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This page displays some of the generous testimonials I have received from users, who have granted me permission to display their testimonial on my site. I thank each and every one of them.

September 29th 2013 05:32:55 AM
Roy E. Klienwachter
BC Canada

Not used to this kind of good service!

have created more than a dozen website of my own and for clients. I am using other email scripts and have never been satisfied with how they work and the lack of support. I chanced up James Script doing a search on Google. It was easy to install and partially worked. I notified James and his response was immediate. The issue was cleared up right away. I am not used to this kind of support. He is a stickler for detail. Thank you James, I will be using your script on my other sites as well.


Roy E. Klienwachter
[link to my guestbook where the original testimonial is]

Follow up notes:
Resolution did take a while. I was eventually able to convince his host that the issue was in their server configuration and, with much apology for mis-judging the error, they "added appropriate entries on php.ini file" which corrected the hiccup along with a couple related problems as yet undiscovered by me or Roy. The entire episode took about 40 minutes of online chat, but it is now fixed and if the error crops up again, I'll know better how to help out.   JSH

Dear James S. Huggins,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you so very much for your Huggins’ Email Form Script.

This product is very well designed, easy to use and works!

Being the only IT person with the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners when it came time to rebuild our website I knew I needed something easy to maintain and that would work. When I found your product I just couldn’t believe that it was free. I have over 10 forms on our website that uses your Email Form Script and I never have to worry about them.

The setup was so easy that I was even able to spend a little time performing some extra styling to the forms.

The forms have helped save time with staff since they no longer have to email back in forth to obtain missing information and it allows us to respond to request faster.

When I did contact you with questions I could not believe how fast you
responded and how willing you were to help.

If you are looking for an Email Form Script LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

Thank you for providing this wonderful product and support. You have made
my life so much easier.

Here are a few of the forms from our website:

Carl Martin
Network/System Administrator
Alabama Board of Medical Examiners
[link to letterhead testimonial]

I was having a problem finding an e-mail Form Script that wasn’t difficult to use or understand.

After reading about Huggins' Free e-mail Form Script on Cheryl Wise’s Expression Web Forum I went to his Web Site and downloaded the Script Files along with the User Manual which is quite extensive.

Well to keep it short I was able to modify the Scripts and load them to my Web Site after relocating the Site to a Hosting Service that supported pure PHP.

This was done through the outstanding support from James Huggins.

He went far beyond what I expected from a tech support point of view. His concern with my problem was genuine and his guidance in getting the script on the new Hosting Service was greatly appreciated.

If you are looking for an e-mail Form Script to use you cannot get a better one than Huggins' Free e-mail Form Script and the best Tech Support I ever received.

I cannot say thank you enough for James assistance.

I have used the form on and am in the process of placing it on my other Web Sites

Ron Childs, Real Time Marketing Inc.

I have once before written a testimonial thanking James for all the hard work he has done to help many other other people and also in sharing his time and knowledge to enable many people to use his excellent work for free.

Since I last wrote I have had to contact James once again due to me wanting to modify my contact form. It is because of this I feel compelled to write once again thanking James and 'singing his praises'! From my initial contact James once again replied within the hour and he has patiently stuck with me for around 4 days while I rectified my problem.

When I cannot do something I want to know the reason why and rather than James just rectifying the problem he has walked me through each step while giving me guidance, which meant that I needed to study the code and ultimately learn what it all meant. If I got stuck and could not go any further he would then explain what I needed to do.

I can not thank him enough for his patience, knowledge and help. If you genuinely want a form that works and does what it says then you definately have to use the Huggins Script. His manual may not be to everyone's taste but it is nowhere near as daunting as it first looks. To get a basic form working is very very easy and with James's support no one could ask for anything more.

Once again, thank you James.

Charles Archer, Director

The Huggins’ Email Form Script is an amazingly easy solution for very flexible and customizable PHP contact forms. As soon as my team and I took a look at it, we were sold – except IT’S FREE!! We are not PHP developers and don’t intend to be PHP experts any time soon. This extremely well written and flexible script has kept us out of the business of having to do that. What’s more, we were very happily surprised to find out that, not only does James fully support his product, but he is dedicated to helping folks make sure that it works for them. We received replies for information within minutes…fantastic customer service!!

Lane Gifford

JHuggins' Email Scriptworks like a charm! It appears to be 'bulky' until you understand that only a few tweaks make it work for you. The Script is easy to implement - just read the instructions . But like all instructions, it's best if the designer of them were right there guiding you, and here is where the support is fantastic. If you need help, you can easily get friendly patient assistance by phone and/or email personally from James.

Because of this I recommend trying his brilliantly written free script; brilliant because of the checks and cross checks it automatically does so that when you get email, it's legitimate and cross checked for malicious code.

Thanks James for all your help. 

Bill Sinclair

Hi James,

I want to thank you for your Email Form Script and sharing your expertise with the world. I’m a complete novice where building websites is concerned and am still in the throes of coming to grips with Microsoft expression. It was on the expression forums that I discovered the existence of the Huggins Email Form Script when I needed to set up a secure email form for a website that I’m developing. That’s when the fun started.

I must admit I found your documentation a little daunting at first, until I stopped ‘skimming’ and started to follow the structure and logic of what you were trying to present in your manual.  It’s comprehensive, it’s clear and unambiguous, and it lead me carefully through the building process. It all fell into place nicely and I surprised myself at how quickly I was able to have a working email form set up, tested and running. 

Now here’s the biggest surprise of all. When I struck a problem that I wasn’t able to resolve, on the verge of abandoning the Huggins solution I decided to contact you on the off chance you might respond. I was delighted and grateful to receive a level of support from you that was prompt, effective, and personal. Indeed, as a senior manager in the high end computer industry for many years in Australia, I have rarely come across such enthusiasm and commitment to getting a client’s problem resolved in the quickest possible time...and you don’t even know me!

Thank you again, James. The Huggins Email Form Script is a great ‘product’ that’s professionally supported and easy to implement. Needless to say I’ll be using it again in future projects, and of course I will ensure I don’t miss an opportunity to recommend it to anyone with whom the subject of secure web forms is raised.

Vic Kenney
Asia Pacific Technical Support Manager (Retired)
Safety Beach, Melbourne, Australia

Here's what I told my Dreamweaver Class, and anyone that will listen. I also use the form for our Curling Club's Contact page. And club members love it!

You'll find really good tools to make forms in Dreamweaver. You'll find excellent extensions too. You can even find terrific wizards or form generators on-line, like Accessify's quick form builder.

But, none of them tell you how to implement the form without incurring a lot of spam, how to make the form secure, and make it actually work to deliver to you usable and understandable information. Most importantly it's the connection you need between you and your clients.

Except for Huggins' Free e-mail Form Script!

At first, the contents in the Huggins' Form Mail folder look's intimidating and hard to install, but it isn't at all. Just read the "manual" and follow the instructions. If you have a problem and you contact James, he will respond and help you find the answer you need! Fantastic! Search no further!

Here's two examples of a simple contact form:

Thanks James!

Garry Stasiuk
Nov 2010

Hello James,

Like some others, I found your script through Google. To be honest, I was kinda wary of it because of previous failures with properly setting up an email form. After some trial and failure, finally got the hang of it and it worked like a charm ever since. What impressed me so much out of the learning process is your documentation. The amount of information it packed has helped me enormously to understand how the script and its setting work. I most definitely recommend it to others.

Leo Lin
G2 Orbital Complex - 1:6 Custom Action Figure Portal
Jun 2009


I want to thank you for all your help and time. I am new to designing and the guy I host with said that if I ever want to be a Web Master I would need to know the information located at your sight. After checking it out and getting all the necessary documents I was a bit overwhelmed and confused; when I contacted you I was amazed at the customer service you provide. Mine is not a small or simple form by any means and I am just awestruck at the time and effort you put forth on this for someone you don't even know. If you would like to use the site as an example of what can be done with this Form Script please feel free -

Once again I want to thank you for a job well done.

Maria Borneman
JAFEICA Publishing, Inc
Office Manager
(and one day Web Master)
Mar 2009


I want to thank you for your continuing work on the form script.

Like many others, I was left somewhat adrift when FrontPage extensions began disappearing from servers. Having switched to Expression Web, I knew that I could continue on a limited basis on selected servers, but needed to locate a more permanent solution. Of interest, perhaps, is that I found your script listed along with several others on Microsoft's expression discussion forum.

Naturally, I investigated all of the listed scripts along with several others that I located independently. And none of them come close to the Huggins' Email Form Script:

1. The customizations available to developers are absolutely superior.
2. The documentation with the script is not only complete and comprehensive, but also well written.
3. The personal support that you provide when questions do arise is prompt, specific, and very helpful.

In short, this is an absolutely superior package. I am proud to be a client and happy to provide the reference to others.

Thank you again for your hard work.

Dr. Lynn eubank
Toulouse School of Graduate Studies
University of North Texas

Nov 2008

NB: this testimonial comes from Bob Walto who discovered a problem and communicated it to me.

Thank you so much for your very prompt attention to this and for resolving it so quickly. I was pretty darn sure that it was an error on my part, but it was a very pleasant experience to review this error with you and determine the error was in the script. You have done an excellent job of delivering a very useful script, and your commitment to delivering quality is very much evident in the service you provide.

Bob Walto

Nov 2008

Hi James,

I  now have all three of my web site forms converted to your email script. The other two were easy for me to do after getting the first one up and running. I am a happy camper.

Attached is a "formal" thank you. I sincerely thank you. Your script is exactly what I needed and what thousands of other FrontPage users are looking for no doubt. The fact that I do not write code and could actually get your script up and running on my web site says a lot about your script. It is truly wonderful. Your documentation and online example and form tutorial made it all understandable.

Here are the links for my three forms: and you already saw: 

Our library usually receives requests from 2 of the 3 forms every day. I am the Interlibrary Loan librarian and I am happy to say that I rarely get requests via the article request form since this is not the type of stuff our patrons are usually looking for - but it's there for people that might need it and is used occasionally. But the other two forms get lots of use.

Thanks again.

Betty Beatty
Oct 2008

I appreciate everything you have done to help me to get a form ready.

Vietta Helmle

Aug 2008

Hi Jim

I successfully implemented your .PHP e-mail Form Script on several of my Web Sites and it works great.

I use 1&1 Web Hosting and they suddenly abandoned Front Page Forms and I am not a programmer. Therefore I was hung out to dry big time.

Your PHP Script saved my *ss.

Anyway, do you accept $ compensation/gratuities? If so, I'll send you a few bucks if you tell me where to send the check.


Edgar Sewall
Arlington, MA 02474
Aug 2008

Hi James

I implemented your pseudo-captcha on a website who was getting >20 spams/day via contact us form. Now it is zero. Thanks.

Doug DePrenger 
Smartlab Software, LLC.
Jul 2008

When I received word from our host that they were phasing out support of FrontPage extensions I switched to Expression Web. I tried EW's Form Wizard but as rumored I too found it to be lacking, so I began looking for a third party form script.

We have 15 FrontPage-created webs with various types of mail forms, tutorial feedback, surveys, registration forms, and questionnaires.

I tried the Tectite email form but discovered that they "guide" one to a paying subscription by not answering questions on their forum once they have you hooked. Then I tried James' script and what a difference the over all experience has been.

What I appreciate most, beside the fact that it caters to script/coding semi-illiterates like myself, (it's virtually copy-paste) is that I have the experience that James is committed to service. I marvel at his immediate implementations of edit suggestions, it makes me feel like I'm part of his project.

Kerrith H. (Kerry) King
Leadership-Relationship Communication Skills Coach
President, Community Communications
July 2008

By the way, your documentation is outstanding.

Clo Knibbe

I was looking for a simple mailscript, found your massive script, got impressed and now as a result I use your script for a very tiny little email form. And I find myself reading the huge manual (which i normally avoid at all cost) just for fun.   ;) Good work!



Thanks for creating the Email Form Scriptv 2.0.1.

I was told about it by Ernie Secrest, who hosts my sites.

It is fantastic, and the [manual] is well-written and very helpful.

I just completed implementing your script on a site, and will definitely be using it on others (except for the one on GoDaddy, which I found disallows the php mail function).

I have a link back to your site so others will find out about it, too.

Joyce Cimbalista
Web Site Design

Dear James,

I am writing to say how much I appreciate your e-mail form script.

When I decided to set up a site for my husband, I had no idea what HTML code was, thought that CSS and SEO might be acronyms for certain illnesses and fell in to despair when I realized that I would need to put an e-mail form on the contact page. In short, I was a complete and total novice.

I do not know what I would have done without your script. It is simple to use, but when my lack of experience led me to make stupid mistakes you very patiently helped me to understand what I needed to do to install the form.

I have been very happy with the form and very, very grateful for your support. You have truly helped us to set up a site that works. My husband is an artist and, in a few short months, the form has been the bearer of commissions, two exhibitions in London and Portugal and virtually no spam at all.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your script to anyone, no matter what their level of experience or expertise. If I can install and use it, anyone can.

Thank you again for your kindness in providing the script and for your thorough and patient support.

Lorraine Davison

Mr. Huggins ...

Things are going very well with [the script] you provided...

So well that the Scoutmaster will not accept any other communications for a Conference that does not come through this form. Thanks again...

Thomas J. Casey
Boy Scout Troop 152

I found you on Google. Thanks a bunch! I have been trying to get someone help me set up a form for 2 weeks. With your [script and manual] I did it in one evening. Thanks,

Philip Matthews

Mr. Huggins,

I have been looking for a program or script that would handle the forms I put on my web sites, and I have tried quite a few with some limited success, but mostly problems causing wasted time, energy, and money. Your “Huggins’ Email Form Script” is simply the best script I have found. My only problem is that I did not find it in 1994 or 95 when I first started doing my site.

Of course Microsoft’s “Front Page” with their “extensions” would handle some of what your script does, but I have tried to move away from that monopoly and do the “coding” myself. The only reason I used “Front Page” was the fact that they could handle a rather simple form. Now that I have found your script, I am completely free to do as I want, and your program puts very little limitations on what I can only dream about incorporating in any of my forms.

Thank you so much for this script. It really is the answer I have been looking for 12 years or so.

Jim P. Bryan
Allendale, SC USA

For several reasons, I resolved to move away from requiring the FrontPage Server extensions on my site. One of the things that had been locking me to the FPSe, however, was the inability to find a reasonably secure and easy-to-use replacement for the email form handler. HEFS proved to be the solution to my needs, and, while I still use FrontPage to manage my site, I have managed to eliminate any need for the FPSe, and can now use reputable hosting services that I had to disregard previously because of the lack of FPSe support. Thanks for this!

Jeff Zeitlin
Editor, Freelance Traveller

The electronic Fan-Supported Traveller® Resource

before Nov.2007

Dear James,

I am using your Email Form Scripton every one of my sites and a site I manage for a commercial furniture stores. I use the script for both a contact form on all sites and as a family group sheet on my genealogy site. I even use it on one of my sites that does not support PHP by referring to the script on another of my sites. The script works just as advertised and you have provided great documentation and tech support. It also works well to use it as an include to insert where needed and I can tell exactly which page the form came from.

I appreciate the fact that you continue to work to improve the form and quickly fix any bugs that are found. I do not hesitate to recommend your Email Form Scriptto anyone who needs to provide forms on their site.

Thanks you for all you do for us.

Pat Geary
before Nov.2007


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your program. I had been posting in several forums my issue with getting a form mail program to work. You stepped forward and offered yours for FRee but better than that, you were willing to hand-hold me thru the whole process of getting it installed, set up and working. You took hours to help me, talking with my hosting tech support to try to resolve problems and going the extra mile to help me. You have been there after "normal" business hours to work with me to get my clients a reliable way of processing the forms they need for their websites.

I can not thank you enough...words are not enough. I will sing your praises and point people to you at every opportunity.

My Sincere Thanks,

Debi Carpadus
Founder/ Senior Designer
Bright Hope Designs
4001 Bright Hope Mine Rd,
 Kelsey, CA 95667
Office: 530-295-3351
Cell: 530-409-6577 
 Fax: 530-622-4191
before Nov.2007

Read the documentation yesterday and find it very easy to implement. Besides hiding the email address, I especially like the ability to send the email to more than one address. This could allow me to send to an alternate Gmail account  where I can automatically archive all the messages.

before Nov.2007

IMHO it is a great script and I know it is going to resolve some major issues with our online adoption application.

L. Harral
before Nov.2007

I never expected a free e-mail program to come with personalized help from the programmer, but that's exactly what I got. Our dog rescue group works with all-volunteer help and James came through for us when we changed servers and needed a new e-mail program to power our adoption application. He even took the time to ask what modifications to the code and documentation would be useful to us. He may be a Windows guru, but he lives with the spirit of Open Source. Thank you so much, James.

Catherine de la Cruz
Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California, Inc
before Nov.2007

The Huggins' Email Form Scripthas been a lifesaver for me! I use it in a number of areas on my site to send email notifications and collect information. It is so easy to use - the documentation is impeccably written and easy to follow. Kudos, James!

Alicia Staz
before Nov.2007

I have been looking for a form in PHP to move from FrontPage Forms, something I've put off for far too long. When I heard about James' form I was really happy. Not only does it work as advertised, knowing James, I knew that any bug, would be instantly looked at, that he would strive to improve it, and not only that, make it do things normally one would have to pay thousands for. I've recommended James' form to many others and use it on all new sites, and will change over each of my sites as I get time. I cannot recommend his form highly enough. I can only hope that James continues with this enterprise for a long time to come. I intend to encourage him all the way.

Tina Clarke
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
before Nov.2007

I started to write my own PHP email submittal form but found yours. After finding out about your excellent reputation, I decided to use it instead. It is more than fully featured and well supported. Thanks, James.

Doug DePrenger
Co-owner of Smartlab Software, LLC.
before Nov.2007

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL


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