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Write the Numbers 1 through 6 - - - Photo of a pencil in a hand writing on a pad - - - original photo from Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live
Write the Numbers One Through Six

You must follow the rules on this one exactly, otherwise it won't work.

It's really scary how this works out.

No cheating!!


First, get a pen and paper.

Second, write the numbers one through six down the left side of the page.

Next to number one, write any number.

Next to number two, write the name of someone to whom you are really attracted. 

Next to number three, write the first color you can think of.

Next to number four, write the name of your first pet.

Next to number five and six write the name of a family member.


Remember . . . no cheating

When you are finished, scroll down.






Keep scrolling down.






Just a bit more scrolling.






You are almost there.






Here are the answers.

The number next to number one shows how many times you should be whacked upside the head for thinking that stupid tests like this actually mean anything!

The person named next to number two is someone who will never go out with you if they find out you're stupid enough to waste your time on something like this.

The color you picked means nothing. It's a color for cryin' out loud!

Number four gives you the name of a dead animal.

Numbers five and six represent family members who are embarrassed to be related to you.


Pass this on to everyone you know, so they can feel like a schmuck, too.


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6 numbers, six numbers, write numbers, puzzle numbers . . . 6 numbers, six numbers, write numbers, puzzle numbers