Huggins Email Form Script

Huggins' Email Form Script -

A Free PHP Email Script that Doesn't Require You to Know Anything At All About PHP

Version 2.2.4, 21.Jul.2012
User Manual 5.01.062 updated 01.Feb.2013

Important: If you are using the script or are considering using the script, be sure to sign up for the HEFS Bulletin. I use this email list to notify users of bug fixes and new versions. I promise not to burden you with lots of emails.  

What Is It?

Huggins' Email Form Script is a free PHP script to process Web Forms, specifically those forms which accept information and send an email with that information back to the webowner/webmaster.

Examples to Look At

To see an example designed for this site, GO HERE.

To see an example of a "short page" I am currently using on one of my personal sites, GO HERE.

Why This Script?

It is ideal for people who don't know how to write a script, don't want to use a script that exposes their email to spambots, want more features than their current script offers or who are were using FrontPage Server extensions which are going/have gone away.

How Free Is it?

It is completely free - no monetary cost.

Some who wish to express their thanks sometimes contribute to a cause I may be supporting then or make a contribution to my tip jar. But there is no obligation to do so.

I do request three "textual" compliances:

  1. A simple, small, short, "visible credit line" on the form submission page;
  2. An HTML credit line within the HTML for that page to help others find the script; and
  3. Textual credit information at the bottom of the error reporting page.

But those 3 are the only such requirements. You can see all these on one of the"short form pages" I am currently using on one of my personal sites.

In other words, very free. Very, very, very free.

But What If I Want Help?

Some have asked for my help "installing" this on their site. So, now I offer that. For $100.00 I'll do a simple basic install on your site. Only if you want it.

 It is still completely free for you to do it yourself.

(Why $100 you ask? I used to do it for $25.00 and it took me less than 1/2 hour. But the last three "clients" required more than 2 hours each (because of the need to coach them, teach them, debug their hosting service, and, in one case to help the client to move hosts and generally do lots more than put up the page). So while I'm a slow learner, I do learn and I have raised my price to reflect my billing rate.)

What Do You Need to Know to Use This Script?

In general, you need to know:

  1. How to construct a web form; or, at least how to modify the one I give you;
  2. How to download and expand a Zip file;
  3.  How to upload a file to your web server;
  4.  How to make simple HTML changes.

What Does My Web Host Need to Use this Script?

To use this script, your web host must provide the ability to process PHP 5. It must support at least PHP 5.1 (released 24.Nov.2005).

A Special Host Caution

NB: Full functionality of HEFS Version 2.1.0 and later requires PHP 5.1.0 (24-Nov.2005) or later. Prior versions of this script could run with PHP4. However, PHP4 has now become obsolete". Full functionality of this and all future versions will require PHP 5.1.0 or later. If you do not have this version of PHP, the basic functions of the script may work but some advanced features (e.g., the error template page) will not function. Please be sure to check your host. PHP Version 5.1.0 has been out for almost 7 years but some hosts were taking their time.

How Do I Find Out What Version A Host Supports?

You can visit their website and check there. You can email them and ask. You can call them and ask. (Some have a toll free number for tech support. If they don't, then call their 800 for Sales (don't tell them you are already a customer) and ask them. Or, if you prefer, just email me and I'll find out for you.

Are there Hosts that Are a Problem?

Yes. I document these in the script documentation. I also have an excerpt of that section of the documentation you can download by itself. See below.

 How Easy is the Script to Use?

To use the minimal functionality of the script, you must:

  1. Download the Script Package
    The script comes packaged in a Zip file. This file contains the script, the User Manual, and additional files to help you. You must download this file onto your PC. (I recommend downloading it into its own folder.) Then you must expand the Zip file to have access to all the individual files.
  2. Build a Web Form with the Script Parameters
    While this script does not build the web form for you, it does come with a basic model to start you off. Many people find that the basic model is more than enough for them. You may use any tool you like to build or modify that form (e.g., Expression Web). If you need help I have an an ebook tutorial on the creation of HTML Email Formsfor a small fee. See the end of this page. (You can even get it free if you join Cricket's Tech Training Class. Again, see the end of this page.) You will need to make small changes to the sample web forms, but the documentation will guide you thru that.
  3. Upload the Script and the Web Form to Your Server
    You will need to use your FTP program and/or your web development tool (e.g., Expression Web) to copy the Script File and the Web Form from your PC to your server. Note that you never ever need to make changes to the Script File.

That's it. Pretty simple.

But What If I Want to Use All the Fancy Features?

Well, that depends. Lots of the fancy features, not all, but lots, are included in the basic model forms.

For example, the pre-made forms already protect you against spambots harvesting your email address. They also stop spambots from using the forms to spam you.

They already check to be sure that email addresses people enter in your form are legal email addresses.

In fact, many, many people use the sample forms with almost no changes, but you can make all the changes you want.

All the other changes require just adding parameters. You don't have to add them. But you can.

Again, pretty simple. Remember, you never ever need to touch the PHP code (the script itself).

Summary Version Information

Software Version        Release Date***         Document Versions*
2.2.5   28.Sep.2013
2.2.4   21.Jul.2012
2.2.3   01.Aug.2010   5-01-059
2.2.2   08.May.2009/
2.2.2   08.May.2009   5-01-055
2.2.1   26.Dec.2008   5-01-053
2.2.0   09.Nov.2008   5-01-051
2.1.2   07.Nov.2008   5-01-050**
2.1.1   15.Aug.2008   5-01-049   14.Aug.2008   5-01-048   06.Jul.2008   5-01-047
2.1.0   05.Jul.2008   5-01-044
2.1.0 BETA 3   06.Jun.2008   5-01-037
2.1.0 BETA 2   18.May.2008   5-001-033
2.1.0 BETA 1   15.Feb.2008   5-001-032
2.0.1 03.Apr.2007 same
2.0.0   02.Apr.2007   5-001-030
1.2a 11.Oct.2006
1.2   05.Oct.2006    
1.1   03.Oct.2006    
1.0   Nov.2005    
*In the new numbering system, the middle number is reduced to
two digits; Missing editions were used for private review
**The number was changed and version numbers were changed
but no substantive changes were made.
***When two dates are shown the first date is the date of the software
release and the second date is the date of the documentation release

The Current Distribution Package
Version 2.2.5, 28.Sep.2013
User Manual 5-01-064 updated 03.Nov.2013

To get this stuff, Right Click on the link and then choose Save As or Save Target As. If you left click you may have problems. Please download all files and keep them in an easy to find location. We recommend creating a dedicated folder for these files.