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WebRing.com System Webrings

Fully Developed

A Simplified List

This page shows a simplified list of the webrings I own in the WebRing.com system.

It includes those which prior owners have transferred to me and which I have modified to meet my personal standards and style. It also includes those which I created.

Those which have been adopted and which are still being modified to meet my personal standards and style are listed on another page (see below).



This page is part of WebRing.com Help, my extensive reference section about the WebRing.com system. WebRing.com was born 12.Oct.2001 when Yahoo! left the webring business. It was reborn in Oct.2006 when it had a major redesign and began charging for what had been a free service.

Other Webrings and Other Stuff

WebRing.com Webrings I Own (Partially Transformed)List of "Partially Transformed" WebRing.com Webrings I Own: This page shows WebRing.com webrings I received from a prior owner but which have not been fully transformed. When another owner transfers a webring to me, I transform it to match my personal standards and style. For example, I adjust its description, create new graphics and a new navbar, and create a new join page. This page lists those webrings I've not yet finished transforming.

Navbars for the WebRing.com Webrings I OwnNavbars for the WebRing.com Webrings I Own: This page links to the various homepages for the WebRing.com webrings I own.

Terms of Service for My Webrings Hosted in the WebRing.com SystemTerms of Service for My Webrings Hosted in the WebRing.com System: Discloses all the terms of service for my webrings in this system.

My Webrings in the WebRing.com System

The list below shows my webrings in the WebRing.com system which have been fully developed, either as new webrings I created, or as adopted webrings I've fully transformed. See above for a link to those adopted webrings which have not been fully transformed.

To go to the home page or the hub/list page of any of these webrings, just click on the picture.


Burning Candles - 11-September-2001 Webring


These websites contain memorials to the victims of the September 11 attacks or contain other information about the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and other US targets.


Tall, multicolored tower sculpture - 21st Century Art Webring

  21st Century Art

Art and artists exploring the role of the fine arts in the information age? Have we gained or have we lost? Our art tells us. Sites may be artists who create in a 21st century style or sites exploring and critiquing 21st century art.


Abstact stack of colored pastels - 3d Webring


Amazing power of 3D computer generated images. The only limit is your imagination. Let people know what you can do! Looking for 3D models, materials, textures, bryce stuffs, poser, 3D studio max, Xara 3D and any related 3D? You are at the right place. This webring joins all of this a single, powerful network resource.


Baby using a computer - 4 Kidz / By Kidz Webring

  4 Kidz / By Kidz

Sites for kids or by kids. These sites celebrate children and how they can create on and learn from the web.


A cup of coffee with foam - 4Ever Friends Webring

  4ever Friends

This webring celebrates all the people we have met online from all across the world. It celebrates friendship. A page need not deal with anything specific, but it must in some way express the bond of friendship. 


A pair of dice, rolling inthe air - A Gambling Center

  A Gambling Center

Online gambling directories, sportsbooks and casinos.


US flag and a rifle - A Gathering of Warriors Webring

  A Gathering of Warriors

Websites about United States warriors. The sites in this webring are about US armed forces, including active and reserve. They honor the men and women who make US armed forces the best in the world.


Closeup of links of a chain - A Wazillion Links Webring

  A Wazillion Links

Sites with lots of links to other sites, both informational and entertainment. In other words, links is the operative word for this webring. These do not need to be on an isolated link page. They can be scattered throughout the site. But the site needs to have a wazillion links.


Bud Abbott and Lou Costello - Abbott and Costello Webring

  Abbott and Costello

For pages about Bud Abbot and Lou Costello. Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third ...


Head shot of a man in disarray - Abnormal Webring


What do you get when you mix a bunch of weird, mad, oddball humans, a goal to display idiocy and pointless content and the Internet? Uh, this. This webring is for the site a bit beyond the unusual, one which holds content or design or philosophy that some may consider abnormal. It doesn't have to be your whole site, but something you have must be abnormal, weird, strange, odd, unusual, bizarre or somehow major different. Be sure to indicate what qualifies you when you apply.


Portrait of Bob Kaufman - Abomunists Webring


In the Abomunist Manifesto, Bob Kaufman wrote: "Abomunists never compromise their rejectionary philosophy." What is an abomunist? Bob Kaufman (credited by some with coining "Beat") invented the word as a contraction of, among other things, communism, atom bomb, Bob Kaufman, and abomination. You can read about Bob Kaufman here: http://snipurl.com/4imq. And you can read the Abomunist Manifesto here: http://snipurl.com/4imr. I encourage you to check these links before you apply. If these speak to you, if you are a poet or a writer, if you are a rejectionist, your site might qualify. When you apply, be sure to explain why your site should be a member.


Self portrait of a photographer - About Me Webring

  About Me

Websites about yourself. We aren't talking about just any website you maintain or just any personal or hobby site. We are talking about a site that is reflexive, that tells about the owner. While all sites reveal "something" about the webmaster, we are talking about direct information. Show us a picture. Give us your biography. Paint a self portrait. Tell us what you did yesterday. The site should clearly be "about me".


Flower petals arranged in an interesting, abstract way - Abstract Artists Webring

  Abstract Artists

The Abstract Artists webring is for aspiring and accomplished abstract artists.


Closeup of theater tickets - Actors Webring


Actors is a webring that includes: (1) Actors (male and female); (2) People who admire actors in general or certain actors in particular; (3) Acting teachers, coaches, ex-actors and others who work in any capacity with actors; (4) Organizations for actors, or which work with actors; and (5) Anyone else who can make a good case for being admitted to the webring.


Cat peeking out from under curtains - Adorable Pet Stories Webring

  Adorable Pet Stories

I own a cat, an all black cat, named Spot. She is why I adopted this webring. This webring was originally set up to educate people on the joy of having pets and to let them share their stories of their adorable pets. If you have a website, or even just one webpage, that features a story of your adorable pet, join the Adorable Pet Stories Webring.


Three dimensional heart radiating tiny spheres - Affaire de Coeur Webring

  Affaire de Coeur

Affaire de Coeur --- an affair of the heart --- a love affair. This webring is for authors who write about Affaire de Coeur. These can be any type (e.g., poetry, short stories, novels) and includes hybrid topics such as Romance/Mysteries and Romance/Adventures. But it must be somehow related to Affaire de Coeur.


Black and white clock at 5 o'clock - After Five Webring

  After Five

The After Five Webring is a "safe zone" or a "free speech zone" for creative writers and poets. This webring exists to tolerate expression that is a bit beyond what might be acceptable elsewhere. That said, there are still a few restrictions on member sites: No visual pornographic material and no links to "adult websites". The webring is rated "mature". If you have a question, ask me about it.


Paper Airplane - Airplane Images Webring

  Airplane Images

This webring links sites with airplane and aircraft images. (On my site, I have a very large collection of U-2 and eR-2 photos. My brother is a U-2 pilot.)


Contrails of 5 jets against the sky - All About Aviation Webring

  All About Aviation

This webring is dedicated to the future of aviation, and to the dreams of those who come after us.


A wad of crumpled paper- Allegory Webring


allegory --- (1) The representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form. --- (2) A story, picture, or play employing such representation. John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and Herman Melville's Moby Dick are allegories.

Allegory is a webring dedicated to writers of allegorical fiction, non-fiction and poetry. All writings must be original and the website must be clean and well maintained.


Red metallic heart - Alliance of Healing Hearts Webring

  Alliance of Healing Hearts

The Alliance of Healing Hearts unites websites created by anyone who has ever experienced a loss. The sites in this webring are created by people in response to a loss, old or new, that resulted in a life-altering change. This webring brings together sites to create an alliance of healing hearts, that can help visitors through the transitional process of grief --- to go from loss, through transition and finally to healing.


Closeup of artist's paintbrush - Amateur Artists Webring

  Amateur Artists

Amateur Artists who are aspiring to share their work with the world and maybe become "known". For purposes of this webring, "amateur" means somebody who works with any form of art, but for personal enjoyment and not for money. Any form of art is accepted: painting, drawing, music, poetry, fan art, fan fiction, etc.

Note that unlike most of my artist webrings this one does not permit sites which sell an artist's work. If your site sells your work, please join one of my other artist webrings. 


Monticello - American Colonies Webring

  American Colonies

The American Colonies webring is dedicated to research, living history, and search function sites related to the North American Colonies in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Due to the significance of the American Revolution in this period of history, sites on the American Revolution and the period just after (to 1790) will be included as well. This site is for serious researchers, museums, historic sites and living history groups. In addition, commercial sites offering period pieces may be accepted.


Bald eagle - American Indians

  American Indians

Websites by and about American Indians and the Native American cultures.


Old, red, Ford truck - Anti-Ford Webring


A webring for any one who hates Fords. If your site tells how much you hate Fords or has a great Ford horror story, this is for you. You can also join if your site is about how great the competition is.


One blue toy chicken alone among yellow toy chickens - Anything & Everything Webring

  Anything & everything

A webring to help promote anything, everything and all things on the internet. Lyrics, MIDI, actors, artists, poetry, web pages, music, movies, games, TV, radio, news, search engines, message, MP3, free stuff, genealogy, food, graphics, business, religion, health, internet, animation or just about any subject.


Appaloosa Horse in the Kansas Flint Hills - Appaloosa Horses Webring

  Appaloosa Horses

A webring devoted to Appaloosa horses, their beauty and their care. Sites must be clean, well designed and viewable by all ages. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the webring owner. Commercial sites are acceptable if they also contain substantial non-commercial content.


Hand Grasping Floating Ball - Applaud Webring


A webring for writers of all levels and genres. We ask two primary things. First is that your website have some true substance. Second is that your website be updated regularly.


Gold Egyptian relic - Archaeology on the Net

  Archaeology on the Net

Archaeology on the Net provides a resources guide for archaeology sites on the internet. If you have archaeology information on your web pages, you are welcome to join.


Hands shaping a spnning pot - Art Pottery Webring

  Art Pottery

Do you love art pottery? Do you spend all of your spare time looking for art pottery? This ring is for websites (or sections of sites) whose content is primarily related to art pottery. It includes sites of individual potters as well as sites about art pottery.


Contrails of 5 jets against the sky - Aviation Webring


If your page has anything to do with aviation, you are invited. We strive to support aviation and especially aviation museums. We especially welcome good art, good stories and good pictures. Come on in and share your love of aviation. As we add new members to this webring, you fashion the direction we take. (Commercial sites are welcome if they have informational content in addition to the commercial content.)


Colorful fall leaves - Backgrounds & Borders Webring

  Backgrounds & Borders

Websites offering free backgrounds & borders you can use for your own website.


Open Day Planner - Bared Webring


Sick of rules governing how you bare your soul to the online world? Then Bared is for you. If your site contains something you consider to be your personal expression, be it art, writing, a journal or something completely different, then join up with Bared.


Cat - Bark & Meow Webring

  Bark & Meow

This webring is for all dogs and cats. If you have a page on either of these animals, you are welcome to join. Any breed is welcome. And don't let the fact that the picture is of a cat discourage dog owners. Dogs are most welcome here!


Binoculars on a bird book - Bird Enthusiasts Webring

  Bird enthusiasts

A webring for all avian enthusiasts, bird societies, bird clubs, bird breeders and bird owners. Commercial sites are permitted if they have substantial information content in addition to the commercial content.


Photo of a black cat - Black Cat Webring

  Black Cat

I share my life with a wonderful black cat. She is named Spot. If you share yours with a black cat, you may join this webring. And, if you just like black cats, you may join this webring.


Photo of a Blue Rose - Blue Roses Webring

  Blue Roses

Sites with poetry. Any type of poetry is welcome.


BMW in a showroom - BMW Webring


This webring is for all kinds of BMWs, both cars and cycles. When you join this webring, you join other BWM owners and devotees.

I'm not associated with any BMW entity and this is not an official BMW anything. Your mileage may vary.


Parody of the Delta Airlines Logo - Boycott Delta Webring

  Boycott Delta

This webring promotes BoycottDelta.com and supports a boycott of Delta Airlines because they are promoting the CAPPS II system. The information on the webring page provides more detailed information about this threat to your basic civil rights. This webring is a sister webring to the Don't Spy On Us webring, supporting the DontSpyOnUs.com site, created by the same man, Bill Scannell (bill@scannell.org).


Plaid pattern - Braveheart Webring


This webring includes anyone with an eye for the Scot in us all. It is based on Scottish history and fun. If you are Scot, or have a bit of Scot in you, or wish you were Scot, or just think plaid is cool, then join.


Close-up of a butterfly - Butterflies Webring


I love butterflies. So I decided to make a webring for them. If your website or web page is about butterflies, that is great. If not, then say something about butterflies in your description when you join.


Cup of coffe (latte) - Caffeine Webring


Caffeine is one of the four socially acceptable recreational drugs (right along with nicotine, alcohol and chocolate). If you do caffeine you should join this webring.


Closeup of a cat's face - Cats of the Internet Webring

  Cats of the Internet

This webring is for cats & their humans who have websites on the internet. Your site must contain cat related material or your cats own page. You must support spay & neuter. All cats are welcome to join and humans too. No sites with adult material or sites that promote cruel & inhumane treatment to animals will be admitted to this ring. We are a G-rated ring. Please keep that in mind when applying to join.


Stormy sky - Chaos Webring


This ring needs no description for it is Chaos . . . anything you wish it to be.


Sculpture of Sequoyah crying- Cherokee Webring


A webring for sites owned by Cherokee or about the Cherokee.


Young child working with a laptop - Child Safe Webring

  Child Safe

Child safe sites. Not necessarily targeted at children, but safe for them to surf.


Christmas Webring


This webring brings together all websites that have a "Christmas theme". Your site can be about anything that is related to Christmas. This includes graphics, family traditions, crafts, thoughts, poems, historical notes, etc.


Christmas Around the World Webring

  Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around The World is for sites with information about the international traditions of Christmas. Sites about American Christmas are welcome if they also have information about international traditions. Site must be informative and well designed.


Christmas Cooking and Crafts

  Christmas Cooking & Crafts

These sites share Christmas ideas for cooking and crafts. You can join and share your talents or surf pick up some ideas to make the most wonderful time of the year a little bit more wonderful. Browse through our member sites and catch a bit of the Christmas spirit.


Christmas from Santa

  Christmas from Santa

This webring is for commercial sites offering letters and Christmas gifts from Santa.


Christmas Love

  Christmas Love

The sites in this webring portray the joy of Christmas, family values, the message of Peace on earth, Goodwill Toward Men, and the spirit of Love, which is the true spirit of Christmas. These sites are more than just about Christmas commercialism or even Christmas traditions. They celebrate the special joy of Christmas that transcends all of that.


Christmas Shopping

  Christmas Shopping

This webring features retail merchants of Christmas products. Sites are family oriented and suitable for all visitors.


Christmas Victorian Style Webring

  Christmas Victorian Style

Beautiful old fashioned Victorian Christmas themes. These sites feature Christmas in Victorian Style. Some sites are religious focusing on Christ. Others are more secular with stories, poems, recipes and decorating ideas. All feature Victorian Style. You will see beautiful graphics, hear beautiful songs and experience the best of sites created with love for all. People who enjoy family and friends and want to share the love of Christmas.


Close-up of a clock face - Chronic Pain Webring

  Chronic Pain

This webring is for chronic pain sufferers, those who care for them and those who know them. It is a way for them to engage in community, and also to find information, resources, inspiration and support.


A candle flame - Civil Rights Webring

  Civil Rights

The United States of America is wealthy. We have many material things which the rest of the world does not. But our singular most precious possession is our freedom, our liberty,
our ability to be, as individuals, free and independent beings. If we permit terrorism to steal that, we have lost. If we trade our precious liberty for a little more safety, the terrorists have won.


Colored Floating Balls - Colored Floating Balls Webring

  Colored Floating Balls

First, this webring is about colors. If your site uses great colors, this webring is for you. Second, it is about balls. If your website has to do with balls, then this webring is also for you. Third, if your website has to do with floating things, this website is also for you. Actually, (if you have read this far) it is about art. Art for art's sake. I liked this picture and wanted to make a webring about it. So, do you like Colored Floating Balls?


Colored pencils in a cup - Colored Pencil Webring

  Colored Pencil   (#1)

Colored Pencil is an artist webring featuring artists who work in (guess what!) colored pencils.


Colored pencils in a cup - Colored Pencil Webring

  Colored Pencil   (#2)

Colored Pencil is an artist webring featuring artists who work in (guess what!) colored pencils.


Computer Genius T-Shirt - Computer Genius Webring

  Computer Genius

Are you a computer genius? Do you wish you could be? Is your significant other a computer genius? Do you have a website full of computer genius stuff? If any of this applies, you should apply . . . to this webring.


Yellow road sign pointing right - Conservative Webring

  Conservative Sites

For web pages offering politically conservative views. This includes right-leaning libertarians and conservative democrats. Party is not the issue. Conservative is the issue.


Legal Gavel - Copywrong Website


Sites that respect the principles of creative ownership and respect for authors' rights, not just because of "the law", but because it is right. Member sites work to avoid all inappropriate copying and plagiarism.


Close-up of old typewriter keyboard - Creativity Webring


Sites offering tools, stories, motivation and other resources to assist creativity. Commercial sites are accepted but must show "COMMeRCIAL SITe" in all caps in the description.


Man with Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass - Cyber Search Webring

  Cyber Search

Cyber Search is a webring of sites on the internet that contain links to search engines. We also have sites that tell you where to look for information. General or specialized, if it has to do with finding information, come join us!


Parthenon in Athens - Democracy in America Webring

  Democracy in America

This webring is for sites addressing Democracy in America. (Yes. I know we are really a republic, but go with the flow here.) It is a place where people can speak their mind (provided it is sensible and not hateful or vulgar).


Witch's hat and broom - Ding, Dong, Yahoo! WebRing Is Dead Webring

  Ding, Dong, Yahoo! WebRing Is Dead

A webring to celebrate the end of Yahoo! WebRing and the emergence of the WebRing.com system. This webring is the sister to the webring RingMasters Disappointed in Yahoo! WebRing.


Don't Spy On Us Banner - Don't Spy On Us Webring

  Don't Spy On Us

This webring promotes DontSpyOn.us and opposes the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security to create a personal dossier on every American who flies on an airline. See the information on the webring page for more detailed information about this threat to your basic civil rights. This webring is a sister webring to the Boycott Delta webring.


Closeup of the "face" of a dragonfly - Dragonfly Webring


This is a "just because" webring. Almost everyone will be allowed in as long as you follow the steps. Almost. No purely commercial sites. No adult sites. No hate sites. No "how to make money on the internet sites. And I have to like your site. But, besides that, almost everyone.


Close-up of a cat's face - Felines Webring


This webring is for anyone who is interested in felines . . . cats, any type of cat, from animated to "real". You can even join if you are considered a cat. I welcome anyone to this site who has an appreciation for our furry comrades. Be it anime, nicknames, or a house cat. Welcome.


An "hourglass" type timer - Fifteen Minutes Webring

  Fifteen Minutes

Andy Warhol once said, "The day will come when everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." Today, with the internet, we might be there. Have you been famous for 15 minutes? Would you like to be?


Multiple Colored Handprints - Fight Racism Webring

  Fight Racism

Sites that oppose racism in all its forms and that support respect for individuals as individuals.


Footprints in beach sand - Footprints Webring


Footprints in the sand. I created this webring as a remembrance of those who are no longer with me, but who I remember. They created footprints in my life. If you have people you want to remember, you might join this webring.


Close-up of a hammer hitting a nail - For People Who Need Hits Webring

  For People Who Need Hits

Need serious hits to your website? We are bound to bring website hits to the needy. Accepting everyone. Of course, you must add the Navbar to your site. But then, you knew that.


Spools of cotton thread - Fun Crafts Webring

  Fun Crafts

A fun webring for crafts of all types. All crafts are welcome, including afghans, ceramics, dolls, teddy bears, wood items, and just about everything else.


Close up of kitten's face - Hallmark of Pets Webring

  Hallmark of Pets

A fabulous collection of pet sites throughout the internet! This is not just about cats. I'm a cat person so I use a cat image, but any pets are great. We even count lizards, tarantulas and snakes! Feel the love and know what pet lovers have always known: pets give the gift of life.


Happy Holidays Webring

  Happy Holidays

This webring features both sites with traditional Christmas content as well as other sites featuring winter holidays traditions other than Christmas.


Side view and top view of a sheet metal screw - Having a Bad Day? Webring

  Having a Bad Day?

ever have a bad day? When you do, you need to laugh. This webring is for those who don't believe the all motivational, inspirational words that tell us we can avoid bad days. We recognize that sometimes, it just happens. But we also recognize that they dont have to last. We can get through them. And those same motivational, inspirational words may just help. If you have motivational or inspirational words on your page, or if you know what it means to have a bad day, join us.


Purple and Pink Heart - Heart Writings Webring

  Heart Writings

The Heart Writings webring features amateur writers of all ages and all types. Qualified sites feature original, amateur writings. These can be almost any type, including poetry, articles, short stories, novels or contemporaneous thoughts (e.g. a blog). Authors who write from the heart are proud of their writings and enjoy sharing them with others. Members of this webring are just such a group.


White doily heart on black background - Hearts and Crafts Webring

  Hearts and Crafts

Where arts and crafts are made from the heart! Dedicated to the individual artist or craft person. This site is for promoting the home crafter and very small business (micro-business).


Closeup of a mixing board - Home Recording Webring

  Home Recording

Welcome to the Home Recording webring, a group of websites all about home and project studio recording and mixing (generally of music). It's for people interested in using 4-track and 8-track cassette and minidisk recorders, DATs, ADATs, digital recorders (both hard-disk and computer based) and just about everything else. If you're a musician and you want to learn how to make your own tapes, MP3s, CDs, DVDs and more you've come to the right place!


Coffee cup and saucer - Homepages Webring


All types of sites. A general webring available to everyone. Particularly welcoming individual, amateur sites catering to the individual interests of the owner/webmaster.


Portrait of 5 diverse people - Huggins Webring


This webring is for anyone who is named "Huggins" and who has a website. Come on down.


Closeup of computer screen showing http://www - I Have a Cool Site Webring

  I Have a Cool Site

A webring for anybody with a cool site. How cool is cool? Cool enough to apply.


Child's toy: star shape holding 4 rings - I'm Addicted to Webrings

  I'm Addicted to Webrings

This Webring is for those addicted to Webrings! Sites must be professional looking and clean. Do you belong to a wazillion webrings? Do you own a wazillion? Are you addicted? Let me know how.


Native American in ceremonial headdress - Indigenous Peoples Webring

  Indigenous People

For all sites that deal with issues affecting the Indigenous Peoples of the world. A celebration of the unity felt among native and aboriginal groups around the world.


Etching of William Shakespeare - International Amateur Poetry Webring

  International Amateur Poetry

All types of amateur poetry. Turned pro? Ok. We'll let you in too. (Note that adult material is not allowed in this webring.)


Piles of money - Internet Marketing Webring

  Internet Marketing

Sites that practice and promote responsible internet marketing techniques. (Does not exclude business opportunities, legitimate network marketing, or other law abiding internet marketers.)


Close-up of fountain pen writing - Internet Writers' Guild Webring

  Internet Writers' Guild

This webring brings together the authors of web published literature and promotes their work to the internet community at large. If you have literature (e.g., novels, short stories, poetry) on your website, you would qualify for inclusion in this webring.


Face of user staring at a CRT - IRC: Internet Rely Chat Webring

  IRC: Internet Relay Chat

The IRC webring was created in April 1996 and is dedicated to homepages of IRC users, channels, and other IRC related websites on the web.


A woman's legs in red shoes propped up against a wall - Legs Webring


She's got legs. I like legs. You are eligible to join if you either (a) have legs or (b) like legs. By the way, did I mention how very much I like legs.


American flag at sunrise - Let Freedom Ring Webring

  Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring is for sites that advocate preserving and respecting the great freedoms of our country. It is for sites that believe that it is not worth giving up our freedoms to try to buy a little more safety.

The United States of America is wealthy. We have many material things which the rest of the world does not. But our singular most precious possession is our freedom, our liberty, our ability to be, as individuals, free and independent beings. If we permit terrorism to steal that, we have lost. If we trade our precious liberty for a little more safety, the terrorists have won.
                     --- James S. Huggins, September 2001


Left turn sign  - Liberals Webring


A webring of sites for the Liberal minded. Any subject dealt with in a Liberal manner (as opposed to conservative) is fine and will be accepted. All sites are reviewed!


A hand pointing to a mouse pointer - Links, Links and More Webring

  Links, Links and More

A webring for link pages, and for sites with tons of links. To qualify, your site should offer lots of links out into the web. The links don't have to all be on one page. But your site shouldn't hoard visitors. It should help your visitors to find other sites on the web.


Message in a bottle on a beach - Love My Message Board Webring

  Love My Message Board

This webring is for Message Boards and the administrators that are proud of them. Each Message Board must have at least 1 public forum to be included. Sites must not have "adult" material.


A fountain pen on top of old manuscripts - Mensa Writers' SIG Webring

  Mensa Writers' SIG

The webring is for the Writers' SIG (Special Interest Group) of American Mensa. It is all about writing and writers. We have pages about the art and craft writing and samples from our members. This ring is not owned or operated by MeNSA, but is comprised primarily of writers who belong to MeNSA as well as their friends and colleagues. Join our webring!! (Note: we do not accept solicitations from agencies offering services to writers at a cost, but do welcome free services for writers!)


A simple balsa airplane - Model Airplanes Webring

  Model Airplanes

Model airplanes, model aircrafts, radio controlled models and aviation in general.


Wheel chair behind glass door - Multiple Sclerosis Webring

  Multiple Sclerosis

Sites with information, resources and personal stories about Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


Flat Circle Sculpture - Native American Circle Webring

  Native American Circle

Individual and organization web pages dedicated to American Indian Cultures. (Note: The graphic for this webring is temporary and is being replaced.)


Native American student studying books - Native American Education Webring

  Native American education

Dedicated to educating people about the Native American culture and providing a center of information and resources. Members include: Tribal sites, historic sites, scholarship information, political impact sites, environmental sites, museums, nonprofit organizations, business sites by Native Americans, Powwow calendars of events, homepages of those with Native ancestry and any other relevant sites.


Native American Graphic - Native Peoples' Webring

  Native Peoples' Webring

This webring joins home pages of Native Americans, organizations for Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. If you are a Native American, or have a site for a Native American Organization or have a site for other indigenous peoples, you would qualify for inclusion in this ring.


Black and white photo of a computer keyboard - Nerd Webring


I am a nerd. --- The on-line hacker Jargon File [catb.org/~esr/jargon] defines nerd as: 1. [mainstream slang] Pejorative applied to anyone with an above-average IQ and few gifts at small talk and ordinary social rituals. 2. [jargon] Term of praise applied (in conscious ironic reference to sense 1) to someone who knows what's really important and interesting and doesn't care to be distracted by trivial chatter and silly status games. --- If you are a nerd, join up.


Photo of a political button - NOT! Politically Correct Webring

  NOT! Politically Correct

The NOT! Politically Correct webring is a collection of sites with conservative ideas that will sometimes rant and rave about the apparent downfall of government, politics and society. No topic is taboo, and no border is left uncrossed. However, foul language and hateful renderings are not permitted.


Silver paint can with red paint and a brush - Original Graphics Webring

  Original Graphics

These sites offer original graphics to people on the net. Because they are original, you will not find these graphics in every archive you see. These have been made by the designer from scratch, or they have altered a graphic in some way as to make it original in design. These graphics are free for use on not-for-profit and personal web pages and some offer/design graphics to business sites for a fee.


Portrait of 5 diverse people - People Named Huggins Webring

  People Named Huggins

This webring is for anyone who is named "Huggins" and who has a website. Come on down.


Close-up of an eye and eyeglass - Personal Websites Webring

  Personal Websites

This is for personal websites. Who are you? Where are you? What do you like to do?


Black and white cat - Pets Who Know HTML

  Pets Who Know HTML

A webring for all the super talented pets out there that have learned HTML and have made their own homepages, all by themselves! (Note that this webring is for pet web pages, not for kennels, breeders, suppliers or similar sites.)


Person looking through binoculars directly at you - Privacy Webring


Sites with both a commitment to individual privacy and information about privacy, internet privacy practices and privacy law.


Girl working on a laptop resting on her knees - Puter Addicts Webring

  Puter Addicts

This webring is for Puter Addicts . . . those who must have a computer, who putter around and who have web sites with all kinds of "stuff" on them . . . wazillions and wazillions of things. It doesn't matter if it's photos, graphics, stories, articles, poems or whatever . . . as long as it shows you are a Puter Addict.


Three red peppers - Red Peppers Webring

  Red Peppers

Red peppers - - - I love red peppers. I love all kinds of peppers. Bright, colorful, zesty, peppers. Peppers season Mexican food and barbeque and southwestern cooking. Peppers are wonderful. If you like red peppers, join me in a webring dedicated to celebrating life.


Two uplifted hands - Religion and Spirituality Webring

  Religion and Spirituality

Sites that promote a variety of religious and spiritual beliefs.


Flower on a street sign - Retro Webring


This is a webring for web pages by or about "baby boomers", those born between 1946 and 1964. The baby boom generation grew up in the 60-70s. Pages can be retrospective of your growing up years, about musical groups in that era, movie stars and television shows, athletes, games and fads of that era, etc. In other words, the pages should be about the baby boom generation.


Programmer with head in hands - RingMasters Disappointed With Yahoo! WebRing

  RingMasters Disappointed With Yahoo! WebRing

Webring owners (ringmasters) were extremely disappointed with Yahoo! WebRing. Though we continued to join Yahoo! WebRings and even, perhaps, to host Yahoo! WebRings, this Yahoo! WebRing was created so that through a Yahoo! WebRing we could express our disappointment with Yahoo! WebRing.

We now celebrate the end of Yahoo! WebRing, both with this webring and with its sister webring: Ding, Dong, Yahoo! WebRing Is Dead.


Rosary - Roman Catholic Webring

  Roman Catholic

The content of your site must be related to Catholic issues of spirituality, theology, ethics, piety or practice. Sites included in this webring often mirror the different and sometimes conflicting schools of Roman Catholic thought and practice. Please be mindful that this webring is open to sites throughout the Catholic spectrum. You will find both conservative and progressive schools of Catholic thought. The common ground is simply the love of Jesus and the Catholic Church.


Tape Measure - Select Webring


Select is is one of the oldest and largest webrings on the system. It has a long and proud history. Originally for webrings with a heartland theme, listed by category, it is now a webring open to any site the webring owner likes. All non-commercial, family friendly sites are invited to apply.


Elmo - Sesama Street and Elmo Webring

  Sesame Street and elmo

A webring for all Sesame Street and especially elmo lovers! Member sites must have some content relevant to Sesame Street and/or elmo.


Red eyed green frog - Shameless Self Promotion

  Shameless Self Promotion

Shameless self promotion is for sites that want to promote themselves. Almost any site is eligible to join. If you don't toot your horn, who will. No adult sites, and I get to exclude the truly obnoxious, but just about everything else qualifies.


Close-up of Siamese Cat - Siamese Cats Webring

  Siamese Cats

A webring for all Siamese cats and the people who own and love them.


Soccer ball - Soccer Webring


The number 1 and original Soccer webring. Anyone with a Soccer related webpage can join the Soccer webring.


Close up of a soft drink tab - Soft Drinks Webring

  Soft Drinks

A webring for soft drink lovers everywhere. If you have a page about soft drinks (and we mean just about any kind of soft drink, including Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Tab, Root Beer, and of course, my favorite, Fresca) you can join. But you need more than just a "love of soft drinks". You need to have a page that has something about soft drinks.


Masonic Temple, Dayton Ohio - For Free Masonry Around the World Webring

  Square & Compass

Dedicated to Free Masonry around the world: Blue Lodge, eastern Star, York Rite, Shriners, Jobs Daughters, Demolay, Rainbow Girls


Hand pushing a start button - Startup Logos Webring

  Startup Logos

Sites devoted to startup logos for Windows and other operating systems and applications.


Western hat and rope - Texas Online Webring

  Texas Online

A webring for "family friendly" sites in or about Texas. This includes personal pages, community pages, business pages, churches, organizations, etc. All are welcome. Please include information in your site description about how your site relates to Texas.


State Theater in Austin Texas - Texas Pride Webring

  Texas Pride

Sites that are proud of Texas. These can include all sites about Texas, including sites about the history of Texas, Texas in the civil war and in the confederacy, Texas and southern humor, as well as personal pages about the author of the site with Texas pride. Sites must be family oriented and fully respectful of all people. In case you were wondering, the photo is of the State Theater in Austin, Texas. Please include information in your site description about how your site relates to Texas Pride.


Sunflower - Totally Country Webring

  Totally Country

Webring for websites that contain country charm and graphics. If you love teddy bears hearts or sunflowers then join this webring! All websites must be rated G and approved by the webring owner! Grab your teddy bear and join today!!


Stuffed toy bunny - Twisted Bunnies Webring

  Twisted Bunnies

A webring for any sites that make life interesting, particularly those with a bit of a "twist". Sites with multiple contributors are especially welcome.


Box of Crayola Crayons (64) - Visual Basic Programmers Webring

  Visual Basic Programmers

This webring connects Visual Basic Programmers' web pages. Pages may be either commercial or personal, but all are related to Visual Basic in some form or another. This webring will helps VB Programmers to find VB sites more easily. This webring is for programmers only.


Distorted picture of keyboard keys - Warped Reality Webring

  Warped Reality

Do you dream too much? Do you watch too many cartoons? Do you play videogames? Do you ever confuse reality and fiction? (And is it scary?) Are you bored? If you answered "yes" to any of these then you should join now!


American flag - Wage Goodbye to Terrorism webring

  Wave Goodbye to Terrorism

This webring protests the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, DC, on Philadelphia and on the whole United States of America on September 11, 2001.

In addition to the webring navigational bar, member sites are strongly encouraged to have an American flag on the webpage.


Green apple - WC-20 (Web Cleaner 20) Webring

  WC-20 (Web Cleaner 20)

WC-20 (Web Cleaner 20) is for websites free of pornography, profanity, hate, and hentai. If your site is free of these, we invite you to join us.


Sheriff's badge - Web Guard Webring

  Web Guard

This webring promotes sites free of both bandwidth theft and copyright theft. Bandwidth theft occurs when you "display" an image on your site by linking to it directly from another site without permission. Bandwidth theft can be quite costly to the original site owner! Copyright theft occurs when you use the original creations of another without permission. Members of our ring spurn these practices and seek to assist victims.


Spider on a web - Web Professionals Webring

  Web Professionals

Professional web designers and graphics artists.


Lateral view of keyboard - WebMastering Webring


Sites offering tips, help and other resources for the webmaster.


even More WebRing.com Webrings

WebRing.com Webrings I Own (Not Yet Modified)WebRing.com Webrings I Own (Not Yet Modified): This page shows webrings I own which are currently hosted in the WebRing.com system. When another owner transfers a webring to me, I modify it to match my personal standards and style. For example, I adjust its description, create new graphics and a new navbar, and create a new join page. This page shows those webrings I've not yet finished modifying. qq


 Webring News and Announcements


WebRing.com Changes Big Time ---  It was October 2001 that WebRing.com came into existence following the end of Yahoo! Webring. Now, 5 years later, WebRing.com is changing again. Moving from primarily a free service to primarily a paid service, the system is undergoing massive change. Stay tuned.

This is the logo for the Ringlink system. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the Ringlink system.  

Ringlink Activity  ---  While Ringlink has not released a new version since Version 3.2 on 21.Feb.2005, the system seems to be getting a lot of activity. Many people are discovering this great webring system and moving their webrings here. If you don't know about Ringlink, definitely check out this great webring system. I personally recommend it.

This is the logo for the World of Webrings Community. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the World of Webrings Community.  

WoW  ---  The World of Webrings features the World of Webrings discussion list. It offers a forum for both webring owners (ringmasters) and webring members to discuss the latest hot topics about all webrings, including WebRing.com, Ringlink , Alt-Webring, RingSurf, Bravenet and others. If you belong to any webring in any webring service, you should join this list.

This is the logo for the RingSurf system. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the RingSurf system.  

RingSurf Passes 3 Year Anniversary  ---  It was 3 years ago, on 16.Aug.2003 when the WoW list list noted that RingSurf's domain name registration had changed. Then the new owner came forward. A RingSurf Feature List was developed and debated. Then, on Thanksgiving day, 27.Nov.2003 the new owner posted on the WoW list that the new RingSurf is up! If you haven't checked it out lately, see what has happened in the last three years.

James S. Huggins is interviewed and quoted in a new Salon.com article entitled: The Strange Saga of Yahoo and Webring (05.Dec.2001)  

Article About Webrings  ---  Check out this excellent Salon.com article about the history of Yahoo! and WebRing.com: The Strange Saga of Yahoo and Webring . For some, it will bring back memories. For others, it will explain the history. Now, I wonder if they will update it to talk about the latest WebRing.com changes.


Webring Sections and Subsections

The Webring Section is a large section of my website. I have divided it into four major "subsections".

  • General Information
  • The WebRing.com System
  • Webrings I Own and Belong To
  • The Wazillion Navbars Project

each "subsection" has it's own special "logo".

As you travel in the various subsections you will find, near the bottom of each page, links to pages within that subsection and also links to the other subsections. To go to any subsection, just click on the "logo" or on the text link for that subsection.

Webrings - - - A chainmail web of rings - - - This graphic identifies pages of my website about webrings in general - - - This graphic is by Dylon White. Graphic copyright 2001 by Dylon Whyte of artofchainmail.com and James S. Huggins

Webrings: General Information

This subsection includes general information about webrings. Webrings can be hosted by a variety of different services. This section deals with the overall concepts and issues, not with any one particular "brand" of webring.

It includes my Webring FAQ, links to articles about webrings, and general help information. Click here or on the graphic.

The WebRing.com System - - - An interlocking stack of gold rings symbolizes the system - - - This graphic identifies pages of my website about the Webring.com System - - - Original image copyright Jeff McIntosh - - - Licensed through iStockphoto.com

The WebRing.com System

This subsection includes specific information about the WebRing.com system.

While not the only webring system on the net, it is the best known and the most used. I own many webrings in this system and belong to many webrings in this system. (I also own and belong to many webrings in other systems as well.) Click here or on the graphic.

Wazillion Navbars Project: Yahoo! WebRing - - - A stack of "ABC" blocks symbolizes stacks of "navbars" - - - This graphic identifies pages of my website about the Wazillion Navbars Project - - - Original image copyright Jeff Allen Johnson - - - Licensed through iStockphoto.com

The Wazillion Navbars Project

This subsection is a historical section about the Yahoo! WebRing system. It was begun during the early days of problems with the Yahoo! WebRing system in September 2000.

It ended when the Yahoo! WebRing system spun off into the independent WebRing.com system in October 2001. I maintain it for the historical record. Click here or on the graphic.

Webrings I Own and Webrings I Belong To - - - A floating stack of rings - - - This graphic identifies pages of my website showing webrings I own and webrings I belong to - - - Original image copyright Jeff McIntosh - - - Licensed through iStockphoto.com

Webrings I Own and Belong To

This subsection shows all the webrings I own and links to all the webrings to which I belong. This includes webrings in Ringlink, RingSurf, Bravenet and the WebRing.com system as well.

If you are looking to join one of my webrings, this is a good place to start. If you wonder about the webrings I belong to, this is the place to go. Click here or on the graphic.


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