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Nearly 80% of Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. depend on SOFTWORKS products.  Our product arenas complement, optimize, extend, and provide innovative capabilities to the business-critical processes of systems management.

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James Huggins Named Director of extended Services

Bohemia, NY, May 29, 1997. Computer Concepts Corp. (NASDAQ:CCee) announced today its SOFTWORKS, Inc. subsidiary has hired James S. Huggins, a leading authority on the Year 2000 problem, to the new  post of Director of extended Services within the firm's Professional Services Division.

Huggins worked previously as Senior Technologist at Dallas-based COMSYS where he was responsible for technical leadership for client projects as well as providing training and advice on the Year 2000 issue for the company's corporate and regional offices. As Director of
extended Services, Huggins will be responsible for support of special practices including Year 2000, Client/Server, and Data Warehousing
for SOFTWORKS. "Mr. Huggins is a welcome addition to the SOFTWORKS professional services team," said Judy Carter, President of SOFTWORKS, Inc. "His IT knowledge and extensive experience with 2000 projects makes him a valuable asset for SOFTWORKS and its customers." His Year 2000 expertise is expected to bolster the growing demand for the company's strong suite of Year 2000 tools and conversion services. SOFTWORKS currently counts nearly 80% of the Fortune 100 as clients.

SOFTWORKS's Professional Services Division was designed to provide the company's more than 1,800 corporate clients worldwide with supplemental professional staffing services to help them meet
the battery of challenges facing corporate Information Technology (IT) departments today, chief of which is the Year 2000 problem. In addition to its Professional Services Division, SOFTWORKS provides systems software in the MVS and UNIX environments to address performance, storage management, inter-platform communication, and Year 2000 issues. In addition to his duties at SOFTWORKS, Mr. Huggins will continue his active schedule of speaking engagements on the Year
2000 challenge and other major issues facing IT managers today. Mr. Huggins, age 43, resides in Dallas, TX. He is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

Computer Concepts develops software tools including d.b.express that assist end users in the retrieval and visualization of all types of data. Computer Concepts' d.b.express Internet Server has recently been integrated with British Telecom's Syncordia Services C-View software application which allows BT's customers to access and analyze the high volumes of technical and account information available within BT's Internet-based databases without having to download the data to
their own computers. The new d.b.express Internet Server. and JAVA Applet have overcome a major Internet problem, that of high data volume and limited bandwidth, currently responsible for the lengthy delays associated with data downloading. Computer Concepts' wholly owned SOFTWORKS subsidiary is a leading global provider of IT solutions for the enterprise.

SOFTWORKS responds to the data management needs of more than 1,800 organizations worldwide, supporting customers, including nearly 80% of the Fortune 100, in more than 50 countries located in Bohemia, New York, Computer Concepts and its subsidiaries employ a staff of 165. For more information about Computer Concepts and SOFTWORKS, call (516) 244-1500 or visit Computer Concepts' web site at www.computerconcepts.com


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