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You must enjoy quotations. Why else would you be looking at this page?  

Like you, I enjoy them. And I collect them. I use them in my writing and speaking.  But I also use them to help remember books and articles I have read and important ideas I have found and synthesized.

On these pages, I share some of my favorites partly in response to people who've asked me for "copies", partly just because I like to share and partly because a page of quotations (together with a page for one's pet) has become one of the staples of a personal web site.

Quotation Webrings

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I belong to a great quotation webring, called, well, Quotation Ring. If you like my quotations, you might want to explore this webring.

If you don't know about webrings, go to my Webring FAQ Page for an explanation. For a list of all the webrings I belong to, and a ton of other information about webrings, go to my Webrings Page.

Quotation Lists on My Site

Quotations --- GeneralQuotations General: The quotations that don't need their own special subsection. 

Quotations --- NewQuotations New: exactly what it says:  new quotations that I've added to the other pages. 

Quotations by Native AmericansQuotations by Native Americans: As part of my exploration of my Cherokee heritage, I'm particularly interested in quotations from Native Americans.

Quotations by SherQuotations by Sher:  All quotations by Barbara Sher. 

Quotations by WomenQuotations by Women: All by women. Some biting comments about men. 

HugginismsHugginisms: In addition to using quotations from others, I have created some of my own. My colleagues began calling these "Hugginisms".

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famous quotations; famous quotes; qwerty . . . famous quotations; famous quotes; qwerty