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everyone likes to tell jokes. Everyone likes to hear them. And the internet has made it possible to retell a joke or humorous story to all your friends and actually get the punch line right.

This page is the embarkation point for my small collection of humor.

Addicted to the NetAddicted to the Net: I am not addicted!!

Business VocabularyBusiness Vocabulary: Some new business terms you might want to know.

Church BulletinsChurch Bulletins: "Actual excerpts", from "actual church bulletins" . . . maybe.

Corporate America TodayCorporate America Today: Do you work for Corporate America today? Take this simple test and find out.

Courses for Men and WomenCourses for Men and Women: ever wish you could teach the other gender? Here is a sample.

Dictionary of Technology for Country FolkDictionary of Technology for Country Folk: An irreverent poke at the contrasts of country living and technology.

Fasten Your SeatbeltsFasten Your Seatbelt: Fly much? Know the flight attendant and pilot announcements by heart? Here are some variations intended to break the monotony. 

Five Toughest Questions for MenFive Toughest Questions for Men: Stereotypical male/female humor.

The GenieThe Genie: Sometimes Genies get difficult requests. Sometimes they get impossible ones.

Guidelines for CatsGuidelines for Cats: ever wonder how cats know what to do? They have guidelines. 

Girlfriend 1.0 to Wife 1.0Girlfriend 1.0 to Wife 1.0: Have you upgraded lately? Are you thinking about an upgrade? If so, you need to "read this first".

Hello Help LineHello Help Line: The supposedly true story of a call to a computer help line. 

How Accidents HappenHow Accidents Happen: The supposedly true explanations of accidents from insurance reports. 

Job Burn-outJob Burn-out: The Top 10 Signs you might be suffering from Job Burn-out 

Language (and Other) QuestionsLanguage (and Other) Questions: A collection of "park on a driveway" type questions.

Lightbulbs and the InternetLight Bulbs and the Internet: How many internet mail list subscribers does it take to change a light bulb?  

McDonnell Douglas Military Aircraft Warranty CardMcDonnell Douglas Military Aircraft Warranty Card: There is a story on the internet. It is about the McDonnell Douglas website and a warranty card for military aircraft. 

Messages from God --- The RejectsMessages from God The Rejects: You've seen the billboard and bus campaign: short, pithy sayings attributed to God. This is an irreverent look at messages that might have been rejected for this campaign. 

Microsoft and Changing Light BulbsMicrosoft and Changing Light Bulbs: How many Bill Gates' does it take to change a light bulb?  

Millennial Year Application Software SystemMillennia Year Application Software System: Do I have to spell it out? 

Millennium Bug OverblownMillennium Bug Overblown: An animated gif with a bit of humor about Y2K. I am searching for the artist and/or copyright holder of this work to obtain permission to use it. If you have any information, please email me as soon as possible. 

NoahNoah: Floating across the world, pondering his existence, perhaps Noah said a few things like this.

Performance ReviewsPerformance Reviews: They are purported to be true. Maybe yes; maybe no. Even if someone made them up, they are still great.

The Perils of TranslationThe Perils of Translation: Marketing slogans make sense in English. What happens when they are translated?

Rules Men Wish Women Would LearnRules Men Wish Women Would Learn: Sexist. (Anyone seen the other one: Rules Women Wish Men Would Learn? If you have, let me know.) 

Sayings That Should Be Put On ButtonsSayings That Should Be Put On Buttons: Just a list. But a funny list nonetheless.

Oops!The Shredder: Oops!

SpeedingSpeeding: Five elderly women. Driving 22 miles per hour.

Things You Learn by Watching MoviesThings You Learn by Watching Movies: Movie after movie show us incredible life lessons. If they are in so many movies, they must be true. Right? 

Y Zero KTwo Digits for a Date: More Y2K Humor. Sung to the tune of "Gilligan's Island". 

Ultimate eMail VirusUltimate eMail Virus: You've received the emails. They tell you about the latest email virus. Don't open them. They will destroy your life. This may just be the ultimate.

Ultimate Urban LegendUltimate Urban Legend: Urban legends are fun. What would happen if you consolidated all the current ones into a massive new legend? This would. 

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?: The age old question answered by famous people.

Why Men Are Glad They Are MenWhy Men Are Glad They Are Men: The title pretty much says it all. 

Wide TurnsWide Turns: After that little bump into the Chinese plane, the U. S. Navy is installing warning decals on all of our eP-3 surveillance aircraft. Maybe this will help.

Y to KY to K: Confused about the Y2K problem? So was this person.

Y Zero KY Zero K:  Before the Y2K problem . . .

You Know You're Getting Older When . . .You Know You're Getting Older When . . .:  Take this test. But don't phone me if you score "high".

You're Lost Between a Baby Boomer and a Gen X'er IfYou're Lost Between a Baby Boomer and a Gen X'er If: Want to feel old? Read this. 

Write 6 NumbersWrite 6 Numbers: You've seen them before. Write six numbers. Next to number 1, write . . . Well, I don't want to give this one away. You'll have to take the test.

Across the Web

AutoDave! The Automated Dave Barry Column GeneratorAutoDave! The Automated Dave Barry Column Generator: Absolutely hilarious! You've got to try this out. (The rumor is that Dave has seen this and likes it!) 

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humor, laughter, jokes, humorous stories, y2k humor, technology humor, technology jokes, computer humor, computer jokes . . . humor, laughter, jokes, humorous stories, y2k humor, technology humor, technology jokes, computer humor, computer jokes