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A Measure of Time - My Life With MS - by Lauren Singer

A Measure of Time
My Life With MS

A Book by Lauren Singer


I met Lauren Singer when she wrote me. It seems her dog is named Fred Huggins and she found my website about MS. Since she has a dog named Fred Huggins, I couldn't help but suggest that I place her book on my website.

Yep a dog named Fred Huggins who helps a friend named Lauren Singer who has MS all listed on James S. Huggins website in the MS section. It just seemed natural.

If you have recently been diagnosed, this easy to read book is a must. If you have had MS for some time, ditto! Lauren Singer is a remarkable South African lady who will inspire and astound you with her sincerity and tenacity. She almost makes having MS sound easy! She takes a no nonsense approach that will appeal to you. And she even throws in a few chuckles to boot!

Lauren has been living with MS for more than 23 years, but was only formally after 12 years. Of her diagnosis she says: " I felt I had emigrated to another country. The signposts had all changed and the language was different." So after diagnosis what did she do? Simply learn about the illness. As much as she could. And this knowledge she now brings over in her own striking matter-of-fact manner that makes this book a definite must have on any MS's bookshelf. And, it is equally suitable for family and care givers as well.

The author provides useful references, contact numbers and web site addresses at the end of her book.

This is certainly a book you will refer to frequently! For inspiration, for reassurance, this is the book that you will return to on your "just tell me about it" days!

A Measure of Time can be purchased from Lauren directly. E-mail your order through to Lauren at renski@iafrica.com. The price is R60 (parcel & post inclusive) For USA readers: $15 (parcel & post inclusive).

When you write her, be sure to mention her dog, Fred Huggins. And tell her you saw her on my website.


MS is not a disability, but it can be disabling.

When I get frustrated I force myself to stop. And give myself a choice. I can react with anger but then again I don't have to. And there is always a cup of tea.

.Monitor yourself with honesty. It is a road I had been down myself.

About her service dog, Fred Huggins:
He picks up things I drop, he carries my phone. When I fall he sits by me while I gather my thoughts and try to figure how I'm going to get up.

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