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Messages from God The Rejects

You've seen the billboards and the busses.

The messages from God are all around us. Sponsored by an anonymous donor and created by The Smith Agency this award winning campaign features messages signed by God.

But not all the messages were accepted.

This page presents some that didn't make the cut.

Messages from God The Rejects

  1. Hey, you guys look like ants down there. God

  2. I know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. God

  3. Angels are hot and waiting to talk to you! Pray now! God

  4. Have you seen my keys? God

  5. www.God.com God

  6. Stop playing with yourself so much. God

  7. Forty-eight million Hindus can be wrong. God

  8. It's the Antichrist! Made you look. God

  9. Tell the Army Corps of engineers to quit trying to fix my stuff. God


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messages from god, billboards from god, signs from god, humor . . . messages from god, billboards from god, signs from god, humor