Text of the Webring Notice Regarding Leaving Yahoo!

Dear Webring Member,

That's right, Webring is no longer a part of the Yahoo! network.

What this means to you: You MUST request to have your existing ring and/or site data transferred to the WebRing.com system servers.

Yahoo!'s "Terms of Service" does not allow member information to be transferred to another entity, including Webring. If you would like to keep your Webring you must request to have it transferred by following the link below.

<a href="http://edit.webring.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/migrate">Transfer my existing ring information to the WebRing.com system servers</a>

Please note, your ring/site WILL NOT be transferred automatically, you must follow the link above and complete the transfer process. Rings ans Sites not transferred will be lost once the migration period is over.

Questions can be best answered by visiting the new <a href="http://dir.webring.com/rw">Webring site</a>.



Notes from James S. Huggins:

(1) I've replicated the email exactly including typographical errors.

(2) Links in the email are not "clickable" except for AOL users. Here are clickable versions:
The Transfer Page
The Webring Site Page