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Motivation & Inspiration

Being a professional speaker, I hear my share of motivational and inspirational stories.

Being on the internet, I "hear" more than my share.

The internet has made it possible to share that story someone sent to you with all your friends.

This page is the embarkation point for my collection of motivational and inspirational stories.

On My Site

Best Things in LifeBest Things in Life: A list of the best things in life.   

ConnectionsConnections: A poem about the importance of family and friends.

ConnectionsCyberHug: Send a friend a CyberHug.

Great Corporate RegattaGreat Corporate Regatta: What happens when the Americans race the Japanese?

Hugs and Hope ClubHugs and Hope Club:  A blind, disabled grandmother organizes volunteers to bring joy to sick and dying children around the world.

Inspirations for the DayInspirations for the Day: A few inspirations for your day.  

Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference: A story about making a difference. 

Messages from GodMessages from God: eighteen messages used in an award winning advertising campaign.

Paradoxes of Our TimeParadoxes of Our Time: Thoughts for the millennium.

The Price of LibertyThe Price of Liberty: On July 4, 1776 (give or take a day or two) 56 men pledged: "For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." Do you know who they were? What ultimately happened to them? What sacrifices they made? This page has been substantially revised because the story is not true.

Things I've LearnedThings I've Learned: A list of life's lessons.   

Random Acts of KindnessRandom Acts of Kindness  

Sir Edmund Hillary  Still GrowingSir edmund Hillary Still Growing: Sir edmund Hillary is famous for climbing Mt. Everest. When asked why, he gave the famous reply, "Because it was there". What many do not know is that Sir Hillary did not make it to the top of everest the first time he tried.   

Sunscreen, Vonnegut and the InternetSunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet: An article on my site about how a Chicago Tribune column became an Internet hoax, and then a hit song. 

Sunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet --- The TextSunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet The Text: The full text of the "speech". 

  • This is actually a part of my Technology, but is listed here also.

Tantras from NepalTantras from Nepal: Are they from Nepal? Or did some college student send them onto the internet. Does it matter?

Across the Net

SperienceSperience: Motivational sayings, lists and links (including a link to my site).

Motivation PostersMotivation Posters: Links to some motivation posters available for sale across the net.
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motivation, motivational story, inspiration, inspirational story . . . motivation, motivational story, inspiration, inspirational story