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People Named Huggins Webring Home Page

People Named Huggins
Webring Home Page


Welcome to my very special webring.

If you are named "Huggins" I hope you will take the time to join this webring.

If you have any questions about this webring, please email me.

Rules For This Webring


This webring brings together all web owners named "Huggins". It does not matter what your first or middle name is. And, if you are married, you may "use" either your maiden or married name.

Other Rules

  1. You must register the page containing the actual Webring Controls for the People Named Webring, and
  2. It must have a clear link from the primary ("home", "index" or "default") page for your site to the People Named Huggins Webring Controls (e.g., a link labeled "webrings").

These requirements are to ensure

  1. that webring travelers can easily continue linking through the sites, and
  2. that other visitors to your site can easily find your webrings.

The Process For Joining

General Process for Joining Webrings

Joining a non-Yahoo! WebRing is very simple. In general, the process is the same for every non-Yahoo! WebRing:

  1. Register your site in the Webring Queue using a simple form.

    This form is either present on or linked to by the Webring Home Page. It generally asks for the some combination of (a) site title, (b) URL, (c) description, (d) webmaster name (e) webmaster email address, (f) keywords and (g) a description. Some webring systems (e.g., Ringlink) also ask you to supply your own Site ID.

    When submitted, the webring system creates an entry in the Webring Queue for this site, and, if necessary, assigns a Site ID to your entry and stores all  your information.

    Many webring systems also send a confirming email to the webmaster email address.
  2. Copy any required graphics from the Webring Home Page to your server.
    Most ringmasters do not want you to link directly to their graphics. Instead, you must copy the graphics to your site.
    Note: For some webmasters, particularly those using "web editors" like those for Geocities and Yahoo!, "copying to the server" is sometimes a mystery. They think it means "put the graphic on the web page". It does not. But, I've got special instructions to help those people.
  3. Put the Webring Controls on the page you registered and make any modifications required according to the instructions you receive.

    Some webring systems pop-up a page with the Webring Controls, some require you to go to a page to get them, and most also send the Webring Controls in the confirming email.
  4. Notify the ringmaster that you put the Webring Controls on your page.
  5. The ringmaster reviews the site and moves you from the queue into the webring.


Process for Joining the
People Named Huggins Webring

Click here to open the registration form for the People Named Huggins Webring.

  1. Copy the People Named Huggins graphic from this page (below) to your site. (You must host this graphic on your site.) Remember where you put it.
  2. Click here or on the Join Button to open the registration form
    The form will open in a new window.
    This page will remain open so you can use it for directions.
    Fill out and submit the form.
    Do not close the page that comes up after submitting the form.
    Continue here after you finish submitting.
  3. When you click the submit button to register the next page will present the HTML for the webring controls. You will also receive an email with your Site ID and the HTML for the controls. Copy the HTML.
  4. Place the HTML for the Webring Controls on the page you registered. (NB: The controls must appear on the registered page).
  5. Modify the HTML to reference the graphic you placed on your site. You may also make other custom changes, provided you use an authorized graphic, maintain the functions, use appropriate title parameters and remain true to the spirit of the webring.
  6. Return the email you received so I can check your work.
  7. I check out what you have done and, assuming you did it right, I move you from the Queue into the Webring.

The Graphic

Graphic for the People Named Huggins Webring



What is the "history" of this webring?

This webring was created on July 13, 2000 using the RingSurf system as the host.

Member Login for the
People Named Huggins Webring

Member Login

Site ID


Webring Search for the
People Named Huggins Webring




People Named Huggins Webring Controls

These are MY controls for MY site.
They are here to show you
what your controls will look like.
Don't copy these.
(Unless you are good with HTML and
understand what changes you will need to make).

People Named Huggins Webring: Go to the Home Page for the People Named Huggins Webring for more information and/or to join the webring.

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How Do You Spell "Webring"?

That is an interesting question. Is it "WebRing" or "Webring" or "webring" or "web ring". And is a "ring" the same as a "webring"? For the answer, see my Webring FAQ Page.

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A Few Last Thoughts

If any of you have any ideas, please let me know.


James S. Huggins
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