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This page provides links to information that didn't fit into the other main categories (e.g., technology, humor, motivation).

It isn't a "slight" of any kind to be in this section. It is only that these pages didn't exactly fit somewhere else. For example, my MIA pages are in this section.

(Some pages which used to be in this section became so numerous they eventually received their own section. Both my Multiple Sclerosis section and my U-2 Spy Plane section started here.)

In other words, if it is something I want to feature, and I don't (yet) have a better section for it, then it is here.

On My Site

AnagramsAnagrams:A few of my personal favorites. 

Blue MoonsBlue Moons: Think you know what a "blue moon" is? Turns out that lots of people, including Sky and Telescope, got it wrong. This tells how Sky and Telescope found the error and set it right. 

Big Brother InsideBig Brother Inside: A page promoting the efforts of  the electronic Privacy Information Center, JunkBusters and Privacy International to oppose the Intel Pentium III Processor Serial Number. 

Cool Stuff (now renamed Ephemerae)Cool Stuff: every day interesting "stuff" crosses my desk. Some isn't important enough to put here permanently, but it is interesting enough to show up for a while. It goes here. 
This page has been relocated. It now has its very own section labeled ephemerae. And, I've relabeled the page as well. Click on this link, or on the link at the left and at the bottom of every page.  

CopyrightCopyright: Information about copyright. 

Count the FsCount the Fs: An interesting test.  It takes less than two minutes. 

Culture GapCulture Gap: ever wonder what today's college freshmen are "missing" in their cultural experiences?  Check out this list. 

Darwin AwardsDarwin Awards: Information about the Darwin Awards, including the 1998 nominees and the authoritative awards sites.   Also includes information about the Darwin Myths and a Car Talk historical post.  

DECSS Software Distribution CenterDECSS Software Distribution Center: Information about and a link to the DECSS Software Distribution Center.  

Drug Policy in the MediaDrug Policy in the Media: Articles I have collected about drug policy and the war on drugs.
Note that inclusion on this page does not necessarily indicate agreement with the article's position or conclusions.  

Drug Policy OrganizationsDrug Policy Organizations: Information about a variety of national and international as well as state and local organizations focusing on drug policy. Some of these are organization providing information resources. Some are advocacy organizations urging changes in drug laws.
Note that inclusion on this page does not necessarily indicate agreement with the organization's overall mission or methods.  

How to Stop a Heart Attack By YourselfHow to Stop a Heart Attack By Yourself: Can coughing save your life? Or is this just another dangerous urban legend? Find out how an email is forwarding very misleading medical information.

How to Unsubscribe from ListsHow to Unsubscribe from Lists: I subscribe to a lot of email lists. Every day or two someone want to unsubscribe and can't figure out how to do it. So, I created this page to point them to so I could quit writing it down over and over.

MIA: Harold Benton LinebergerMIA: Harold Benton Lineberger 

MIA: Tilden Stewart HolleyMIA: Tilden Stewart Holley 

MIA: William Young DugganMIA: William Young Duggan 

Multiple SclerosisMultiple Sclerosis: The primary Multiple Sclerosis page on my site. Includes awards received for my Multiple Sclerosis pages, information on linking to my Multiple Sclerosis pages 

Multiple Sclerosis and MeMultiple Sclerosis and My Life: Information about how Multiple Sclerosis has affected me and why I decided to create these pages. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Multiple Sclerosis LinksMultiple Sclerosis Links and Resources: A boatload of links. Wazillions of links. And a few more. But . . . Even though there are many links here, these are not all the links. Be sure to check the other sections for the specialty links. 

Local and Non-US OrganizationsLocal and Non-US Organizations: Includes state by state listings of local organizations, including the chapters of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

Chat, Forums and eMail Discussion Groups 

Commercial Sites and Commercial JournalsCommercial Sites and Commercial Journals 

General Medical Sites and Other ResourcesGeneral Medical Sites and Other Resources: Not specifically related to Multiple Sclerosis, but offering general medical information. Many feature search engines to locate Multiple Sclerosis information or Multiple Sclerosis sections within their site. 

Personal StoriesPersonal Stories: Personal websites featuring the webmaster's personal experience with Multiple Sclerosis. Most also include some links to other Multiple Sclerosis resources. 

Who Are the People With Multiple Sclerosis?Books: Books about Multiple Sclerosis (like you really needed that description). 

Who Are the People With Multiple Sclerosis?Who Are the People With Multiple Sclerosis?: A moving essay by Virginia Sanchez (used with permission). 

Multiple Sclerosis and ChildrenMultiple Sclerosis and Children: Special information about MS in children and why I hope to honor them with my site.

  • The MS pages were originally part of this section. They now have their own complete section. I've left these link here for the convenience of those who may have bookmarked this page.

Parody & "Fair Use"Parody & "Fair Use": What is parody and how does copyright law and trademark law treat this particular form of imitative work? 

  • See also Search engine Disputes

Paul Revere, Lighting, Riding, Fighting and Other ThoughtsPaul Revere, Lighting, Riding, Fighting and Other Thoughts: Information on Paul Revere's Ride, including the facts, the poem, and some off-site links. 

Paul Revere's RidePaul Revere's Ride: This poem, by William Wadsworth Longfellow, helped make Paul Revere's ride famous.  However, the poem does not mention Dawes or Prescott. 

The Midnight Ride of William DawesThe Midnight Ride of William Dawes: In 1896 Helen F. Moore wrote this parody of Longfellow's poem and published it in Century Magazine.  Of course, even this poem didn't get it completely right.  Dr. Samuel Prescott still doesn't seem to have a poem. 

PhobiasPhobias: A while back I needed to research phobias.  Why throw away the list when I can post it here. 

The Price of LibertyThe Price of Liberty: On July 4, 1776 (give or take a day or two) 56 men pledged: "For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." Do you know who they were? What ultimately happened to them? What sacrifices they made?

  • This is actually a part of my Motivation Section, but is listed here also.

Search Engine DisputesSearch engine Disputes: The technology of the web, the power of search engines and the rights of creators have collided. This page addresses some of the current concerns, links to current stories on the controversy and identifies resources, both on and off the web that may be of use. 

Trademark is Not a VerbTrademark is Not a Verb: Provides an overview of what trademarks are, why you need to protect your trademarks and why you need to understand them even if you don't think you own any.

Signature StoriesSignature Stories: Professional speakers tell some stories that are "theirs". These are their "signature stories".

Subornation of PurjurySubornation of Perjury: Until our nation's recent history most people had never heard the phrase "subornation of perjury". Today it is a part of our national lexicon. Do you know what it means? Do you know what "obstruction of justice" is? Do you know what perjury is? (Do you think that all lies under oath are perjury?) Have you ever heard of Tom Lehrer? This article by Leo Katz, professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania explains it all. This page points to a mirror copy of that article. 

Sunscreen, Vonnegut and the InternetSunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet:  An article on my site about how a Chicago Tribune column became an Internet hoax, and then a hit song. 

Sunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet --- The TextSunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet -The Text:  The full text of the "speech". 

  • This is actually a part of my Technology, but is listed here also.

Valentine's DayValentine's Day: Links to other sites with historical and humorous information on this day. 

The extra text menu links (previously here) are being removed in the site redesign.
Browser and search engine improvements have eliminated the motivation/necessity for them.

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