology Review (Jul/Aug.2000), “Lying With Pixels”: 
It is incredible what we can now do with video special effects. How long
will it be before a picture, even a “moving” picture is no longer
considered evidence because we have become so good.

PCWorld.com (25.Aug.2000), “Click Here for Geek Humor”: 
This is the article that introduced me to User Friendly, a new comic
strip. Well, not all that new but new to me. It is about the adventures
of 14 geeks set in the offices of Columbia Internet, an ISP. I read this
article, then went and lost myself in the comic strip (also linked on my
ephemerae page).

Media Metrix — Women Outpace Men Online In Number and Growth Rate
This press release on the Media Metrix site describes how there are now
more women than men online, how they are getting online faster than men.
Other interesting statistics are that the fastest growing group are the
12-17 age while women 55+ have the highest audience share within family,
health, genealogy and joke/fun pages. Also, women also use the Internet
to gather specific information to make their lives easier, rather than
just indiscriminately surfing across many different sites (like men?).

e. Jean Carroll — Reprint from Brill’s Content: Method to Her Madness:
This article is a reprint of a Brill’s Content article about e. Jean
Carroll. I enjoy her columns (they appear in elle; I read them on her
website). I was intrigued to read what someone else said about her.

UpsideToday (26.Aug.2000), “Time Warner Posts a Link It Had Banned”: 
Time Warner's CNN.com linked to download sites for DECSS, the
controversial DVD-descrambling program, even after Time Warner won a ban
on such links in court. The case is the latest example of a large media
company contradicting its legal arguments with its own actions.

Washington Post (24.Aug.2000), “Harrelson Acquitted of Drug Charge”: 
Woody Harrelson convinced the jury that the state law outlawing all
forms of hemp should be ignored.

HealthGrades (22.Aug.2000), “Mass. Genetic Privacy Bill Signed Into Law”:
Massachusetts has passed an important bill that gives patients almost
total control over who gets to see genetic test results. It also
prohibits genetic discrimination in employment and insurance.

The Times (08.Aug.2000), “How a Law-less ‘Data Haven’ Is Using Law to
Protect Itself”: 
Sealand, the world’s newest self-proclaimed state is in the news again.
(See ephemerae 10.Jun.2000, for background.) This article by Gary
Slapper, the Law Programme, the Open University, gives some background
on the international law involved. Also, it seems that england is trying
to have it both ways, arguing sometimes that Sealand is beyond
jurisdiction and other times that it is not.

WiredNews (24.Aug.2000), “Pay Those Fines Online”: 
A look at early attempts to commercialize egovernment.

__________4. TWO ReQUeSTS

I have two requests for you.

First, if you encounter something you think I might enjoy sharing,
please forward it to me. I'd love to hear from you.

And, second, if you know of anyone else who might appreciate receiving
Snippets, forward a copy to them so that they can subscribe.

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snippets from james s. huggins' refrigerator door snippets an irregular journal; qwerty snippets from james s. huggins' refrigerator door snippets an irregular journal; qwerty