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The Backwoods Guide to Computer Lingo

Dictionary of Technology for Country Folk

The information that formerly appeared on this page is part of a copyrighted book entitled The Backwoods Guide to Computer Lingo by Dave Nilsen.

It has been removed in accordance with my standard policies.


Some of the material that I post on my site comes to me via email from friends and colleagues and through email lists. And, some of the material that circulates the internet is, in fact, copyrighted material.

Before I post such material, I attempt to identify the author or original work.

When, and if, I identify an original author or original work, I do not put the material on my site. And, if the email I received was circulated through a list, I frequently post my findings to the list so that others will know the true origins of the material.

Failing to find an author or copyright holder is an indication that the material is part of the internet lore and is in the public domain. But it is not a guarantee. Identifying authors and copyright holders is difficult.

Whenever I post such material on my site, I post it with a notice encouraging anyone and everyone who has information to contact me. I have even created a special email address within my personal domain to receive such notices so that I can take prompt and responsive action.

Whenever I receive notice that I have posted copyrighted material, I immediately work to remove the material and to credit the author.

That is what happened in this case.

This Case

On Saturday, 21.Apr.2001, Mrs. J. D. Nilson addressed an email to my special notification address. She advised that the material was purloined from that book.

Within an hour of the receipt of her email, I had removed the material from my site, responded to her email to advise her of the removal and requested that she review the page to confirm that action.

Mrs. Nilson wrote back to say:

Just checked your site . . . . Thank you. . . . We appreciate you putting our book on your website, and explaining what happened.

The Principles

Being an author myself, I work to respect authors' rights.

I am proud of this respect for authors' rights and I regret this error regarding Dave Nilsen's book.

One Last Thought

If you would like to find out more about this book, click the picture above, or click here, to go to Amazon.com where you can read about the book and even order it.

Feel free to link to this page. Please see my linking tips. If you reference or circulate this material, I appreciate a reference both to the site name (James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door) and to the URL of this page so that others may see this notice about my use of this material.

I didn't write all the stuff on this page. I got it, in part, from email and/or newsgroup postings. Efforts to identify a copyright holder were unsuccessful and it may be anonymous or in the public domain.  If you have any information to the contrary, and particularly if you are the original author or copyright holder, please notify me. To send me notices about this information, please see my DMCA page and also my Disclaimers, Copyrights & Other Legal Stuff page. This site seeks use permission from copyright holders and will not post if permission is denied. Whenever ownership information is obtained, I promptly correct the page (as I did on this page.)

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culturally challenged, dictionary of technology for country folk . . . culturally challenged, dictionary of technology for country folk