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Yahoo! WebRing Code Validation

This page describes the Yahoo! WebRing Automated Management System (AMS), what it does and how it does it.

It includes options that may be useful for Yahoo! WebRing RingMasters, as well as information for individual site members.

It is part of my Wazillion Navbars Project and, as a part of that project, helps provide information about the new Yahoo! WebRing system that assimilated the Original WebRing system on 05.Sep.2000.

This article is part of the Wazillion Navbars Project: a project to explore and write about the Yahoo! WebRing system. For a list of these articles click here or see the section menu at the bottom of this page.

Note that the Yahoo! WebRing system no longer exists. It has been spun off to the independent WebRing.com system. The Wazillion Navbars Project has been closed. These pages are thus, no longer accurate and do not apply to the new WebRing.com system. Instead, these pages are being maintained for a "historical record".

For current information on the WebRing.com system, see my webring subsection about the WebRing.com system.


What About Other Webring Systems?

. This is the WebRing.com system logo as of Oct.2006. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the WebRing.com system.
This is the new logo for the WebRing.com system, implemented in their changes of Oct.2006. It distinguishes this webring system from the other systems like Ringlink, RingSurf and Bravenet. See also my articles: WebRing.com Logos and Is Webring a Trademark?

This page only applies to the Yahoo! WebRing system.

It does not apply to other webring systems like RingSurf, Ringlink and Bravenet.

Please be certain you know which system is hosting the particular webring you are working with.

The Automated Management System (AMS)?

AMS is a tool Yahoo! WebRing has provided to assist ringmasters in managing their Yahoo! WebRings.

One of the issues of webring management is to ensure that the webring member has the correct "code" on the correct page on their website. The objective of the Automated Management System or AMS is to do this automatically.

AMS Functions

Periodically (perhaps once a week or thereabouts) the AMS goes to the registered URL for that webring member. It checks that one page to see whether the JavaScript for the Server Side Navigation Bar (SSNB or navbar) exists or whether equivalent HTML code exists.

If either the JavaScript or equivalent HTML code exists, the AMS tags the site as "working".

If neither the JavaScript nor equivalent HTML code exists, the AMS tags the site as "broken".

If the AMS is unable to access the URL (e.g., it times out) then the AMS tags the site as "unknown".

What "Unknown" Means

"Unknown" means that either the site has not been tested yet or that the test failed for some reason perhaps unrelated to the site. For example, if the request for the page times out, then there could be problem with the server and not with the page. So the AMS does not want to report the site as "broken". But it also cannot confirm that it works and does not want to report it as "working" either. So it reports it as "unknown".

How AMS Processes "Broken" Sites

The ringmaster has the option to tell AMS to automatically suspend "broken" sites and to automatically reinstate them when they start working again. But it is completely optional.

If the ringmaster does not choose this option then the AMS simply reports its findings on the Manage Member Pages page.

The Automatic Suspension/Activation Feature?

On the Manage Member Pages page, at the bottom, under the list of member sites, is a check box. It is labeled:

Auto-Management: Sites with broken navigation bar are automatically suspended and those with working navigation bar are automatically activated.

To turn on the automatic suspension/activation feature, click on this box and press the Finished button. To turn if off, unclick the box.

Automatic Acceptance

Note that the automatic suspension/activation features is not automatic acceptance. The Yahoo! WebRing system will not automatically accept pending sites.

The ringmaster must manually accept sites that apply. The automatic feature will only "reactivate" a suspended site. It will not accept a pending site.

The Registered Page

There is a common misconception that it is acceptable to register one page and put the code on another.

For example, some people think it is ok to register the Main Page of their site but to put the code on a special Webring Page. This is not acceptable. The code must be placed on the same page as is registered for the webring. The AMS will only look at this one page. The AMS will not spider the site or check other pages on the site.

This is a change. In the "old days" of the Original WebRing there was no automated checker. So it was necessary for the ringmaster to do the checking. If the ringmaster wanted to permit registering one page and registering another he could do that.

And some other webring systems like RingSurf and Ringlink even provide "dual registration" to let you explicitly designate the page to contain the code and the page to be linked to.

However, Yahoo! WebRing does not provide for dual registration. That, combined with the  introduction of the AMS begins to eliminate this possibility.

A Back Door

But beginning to eliminate it is not the same as completely eliminating it.

Recognize that there is no way to tell the AMS not to label such sites as "broken". It will always label them as "broken". But that is all it will do. Unless the ringmaster tells the AMS to suspend such sites, it will only label them and not suspend them.

If the ringmaster does not enable the auto suspension option, it would then be the ringmaster's responsibility to manually check such sites to see if they comply.

However, because this is a lot of work, most ringmasters now require that the code for webrings in the Yahoo! WebRing system be placed on the same page as is registered.

The Original WebRing System

If you are the ringmaster of a webring from the Original WebRing system that used to permit the code to be places on a page other than the registered page, then you should definitely not turn on the automated suspension/reactivation feature. If you do, you could suspend many of your webring's sites.

Navbar vs HTML

In its status report of October 16, 2000, Yahoo! WebRing pledged that webrings from the Original WebRing system would be permitted to use their original HTML codes forever. They imply that webrings created after the Yahoo! assimilation may be required at some time in the future to use the navbars. Whether they ever will or not is the subject of much speculation and disagreement among the various ringmasters.

To support the continuation of the original HTML codes, the AMS will check for them as well.

Checking for the required JavaScript is (or at least, ought to be) easy. Checking for the require HTML is a bit more complex.

It now appears that, to be considered "working" the HTML commands must include at least one of the links that would cause navigation through the webring and at least one of the links that would cause the visitor to go to the Webring List (Hub) page.

That is, it must contain at least one of:

  • next
  • previous
  • skip next
  • skip previous

and at least one of

  • next 5
  • previous 5
  • list (also known as hub)

In addition, the Site ID must also be correct.

New Webrings and HTML

A question continues to run among ringmasters: whether Yahoo! WebRing will continue to permit new webrings to use native HTML instead of the JavaScript code.

I would not bet a lot of money either way. But if forced to bet, I would bet that Yahoo! WebRing will eventually require all new Yahoo! WebRings to use the JavaScript code.

There are two reasons:

First, in their status report of October 16, 2000, Yahoo! WebRing put so much effort into phrasing their statement so carefully. If they had wanted to say that everyone would be able to use them always, the statement would have required fewer words and taken less effort.

Second, the JavaScript encourages visits to the Webring List (Hub) page. Such visits are required for Yahoo! WebRing to deliver the advertising that generates their revenue.

AMS errors

RingMasters may find errors in the AMS. For example, the following situations have been reported to cause "false negatives". That is, they have been known to cause a report of "broken" even though they really aren't:

  • The code is on a framed page
    (temporary fix: ask the member to place on a non-framed page)
  • The member registered a "redirect URL" (e.g., V3, come.to, cjb.net)
    (temporary fix: ask the member to register the "real" URL)
  • The code is within other JavaScript 
    (temporary fix: ask the member to move the code out of the JavaScript)

Reporting "False Negatives"

If you get a "False Negative", the first thing to do is to note:

  1. the Ring ID,  
  2. the Site ID, and
  3. the Site URL.

(NB: The Ring ID is not the Ring Name. For information on the Ring ID and Site ID, see my Yahoo! WebRing Glossary.)

Then send this information to one of two spots:

  1. Send it to me at my general email address:
  2. Go to clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/survivingyr, join that club, read the instructions (again, read the instructions first) and post it there. The club moderator may be able to help.

If you report such failures, Yahoo! WebRing can improve the AMS. There is some indication that they do respond to such reports.

"False Positives"

There are almost no more reports of "false positives" or code that is wrong that is erroneously being reported as working. But if you detect one, you can report it using the same techniques listed above for false negatives.

Member Status Reports

The Original WebRing was sending reports to ringmasters regarding status issues. My best information is that there is no plan to implement such reports within the new Yahoo! WebRing system. However, I am unaware of a definitive statement from Yahoo! WebRing.


 Webring News and Announcements


WebRing.com Changes Big Time ---  It was October 2001 that WebRing.com came into existence following the end of Yahoo! Webring. Now, 5 years later, WebRing.com is changing again. Moving from primarily a free service to primarily a paid service, the system is undergoing massive change. Stay tuned.

This is the logo for the Ringlink system. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the Ringlink system.  

Ringlink Activity  ---  While Ringlink has not released a new version since Version 3.2 on 21.Feb.2005, the system seems to be getting a lot of activity. Many people are discovering this great webring system and moving their webrings here. If you don't know about Ringlink, definitely check out this great webring system. I personally recommend it.

This is the logo for the World of Webrings Community. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the World of Webrings Community.  

WoW  ---  The World of Webrings features the World of Webrings discussion list. It offers a forum for both webring owners (ringmasters) and webring members to discuss the latest hot topics about all webrings, including WebRing.com, Ringlink , Alt-Webring, RingSurf, Bravenet and others. If you belong to any webring in any webring service, you should join this list.

This is the logo for the RingSurf system. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the RingSurf system.  

RingSurf Passes 3 Year Anniversary  ---  It was 3 years ago, on 16.Aug.2003 when the WoW list list noted that RingSurf's domain name registration had changed. Then the new owner came forward. A RingSurf Feature List was developed and debated. Then, on Thanksgiving day, 27.Nov.2003 the new owner posted on the WoW list that the new RingSurf is up! If you haven't checked it out lately, see what has happened in the last three years.

James S. Huggins is interviewed and quoted in a new Salon.com article entitled: The Strange Saga of Yahoo and Webring (05.Dec.2001)  

Article About Webrings  ---  Check out this excellent Salon.com article about the history of Yahoo! and WebRing.com: The Strange Saga of Yahoo and Webring . For some, it will bring back memories. For others, it will explain the history. Now, I wonder if they will update it to talk about the latest WebRing.com changes.


The Wazillion Navbars Project

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Webrings: General Information

This subsection includes general information about webrings. Webrings can be hosted by a variety of different services. This section deals with the overall concepts and issues, not with any one particular "brand" of webring.

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The WebRing.com System

This subsection includes specific information about the WebRing.com system.

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