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Messages from God

From September 1, 1998 through November 30, 1998 God talked to South Florida.

At least, he seemed to.

The award winning advertising campaign was created by The Smith Agency of Ft. Lauderdale for an anonymous donor. It used eighteen different messages, all "signed by God".

The campaign appeared on billboards, 100 bus sides and 200 bus interiors.

Messages from God

  1. Let's Meet At My House Sunday Before The Game. God
  2. C'mon Over And Bring The Kids. God
  3. What Part of "Thou Shalt Not..." Didn't You Understand? - God
  4. We Need To Talk. God
  5. Keep Using My Name In Vain And I'll Make Rush Hour Longer. God
  6. Loved The Wedding, Invite Me To The Marriage. God
  7. That "Love Thy Neighbor" Thing, I Meant It. God
  8. I Love You...I Love You...I Love You God
  9. Will The Road You're On Get You To My Place? God
  10. Follow Me God
  11. Big Bang Theory, You've Got To Be Kidding. God
  12. My Way Is The Highway God
  13. Need Directions? God
  14. You Think It's Hot Here? God
  15. Tell The Kids I Love Them. God
  16. Need A Marriage Counselor? I'm Available. God
  17. Have You Read My #1 Best Seller? There Will Be A Test. God
  18. Do you have any idea where you're going. God

Other Links

The Smith Agency God Speaks CampaignThe Smith Agency God Speaks Campaign: A special website created by the agency just to deal with all the publicity created by the campaign. This website, formerly at www.GodSpeaking.com, is now closed. 

GodSpeaksGodSpeaks: A special website dedicated to this campaign carries on the message. The site includes lots of information as well as links to articles about the ads.

"God 'Speaks' in Ad Campaigns""God 'Speaks' in Ad Campaigns": An Associated Press article in the Seattle Times.

"Savvy Ad Campaign Promotes Religion On the Road""Savvy Ad Campaign Promotes Religion On the Road": An article in the Abilene Reporter News.

Humor on My Site

Messages from God --- The RejectsMessages from God The Rejects: An irreverent look at messages that might have been rejected for this campaign.

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messages from god, billboards from god, signs from god . . . messages from god, billboards from god, signs from god