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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Commercial Websites and Journals

This page presents commercial websites (often advertising supported offering general medical information), paid circulation journals and some commercial products sites.

I have not necessarily reviewed and do not endorse either the firms or the specific products shown here. Descriptions may have been provided by the respective firms.

American Outcomes’ Multiple Sclerosis Treatments and DiagnosisAmerican Outcomes’ Multiple Sclerosis Treatments and Diagnosis: American Outcomes Management, L.P. (AOM) is a physician owned and operated, leading provider of home infusion services specializing in the care of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic and acute disease conditions.  ««»»

Betaseron MS Research CenterBetaseron MS Research Center: Promotes the drug Betaseron and includes specific information related to Multiple Sclerosis and this drug. Offers a free subscription to Betaseron Networks by calling 800/788-1467.   ««»»

BioMS Medical CorpBioMS Medical Corp: I They are a Canadian company that has a Multiple Sclerosis drug in phase III trials, with the results coming in the second half of 2009. In previous trials, this drug (dirucotide) (http://www.biomsmedical.com/mbp8298-dirucotide-overview.php)has shown to be effective in delaying the progression of Secondary Progressive MS. The company also has a great inspirational story behind it. The company founder's wife has MS and he created the company to give her back her quality of life. Forbes magazine published an article with the touching story (http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2008/0901/062.html).

BioMedNet: Includes Medline access with evaluations, full-text access to medical journals and a magazine (HMS Beagle). An excellent research tool. (Registration required.)   ««»»

DoctorDirectory.comDoctorDirectory.com: A commercial site for locating doctors.   ««»»

drkoop.comdrkoop.com: drkoop.com is a company led by Dr. C. Everett Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General. It is a public company. Shares are traded on the NASDAQ exchange. The website offers general medical information. Free registration is required.   ««»»

drkoop.com Multiple Sclerosis Pagedrkoop.com Multiple Sclerosis Page    ««»»

EraseMS.comeraseMS.com: The site previously offered living aids to the MS community and donated 5% to 15% from the profits to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The site appears to be in transformation at this time.   ««»»

Exercycleexercycle: Offers the Theracycle, a motor driven exercise machine to assist those who lack the strength but need the exercise.  ««»»

Ferris ApiariesFerris Apiaries: Ferris Apiaries sells bees, particularly for use in bee-venom therapy. The site also includes information about bee-venom therapy.   ««»»

Ginco Medical EquipmentGinco Medical equipment: An interesting lift system for the disabled. (See also Dixie's Delight in the Personal Stories section for an intriguing application of this system.)   ««»»

Health JourneysHealth Journeys: Belleruth Naparstek's Health Journeys website offers visualization audiotapes, books, research and resources on guided imagery, a complementary medicine and holistic mind and body healing process.   ««»»    This site links back to my Multiple Sclerosis pages from this page on the site.

Health JourneysMultiple Sclerosis: This audio tape is targeted to MSers. Side B has affirmations.   ««»»    This site links back to my Multiple Sclerosis pages from this page on the site.

HealthGate: A general health portal site. Large!   ««»»

HealthlinkUSAHealthlinkUSA: Free links to 100's of health topics, 1,000's of health sites, featuring treatment, cures, diagnosis, prevention, risk factors, support groups, email lists and personal stories. Appears to be a commercial, advertiser supported site.   ««»»

HealthlinkUSA Multiple Sclerosis PageHealthlinkUSA Multiple Sclerosis Page  ««»»

Healthlinks.netHealthlinks.net: Styled as a "World-Wide Directory - Portal Service for healthcare professionals and consumers", Healthlinks.net offers categorized listings of health resources on the internet. It also provides forums, free classifieds ads, healthcare specific chat rooms and a monthly newsletter. Appears to be a commercial, advertiser supported site.   ««»»

Healthlinks.net NewsletterHealthlinks.net Newsletter: A monthly emailed newsletter containing articles about healthcare, computer and internet subjects. ««»»

HealthtouchHealthtouch: A commercial online health portal. Appears funded by medical industry advertisements.   ««»»

Healthtouch Multiple Sclerosis PagesHealthtouch Multiple Sclerosis Pages  ««»»

HealthWorld Online: A general health portal.   ««»»

Immunex MS Knowledge CenterImmunex MS Knowledge Center: Sponsored and run by the drug company, it includes information on many MS topics.   ««»»

InteliHealthInteliHealth: InteliHealth is a joint venture of Aetna U.S. Healthcare® and Johns Hopkins University and Health System. This website appears to be an advertiser supported, commercial site.   ««»»

International Journal of MS CareInternational Journal of MS Care: This is the official journal of (1) the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers and (2) Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis. Subscribers can view the articles online. Nonsubscribers are out of luck; only a table of contents is available to the visitor.   ««»»

MedExplorerMedexplorer: Medexplorer provides a comprehensive medical site including many categories of health information, a discussion forum, a chat area and a humor section. The site includes search functions.  ««»»

MedExplorer Multiple Sclerosis LinksMedexplorer Multiple Sclerosis Links: This page is the result of clicking to "Disease Disorders" then to Multiple Sclerosis.  ««»»

MedicineNet.comMedicineNet.com: MedicineNet.com appears to be an advertiser supported, commercial site.   ««»»

Mednet MediaMednet Media: This firm provides internet marketing, advertising and promotion for medical and healthcare companies. Includes a free newsletter.   ««»»

MedscapeMedscape: Medscape® intends to offer specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals the Web's most robust and integrated multi-specialty medical information and education tool. Medscape is built around practice-oriented content. Content includes Medscape General Medicine, the web's first primary source, peer-reviewed, general medicine journal. Access is free; registration is required.   ««»»

Mental Health NetMental Health Net: Mental Health Net is sponsored by CMHC Systems. It is a general Mental Health portal site and is run by psychologist Mark Dombeck, PhD. Services include a twice monthly newsletter (sign up on the main page) and Perspectives, a quarterly, on-the-net, journal.   ««»»

Mobility LimitedMobility Limited: Mobility Limited is a producer and distributor of nationally acclaimed exercise videos for people with Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Breast Cancer, and other types of limiting conditions resulting from aging or illness.   ««»»

MortgageLoan.com: Mortgages for People with DisabilitiesMortgageLoan.com: Mortgages for People with Disabilities: This page outlines a mortgage loan process for people with disabilities. It outlines a loan process and provides guidance on buying a home. It also provides a few links to organizations with additional information.  ««»»

MS Active SourceMS Active Source: This site is operated by Biogen, Inc., the makers of Avonex®, a brand of Interferon beta-1a. The site offers a large volume of information related to MS. Users are advised to review the site privacy policy prior to registration. The site uses cookies and web bugs.   ««»»

MS LifeLinesMS LifeLines: A website by Serono, the US affiliate of Serono, S.A., the Swiss drug company and makers of an MS drug named Rebif. ««»»

MS One-to-OneMS One-to-One: MS One-to-One is a monthly one-sheet periodical featuring an individual's personal story along with the person's photo. A free complimentary sample issue is available.   ««»»

www.msonly.com/MS Only: MS Only is a monthly, paid circulation compilation of peer reviewed journal abstracts and commentary published monthly on Multiple Sclerosis.   ««»»

MS Only ForumMS Only Forum: Affiliated with MS Only, a monthly, paid circulation magazine.  ««»»

Multiple Sclerosis Information Gateway: Operated by Schering AG, in Berlin, Germany. It include an international "site" as well as links to various "regional sites". The regional link for the USA, links to www.betaseron.com.   ««»»

New England Journal of MedicineNew England Journal of Medicine: Owned and published by the Massachusetts Medical Society, the NEJM is one of the most prestigious medical journals. Unlike some of its sister publications, it provides non-subscribers with access to some of its material, including abstracts. The site includes a search engine for locating Multiple Sclerosis articles.   ««»»

PSL Doctor's Guide to Medical and Other NewsPSL Doctor's Guide to Medical and Other News: Operated by the P\S\L Consulting Group this page links to current medical news.   ««»»

Reyah's Bees-NessReyah's Bees-Ness: Honeybees, including bee venom.   ««»»

Spanish Medical TranslationsSpanish Medical Translations: Offers medical translations, including certifications and notarization, of all types of medical documents, from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.  ««»»

Text RemindersText Reminders: This free Web site allows you to send scheduled reminders to your cell phone via text message. ««»»

Think Better to Feel Better and Beat the MS Blues (EnableMe Publications)Think Better to Feel Better and Beat the MS Blues (enableMe Publications): Michael D. LEBow, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Manitoba. Disabled by he has created a self-help workbook for beating the blues that MS can bring. His workbook is based on research and the principles of cognitive behavior modification.  ««»»

WebMDWebMD: WebMD intends to be a comprehensive online health resource serving all health information and support needs. New information is added regularly.  WebMD appears to be an advertiser supported, commercial site.  ««»»

Multiple Sclerosis Pages On My Site

Multiple Sclerosis and MeMultiple Sclerosis and My Life: Information about how Multiple Sclerosis has affected me and why I decided to create these pages.  ««»»

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  ««»»

Multiple Sclerosis LinksMultiple Sclerosis Links and Resources: A boatload of links. Wazillions of links. And a few more. But . . . Even though there are many links here, these are not all the links. Be sure to check the other sections for the specialty links.  ««»»

Local and Non-US OrganizationsLocal and Non-US Organizations: Includes state by state listings of local organizations, including the chapters of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  ««»»

Chat, Forums and eMail Discussion Groups  ««»»

Commercial Sites and Commercial JournalsCommercial Sites and Commercial Journals  ««»»

General Medical Sites and Other ResourcesGeneral Medical Sites and Other Resources: Not specifically related to Multiple Sclerosis, but offering general medical information. Many feature search engines to locate Multiple Sclerosis information or Multiple Sclerosis sections within their site.  ««»»

Personal StoriesPersonal Stories: Personal websites featuring the webmaster's personal experience with Multiple Sclerosis. Most also include some links to other Multiple Sclerosis resources.  ««»»

Who Are the People With Multiple Sclerosis?Books: Books about Multiple Sclerosis (like you really needed that description).  ««»»

Who Are the People With Multiple Sclerosis?Who Are the People With Multiple Sclerosis?: A moving essay by Virginia Sanchez (used with permission).  ««»»

Multiple Sclerosis and ChildrenMultiple Sclerosis and Children: Special information about MS in children and why I hope to honor them with my site. ««»»

Who Are the People With Multiple Sclerosis?Guest Article: Social Security and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Applying for Social Security Disability with Multiple Sclerosis: A guest article by John Dowling, the Senior editor of Social Security Disability Help.  ««»»

Who Are the People With Multiple Sclerosis?Guest Article: Stem Cells Showing Great Promise in Remyelinization: A guest article by Daryl Clayton Kennedy.  ««»»


A Measure of Time - My Life With MSA Measure of Time - My Life With MS: This book by Lauren Singer is available directly from the author. This page on my site provides a tiny amount of publicity for this book. By the way, her dog is named Fred Huggins.   ««»»  

As for Tomorrow I Cannot Say: 33 Years with Multiple SclerosisAs for Tomorrow I Cannot Say: 33 Years with Multiple Sclerosis: I review this book by Diana Neutze.  ««»»  

Life on Cripple Creek - Essays on Living with Multiple SclerosisLife on Cripple Creek - essays on Living with Multiple Sclerosis: I review this book by Dean Kramer.  ««»»  

My Story: A Photographic Essay on Life with Multiple SclerosisMy Story: A Photographic essay on Life with Multiple Sclerosis: I review this book by Amelia Davis.  ««»»  

When the Road Turns - Inspirational Stories About People with MSWhen the Road Turns - Inspirational Stories About People with MS: I review this book by Margot Russell.  ««»»  

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