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Big Brother Inside

Big Brother Inside

This page became somewhat obsolete on 28.Apr.200 when Intel decided to drop the CPU Serial Number from its line of computer chips.

I have kept this page as it existed then to provide a link to the history and to the issues that were important then.



Big Brother Inside


Defend Your PC's Privacy
Big Brother Inside


Intel's new chips contain a unique number that has all the makings of a Social Security Number for the Internet.. and all the privacy problems that went with it.  Like governments and credit bureaus and direct marketers using the number to build huge databases of profiles on consumers... and selling that personal information without your knowledge or consent.  Do you want personal information about your web browsing and online behavior available to government and corporate interests?  Of course not.

Intel is saying that using the number will be optional.  Yeah, sure, if you don't mind giving up your favorite software.  Before you buy an Intel-numbered computer, ask yourself what you're going to do if Microsoft and other software companies demand the number for copyright protection.

Protect your privacy by joining the boycott against Intel products. Send them the message that you're not buying a computer with Big Brother Inside.

Big Brother Inside


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intel pentium III, internet privacy, big brother inside . . . intel pentium III, internet privacy, big brother inside