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Life on Cripple Creek - Essays on Living With Multiple Sclerosis - Dean Kramer

Life on Cripple Creek
essays on Living With Multiple Sclerosis

A Book by Dean Kramer


Margot Russell (author of When the Road Turns) introduced me to this book.

She wrote:

Dean Kramer allows us to peek inside the windows of her rustic home in rural Pennsylvania and share a day in her life with a chronic illness. We follow her to the raspberry patch; we ride across the great expanse on her scooter; we laugh with her as she struggles to flee a swarm of bees. And what we come away with at the end of the day transforms us: Life's lessons are learned from the way we are being, and not necessarily from what we are doing. And when we keep our eyes wide open, what may seem ordinary can become our greatest gift.

How would you pick out a pair of shoes when aesthetics can no longer be the driving force behind your decision, yet you aren’t ready to dress like your elderly neighbor? What would you do if, after boarding your scooter in the morning and making your way to the raspberry patch behind your house, you stumbled upon a hornets' nest?

Discover what it’s like to live with multiple sclerosis, to laugh at MS, to come to terms with a disease that demands so much of your life. Most of the books and other informative material currently available on MS miss the emotional mark. People in the MS community are yearning for material that speaks to them, that tells them the truth about things, and that offers them the opportunity to alternately feel sadness and laugh out loud. MS is their reality and, often, they aren’t given the proper tools to befriend it.

Accompany Dean through her failures and victories. Experience life through her eyes. Many books convey the struggles of living with a life-changing disability. But Life on Cripple Creek goes further to show that with inner strength and a sense of humor the intrinsic land mines one encounters with this disease need not be devastating. With beauty and joy, laughter and tears Dean brings us Life on Cripple Creek.

Dean Kramer writes a monthly column for MSWorld, Inc. called “Life on Cripple Creek”, and has been widely published as an essayist. She has received journalistic recognition for her sensitive essays on the plight of Haitian farm workers in Pennsylvania, has written lyrics for an Off-Broadway musical on the life of Will Rogers, written articles about the training of dogs who assist the disabled, and has written for both commercial and documentary film. Her work on the documentary film Me earned her a Golden eagle award from the American Cine Society. Life on Cripple Creek is her first collection of essays.

Life on Cripple Creek can be purchased from Amazon.com.

And, you can view a sample chapter here: Push Comes to Shove.

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