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This page has been added to serve as the basis for off-site links that don't need their own page.

It also includes some "affiliate" programs that pay me when you sign up for something. (See below for my policy on affiliate programs.)

Link Exchanges

Link ExchangesLink Exchanges: Some sites offer a "link exchange". If I'll link to them, they'll link to me. I don't do "link exchanges". Want to know why? 

Special Pages

These are pages that I wanted to link but which had no other good "spot" on my site.

Angels for HopeAngels for Hope: This organization crochets angels, butterflies and "smiley faces" to bring a message of hope to the severely injured and chronically ill, as well as their caregivers. They originally got my attention by asking my permission to link to me (without any obligation). As I checked out their site, I found their efforts inspiring and wanted to link to them.     This site links to me. This site links to me.

My Journey  By Chip GerberMy Journey By Chip Gerber: In 1997 Chip was diagnosed with early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. He writes: After some depression, anger and denial, I decided that I would do a daily journal sharing my life and thoughts with others. I have been doing this through My Journey now for about a year. I spent some time at his site and realized that it opened a door for me to help me understand what Alzheimers is like from the point of view of the person who has it. If you know someone who would benefit or if you have a page on your site for which it would be appropriate, you might give this consideration.  

Pages Linking to Me

These are pages that link to me that I have found. They linked to me without any requirement that I link back. I found them interesting and I'm linking back as my small way of saying thanks.

Dreams for MeDreams for Me    This site links to me.

Friends: James S. HugginsFriends: James S. Huggins: A page by Debbie honoring me as one of her web friends.     This site links to me.

Katsuey's Legal Gateway --- Intellectual PropertyKatsuey's Legal Gateway Intellectual Property: I met Kat on a variety of legal lists. She has one of the premier legal sites on the web and chose to link to two of my pages.     This site links to me.

Mr. Earl's RoadKill KafeMr. Earl's RoadKill Kafe: Includes one of my Hugginisms at the top of the page.   This site links to me.

Ron's Favorite LinksRon's Favorite Links: Ron linked to my Wazillion Navbars Project! And his page of favorite links has some great ones too.   This site links to me.

Why LinkNOT?Video Streaming Service Providers: This site's About Us page links to this page on my site in it's explanation of why it is not using link exchanges to try to manipulate search engines. Thank you, guys. I appreciate the thought (and the link).     This site links to me.

Weird enuf4yewWeird enuf4yew: I had a visitor tell me that she found me through this page. So I checked it out.   This site links to me.

Page Voting Banners

World's Top Personal MS Websites

World's Top Personal MS Websites

Click on the banner or on this link to vote for my site .

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Cool Graphics

These sites caught my eye. I liked their graphics. So I thought I'd add a link.

Bob Staake --- Humorous Cartoon Art

Bob Staake Humorous Cartoon Art

I went to Bob's site to apply for his award. But I checked out his Friends of Bob link exchange program. I loved his graphics so much I just had to participate.

I really didn't care about the link back. I don't participate in link exchanges. But I wanted the graphic.

The difficult part was choosing which graphic to use!

Frog Creations

Frog Creations Cool T-Shirts

Like Bob's site above, I went to this site to apply for an award. But because I'm particularly fond of frogs and found this great button, I just had to put it on my site! To be honest, I won't be model customer. But that is only because I don't own or wear any t-shirts. But if I did, these would be ones I would want. Now if I can just convince him to print on "real" shirts (the ones with collars and long sleeves).

Affiliate Programs

SelfPromotion.com --- Free Site Promotion; pay only what you think it is worth


Check this out! First, use it for free to register your site with all the important search engines and indexes, and then decide if and how much you want to pay to support the service. It's great so great that even I, the king of freebies, sent money!


Search engines and Site Listings To Which I Link In Order To Qualify For, enhance or ensure My Own Listing

Published Dot Com -- The Free Directory of Independent Writers and Artists





Affiliate Programs Policy

Whenever I provide a link to an affiliate program that pays me, I attempt to also provide an alternate link which omits the referral information. These alternate links will not result in payment to me. If you object to affiliate programs, you can use these alternate links to buy and I won't get any money.

The reasons I do this are simple. First, my site is not primarily a commercial site. It is not about making money. Affiliate payments are nice, but if they all went away, I'd still have my site. Second, I link to some affiliate sites because they are good, not because I'd get paid. Getting a small dividend is an extra; it is not the motivation. Third, I link to other affiliate sites (those with which I do not have personal buying experience), because my research indicates that they might be of interest to my visitors and that they offer a quality product or service.

For all of these reasons I fully disclose my affiliate relationship and offer a choice. I let the buyer choose to support my site because they like my site, instead of forcing them to support my site because my relationship with the vendor is secret. My site is not about advertising and making money. Never has been. Never will be.

The extra text menu links (previously here) are being removed in the site redesign.
Browser and search engine improvements have eliminated the motivation/necessity for them.

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