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Pedro Huggins

One of My Critics on the Net

Pedro Huggins is one of my critics on the net. Specifically, Pedro Huggins (not his real name) is critical of my wazillion memberships in webrings. Since I found Pedro Huggins' page, I thought I'd acknowledge it, share it with you, and comment on some of what Pedro Huggins says.

While his page is clever, I did feel a need to set a bit of the record straight, particularly about my brother, who is in the Air Force and who is a U-2 pilot.

This page is part of WebRing.com Help, my extensive reference section about the WebRing.com system. WebRing.com was born 12.Oct.2001 when Yahoo! left the webring business. It was reborn in Oct.2006 when it had a major redesign and began charging for what had been a free service.

Pedro Huggins

If you are as active as I have been in the webring arena, you are bound to have a critic or two . . . or three . . . or four.

I have several. Pedro Huggins is one of the most recent. I stumbled upon Pedro Huggins' page because he belongs to a webring I also belong to. And, his page helped me to laugh on a morning when I needed it. So I thought I'd acknowledge Pedro Huggins' page.

Open Pedro Huggins' Page

If you want to follow along in this article, it will help you to open Pedro Huggins' page. Just click on that link. It will open in a new window.

Pedro Huggins Is Not His Real Name

Clearly, Pedro Huggins is not his real name. I may never discover Pedro Huggins' real name. But it is enjoyable to look at his page.

Pedro Huggins: Younger & Better Looking Brother

He claims to be,

younger & better looking brother of James Huggins.

Younger? Quite possibly. I'm getting up there.

Better looking? Most probably.

Brother? Hmmm. Don't think so.

My only brother . . . my only younger brother . . . my only younger, better looking brother is Jon Huggins, a U-2 pilot. (More on that below.)

Me: Most Annoying Man on the Internet

He also says I am

the most annoying man on the Internet.

I doubt that most would agree with that assessment. But it does seem that for Pedro Huggins, I am the most annoying man on the internet. It is his feeling; who am I to dispute it?

Me: Jim-Bob

Pedro Huggins notes that I am called "Jim-Bob".

Nope. Actually, my nickname, like my brother, is Huggy. And, since my actual brother and I are separated by 9 years of age and hundreds of miles, whenever we do get together and one of our friends calls out "Huggy", we both answer, much to the surprise of the caller.

Me: Webring Acquirer

Pedro Huggins says:

As many of you will know, Jim-Bob (as we call him round the ole kitchen table, just on the other side of the refrigerator) is a webring whore...he'll join just about any webring related to any theme, topic or genre (regardless of the contents of his own site) upon the flimsiest pretexts.

Here, perhaps, Pedro Huggins has a point.

He is right. Or he is almost right.

Let me explain.

Yes, I'll join upon the flimsiest of pretexts. Anything that might qualify me is good enough.

But, no, I won't join regardless of the contents of my own site.

First, there are many webrings I have been denied membership in because of content (as well as one that I've been denied membership in because the RM didn't like my website colors and another denial because the RM didn't like my sense of humor.)

Second, there are many, particularly where the RM clearly indicated a content requirement, that I didn't even bother to apply to.

So, flimsy is right . . . flimsy I'll try. But "regardless of the contents of his own site" is a bit overstated. Just a bit.

Joining Webrings

I began joining webrings years ago. I had joined a couple hundred when Yahoo! assimilated the Old WebRing system and instituted the JavaScript powered Server Side Navigation Bars (SSNB or Navbar) concept.

Many of us were a might bit perturbed by this. So, I began the Wazillion Navbars Project. I joined, and was accepted into, more than 3,000 webrings.

The Wazillion Navbars Project

That project became a major source of information about webrings in general and about the Yahoo! WebRing system. I believe it is a valuable source of such information. (Pedro Huggins apparently disagrees.)

I've since "stopped" that project, but I kept the web pages for those would like to read more. You can find that information here.

I've moved that effort to my new pages about the WebRing.com system. Right now, reading this page, you are in that section of my website, reading about the WebRing.com system.

You can find more information about this system, in the links at the bottom of the page.

The Salon Magazine Article

Also, if you would like to know more, Salon magazine did a nice article about webrings. It has some excellent information and I recommend it highly.

My Actual Brother: U-2 Pilot

But I've gotten off track. Let's get back to Pedro Huggins' page.

Pedro Huggins continues:

For example, on Aviation rings he states that I was a U-2 pilot...even though he knows that the nearest I've ever come to a U-2 was the time when I took a leak next to Bono in the men's room.

A good laugh, but a bit off target. Yes, my brother is a U-2 pilot. And you can find more about the U-2 by going to the U-2 section of my website. It is a large section, featuring one of the most extensive collections of U-2 photos on the net.

No Worthwhile Content

Pedro Huggins continues:

Now, inspired by my slick brother, I've started this website. Like his, it has absolutely no worthwhile content and will contain only items designed to demonstrate what a clever fellow I am.

To each his own, I guess.

I like to think that my site has worthwhile content. Many of those who sign my guestbook or who write me directly seem to agree. But my site certainly is not for everyone.

You Be the Judge

My site does not appear to have any worthwhile content for Pedro Huggins. But I hope it does for you.

A Personal Note:
If You Want to Delete Your Webring

If you are considering deleting your WebRing.com webring, please do not delete it. Instead, please contact me . I would be pleased to adopt it from you. I will personally work with you to make that transition smooth and painless.

I'm sorry. While I have long adopted webrings in the WebRing.com system, because of the Oct.2006 changes, I am no longer doing that.

However, please note that "deleting" your webring is a fruitless exercise. The system will just restore it and place it up for adoption.


 Webring News and Announcements


WebRing.com Changes Big Time ---  It was October 2001 that WebRing.com came into existence following the end of Yahoo! Webring. Now, 5 years later, WebRing.com is changing again. Moving from primarily a free service to primarily a paid service, the system is undergoing massive change. Stay tuned.

This is the logo for the Ringlink system. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the Ringlink system.  

Ringlink Activity  ---  While Ringlink has not released a new version since Version 3.2 on 21.Feb.2005, the system seems to be getting a lot of activity. Many people are discovering this great webring system and moving their webrings here. If you don't know about Ringlink, definitely check out this great webring system. I personally recommend it.

This is the logo for the World of Webrings Community. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the World of Webrings Community.  

WoW  ---  The World of Webrings features the World of Webrings discussion list. It offers a forum for both webring owners (ringmasters) and webring members to discuss the latest hot topics about all webrings, including WebRing.com, Ringlink , Alt-Webring, RingSurf, Bravenet and others. If you belong to any webring in any webring service, you should join this list.

This is the logo for the RingSurf system. This logo is shown ONLY to illustrate the logo for purposes of this article. The appearance of this logo in this article does not imply any endorsement or affiliation of any kind between this site or the author and the RingSurf system.  

RingSurf Passes 3 Year Anniversary  ---  It was 3 years ago, on 16.Aug.2003 when the WoW list list noted that RingSurf's domain name registration had changed. Then the new owner came forward. A RingSurf Feature List was developed and debated. Then, on Thanksgiving day, 27.Nov.2003 the new owner posted on the WoW list that the new RingSurf is up! If you haven't checked it out lately, see what has happened in the last three years.

James S. Huggins is interviewed and quoted in a new Salon.com article entitled: The Strange Saga of Yahoo and Webring (05.Dec.2001)  

Article About Webrings  ---  Check out this excellent Salon.com article about the history of Yahoo! and WebRing.com: The Strange Saga of Yahoo and Webring . For some, it will bring back memories. For others, it will explain the history. Now, I wonder if they will update it to talk about the latest WebRing.com changes.


Articles About the WebRing.com System

WebRing.com System
see all my pages about the WebRing.com system,
including information about all the pages shown below.


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Webrings: General Information

This subsection includes general information about webrings. Webrings can be hosted by a variety of different services. This section deals with the overall concepts and issues, not with any one particular "brand" of webring.

It includes my Webring FAQ, links to articles about webrings, and general help information. Click here or on the graphic.

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The Wazillion Navbars Project

This subsection is a historical section about the Yahoo! WebRing system. It was begun during the early days of problems with the Yahoo! WebRing system in September 2000.

It ended when the Yahoo! WebRing system spun off into the independent WebRing.com system in October 2001. I maintain it for the historical record. Click here or on the graphic.

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