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I've been interested in copyright and trademark for some time.

I began this page as a simple collection of links to sites on the net that provide some information.

eventually, I added links to a couple of special pages on my own site.

A Couple of Pages on My Site

Parody & "Fair Use"Parody & "Fair Use": What is parody and how does copyright law and trademark law treat this particular form of imitative work? 

Search Engine DisputesSearch engine Disputes: The technology of the web, the power of search engines and the rights of creators have collided. This page addresses some of the current concerns, links to current stories on the controversy and identifies resources, both on and off the web that may be of use. 

Links on the Net

What is copyright protection?What is copyright protection?: A page by Rebeca Delgado-Martinez Valette on the basics of copyright.

Web Law FAQ?Web Law FAQ?: A page by Oppedahl & Larson on the basics of web law, including copyright, linking and domain name issues.  

Copyright on the InternetCopyright on the Internet: An excellent page by Thomas G. Field, Jr. on the subject.  

TheSCOOP.netTheSCOOP.net: Home of the Stop Cases Of Online Plagiarism Network, this website has not been updated in some time, but has some interesting and useful copyright information.

Bandwidth Theft Kills WebsitesBandwidth Theft Kills Websites: This page by Robyn A. Harton discusses the issues of bandwidth theft.

Copyright Is ImportantCopyright Is Important: This page by Robyn A. Harton discusses the issues of copyright.

An Intellectual Property Law Primer for Multimedia and Web DevelopersAn Intellectual Property Law Primer for Multimedia and Web Developers: This 1996 article by J. Dianne Brinson and Mark F. Ratcliffe is still relevant today to the issues of copyright on the net.

U. S. Copyright OfficeU. S. Copyright Office: Includes basic information about the law, about regulations and about registration of copyright.

International Copyright (Bitlaw)International Copyright (Bitlaw): On the BitLaw site, this section discusses international copyright with emphasis on U. S. participation in the international forum. 

International Federation of Reproduction Rights OrganisationsInternational Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations: Of probable interest only to the serious researcher, this is an organization of organizations. The U. S. organization is the Copyright Clearance Center.

Grey DayGrey Day: The organization sponsors a "grey out" of websites every year to call attention to the issues of copyright and creator's rights.

Copyright WebsiteCopyright Website: Real world, practical and relevant copyright information.

UT System Crash Course In CopyrightUT System Crash Course In Copyright: This is an excellent overview written by Georgia K. Harper for the University of Texas System. It gives a clear overview of the issues and some great advice as well.

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Browser and search engine improvements have eliminated the motivation/necessity for them.

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