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ephemerae: 2002


Saturday, 23.Nov.2002

How to Stop a Heart Attack By YourselfHow to Stop a Heart Attack By Yourself: Can coughing save your life? Or is this just another dangerous urban legend? Find out how an email is forwarding very misleading medical information. ««»»

Macon Area Online.com (21.Nov.2002), "Letter-Ever Feel Like Your having A Heart Attack?"Macon Area Online.com (21.Nov.2002) , "Letter-ever Feel Like Your having A Heart Attack?": An email from Darlene Jantzen to this news site continues the cough story.  ««»»

Detroit Free Press (22.Nov.2002), "Spam king lives large off others' e-mail troubles"Detroit Free Press (22.Nov.2002) , "Spam king lives large off others' e-mail troubles": An article about Alan Ralsky, one of the world's major spammers, including his new 8,000 square foot luxury home.  ««»»

Cloudmark.comCloudmark.com: Creators of SpamNet (originally called Vipul's Razor). SpamNet (first described in emphemerae back in September, is a cooperative effort to filter spam. It is only available if you use Windows 2000 or Windows XP and only if you using Outlook (not Outlook express). But if you fit those parameters, you should check it out. It is filtering more than 50% of my spam and has very few "false positives". The kinks aren't all worked out yet, but so far, I like it. ««»»

InfoWorld (22.Nov.2002), "Ethics Matters: Pentagon Data Mining: Just Say No"InfoWorld (22.Nov.2002) , "ethics Matters: Pentagon Data Mining: Just Say No": Another editorial about the Office of Information Awareness run by John Poindexter and the Total Information Awareness project. This one draws on history and notes the massive collection of data amassed by the east German Stasi (secret police).  ««»»

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A17568-2002Nov20.htmlWashington Post TechNews.com (21.Nov.2002) , "Free Web Research Link Closed Under Pressure From Pay Sites": The private sector continues to make information less "free" and to extend control over information distribution. In this case, the energy Department has shut down a free web research site under pressure. ««»»

Washington Post (21.Nov.2002), "A Library for Young Browsers"Washington Post (21.Nov.2002) , "A Library for Young Browsers": How the International Children's Digital Library, a free public library, aims to change the world. ««»»

International Children's Digital LibraryInternational Children's Digital Library  ««»»

The Register (21.Nov.2002), "Prices are trade secrets - stores unite to make DMCA look stupid"The Register (21.Nov.2002) , "Prices are trade secrets - stores unite to make DMCA look stupid": Another bad use of the DMCA to restrict the free flow of information. ««»»

FatWallet.comFatWallet.com: The website being threatened through the law. ««»»

Cold War Era Civil Defense MuseumCold War era Civil Defense Museum: A very unusual and interesting site dedicated to the Civil Defense personnel of the United States who worked throughout the Cold War to try to protect the public from nuclear attack. I grew up in this era, and, in Boy Scouts, even received some "training". This is a great site. ««»»

Christian Science Monitor (21.Nov.2002), "Security Act to Pervade Daily Lives"Christian Science Monitor (21.Nov.2002) , "Security Act to Pervade Daily Lives": The Homeland Security Act will have many consequences. Some are intended. Some, perhaps many, will be unintended. ««»»

AlterNet.org (19.Nov.2002), "The Homeland Security Monstrosity"AlterNet.org (19.Nov.2002) , "The Homeland Security Monstrosity": This article, by Ron Paul, provides some of the objections to the act. ««»»


Tuesday, 19.Nov.2002

NY Times (09.Nov), "Pentagon Plans a Computer System That Would Peek at Personal Data of Americans"NY Times (09.Nov) , "Pentagon Plans a Computer System That Would Peek at Personal Data of Americans": An initial article about the Office of Information Awareness run by John Poindexter and the Total Information Awareness project. (You remember Poindexter. He was the guy who lied to Congress and said it was his duty to lie to Congress.) ««»»

Newsweek (15.Nov), "Big Brother Goes to Washington"Newsweek (15.Nov) , "Big Brother Goes to Washington": A privacy expert explains how the government could use a new security law to spy on Americans. ««»»

NY Times (14.Nov), "You Are a Suspect"NY Times (14.Nov) , "You Are a Suspect": A biting editorial by William Safire about the Office of Information Awareness. ««»»

NY Times (18.Nov), "A Snooper's Dream"NY Times (18.Nov) , "A Snooper's Dream": NY Times editorial on the Total Information Awareness system proposed by John Poindexter. ««»»

Washington Post (15.Nov), "Total Information Awareness"Washington Post (15.Nov) , "Total Information Awareness": Washington Post editorial on the Total Information Awareness system proposed by John Poindexter. ««»»

Information Awareness Office: Total Information AwarenessInformation Awareness Office: Total Information Awareness: The description of the system on the government website. ««»»

NY Times (18.Nov), "Appeals Panel Reverses Limits Placed on Justice Dept. Wiretaps"NY Times (18.Nov) , "Appeals Panel Reverses Limits Placed on Justice Dept. Wiretaps": A federal appeals court convened to review a secret wiretap court, orders the lower court to reverse its decision. It says that the Justice Department has the authority to spy more on Americans. Privacy advocates were generally disappointed. ««»»

Washington Post (18.Nov), "Justice Department Wins Wiretap Ruling"Washington Post (18.Nov) , "Justice Department Wins Wiretap Ruling": The Washington Post article on the appeals court ruling. ««»»

CBSNews.com (18.Nov), "Feds Get Wide Wiretap Authority"CBSNews.com (18.Nov) , "Feds Get Wide Wiretap Authority": The CBS article on the appeals court ruling. ««»»

The Observer (17.Nov.2002), "Surgical tags plan for sex offenders"The Observer (17.Nov.2002) , "Surgical tags plan for sex offenders": Britain considers requiring sex offenders to have an implanted chip that would continuously monitor not only their whereabouts, but also their heart rate and blood pressure. ««»»

RFID Journal (11.Nov), "New Direct-to-Textile Washable Tag"RFID Journal (11.Nov) , "New Direct-to-Textile Washable Tag": An article about the development of identification tags that can uniquely identify articles of clothing. Imagine walking back into the store and having them know that you bought the underwear you are wearing just yesterday, from their sister store across town. ««»»

National Post (18.Nov.2002), "No illegal throws or you'll be disqualified"National Post (18.Nov.2002) , "No illegal throws or you'll be disqualified": Did you ever play Rock-Paper-Scissors? Did you know that there was an International Rock Paper Scissors Society? Did you know that they just had their first open international championship? ««»»


Monday, 18.Nov.2002

CreditsCredits: Information about the source of the photographs I use on my site. This page has been substantially enlarged because of the addition to my site of many photographs from individual photographers.  ««»»

Washington Post (15.Nov.2002), "Wronged Side of the Tracks?"Washington Post (15.Nov.2002) , "Wronged Side of the Tracks?": Because of increased fear of terrorist attacks threats against America, local law enforcement and the railroads are questioning railfans - people who like to watch and photograph trains - even as the Federal Railroad Administrator admits that they could be "a real value". ««»»

Cost of Living CalculatorCost of Living Calculator: Want to see how your current salary compares to your old salary? This tool lets you compare old to new for major metropolitan areas across the US. It includes an explanation of how it works. ««»»


Wednesday, 04.Sep.2002

Best Things in LifeBest Things in Life: A list of the best things in life.  ««»»

Inspirations for the DayInspirations for the Day: A few inspirations for your day. ««»»

Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference: A story about making a difference.  ««»»

Sir Edmund Hillary — Still GrowingSir edmund Hillary — Still Growing: Sir edmund Hillary is famous for climbing Mt. Everest. When asked why, he gave the famous reply, "Because it was there". What many do not know is that Sir Hillary did not make it to the top of everest the first time he tried.  ««»»

Things I've LearnedThings I've Learned: A list of life's lessons.  ««»»

The Price of LibertyThe Price of Liberty: On July 4, 1776 (give or take a day or two) 56 men pledged: "For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." Do you know who they were? What ultimately happened to them? What sacrifices they made? — This page has been substantially revised because the story is not true. ««»»

American Journalism Review (Apr.2001), "The Real Computer Virus"American Journalism Review (Apr.2001) , "The Real Computer Virus": Carl M. Cannon discusses misinformation on the net.  ««»»

The Price They Paid (Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution)The Price They Paid (Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution): This page includes a detailed analysis of the story by Professor Brooke that shows just how wrong it is.  ««»»

Check Your NameCheck Your Name: You can enter your first and last name and find out how many people share your name.
[NB: This service is designed to help sell domain name registrations. If you do decide to register your domain name be sure to check out other registrars offering much cheaper registrations. I currently recommend NamECheap at http://www.NamECheap.com.]  ««»»

Washington Post (02.Sep.2002), "Debate Crystallizes on War, Rights"Washington Post (02.Sep.2002) , "Debate Crystallizes on War, Rights": A timely article on the debate about how much of our freedom we are willing to sacrifice to achieve more safety.  ««»»

CNN.com (31.Aug.2002), "The Holy Grail of Remote Controls"CNN.com (31.Aug.2002) , "The Holy Grail of Remote Controls": How many remote controls do you have? What would it be like if you really, truly, only need one . . . and if it could even turn on the coffee and adjust the thermostat.  ««»»


Sunday, 01.Sep.2002

Gary Power's HelmetGary Power's Helmet: Helmet worn by Francis Gary Powers, the pilot in the 1960 U-2 incident.  ««»»

NY Times (18.Aug.2002), "Licensed to Grill"NY Times (18.Aug.2002) , "Licensed to Grill": An delightful story about George Foreman and how the George Foreman grill became the best-selling kitchen appliance of all time and how it made a couple hundred million dollars for George. ««»»

Stanford Guidelines for Web CredibilityStanford Guidelines for Web Credibility: Ten simple guidelines, based on research of more than 4,500 people, to help you make your website more "credible". ««»»

SpamNetSpamNet: This is a new system/service from Cloudmark. It is a cooperative effort to filter spam. It is only available if you use Windows 2000 or Windows XP and only if you using Outlook (not Outlook express). But if you fit those parameters, you should check it out. It is filtering more than 50% of my spam and has very few "false positives". The kinks aren't all worked out yet, but so far, I like it. ««»»

Federal Computer Week (26.Aug.2002), "Survey: Fed Web Sites Still Need Work"Federal Computer Week (26.Aug.2002) , "Survey: Fed Web Sites Still Need Work": That headline is an understatement. "87 percent of federal Web sites fail to meet accessibility standards for people with disabilities, despite a 14-month-old law requiring them to do so. . . . only about half offered such useful items as downloadable forms; fewer still offered interactive forms and interactive databases. Only 12.8 percent offered e-commerce applications, and only 8.8 percent offered direct links to e-government services". The article uses the phrase "stone age" to describe "about half of all government sites". ««»»

ABCNews.com: 20/20 (30.Aug.2002), "Witches and Wizards"ABCNews.com: 20/20 (30.Aug.2002) , "Witches and Wizards": John Stossel reports on the banning of Harry Potter books. ««»»

Slate (27.Aug.2002), "The State Quarters: Why Are They So Ugly"Slate (27.Aug.2002) , "The State Quarters: Why Are They So Ugly":  "Most of the designs, usually chosen by a state commission appointed by the governor, are boring, timid, and cluttered—evidence of all that can go wrong when art is created by committee. They are also surprisingly revealing about the peculiar, parochial ways that states view themselves." ««»»

StateQuarters.comStateQuarters.com: Coin World's magnificent site about the state quarters. It has been tracking the issues since day one and is the best source of information on the topic. [The examples below are just two examples of the types of information on the site.] ««»»

Maine Artist Complains About Quarter DesignMaine Artist Complains About Quarter Design: One recent example of a story on StateQuarters.com. This one explains how the engravers at the Bureau of the Mint took one of the design entries for the Maine quarter and trashed it. ««»»

Maine residents select design for 2003 State quarter dollar — Controversy dogs Mint's rendition of conceptMaine residents select design for 2003 State quarter dollar — Controversy dogs Mint's rendition of concept: Another example of the controversy surrounding the mint's rendition of designs. This one explains how the changes made to the design are so severe, that the result is "wrong". ««»»

FTP for the PeopleFTP for the People: An excellent article about FTP: that thing you have to do to upload or download websites. While it has more info than many novice webmasters may want, it is easy to understand: even for people who think that really cool retracting tray in their desktop machine is a coffee cup holder. ««»»

NewsMax.com (29.Aug.2002), "Secret Documents: Hubbell Wanted Federal Access to Phones"NewsMax.com (29.Aug.2002) , "Secret Documents: Hubbell Wanted Federal Access to Phones": Seems that recently released documents indicate that Webster Hubbell, now convicted Rose office law partner of Hillary Clinton and then number two at the justice department, was on a project for Al Gore, Janet Reno and others, to help ensure that the government can continue to easily listen to your phone conversations.  ««»»

Jewish World Review (30.Aug.2002), "Enriching Survivors Was a Costly Mistake"Jewish World Review (30.Aug.2002) , "enriching Survivors Was a Costly Mistake": Columnist Jeff Jacoby argues that government gifts to the victims of the WTC terrorist attacks are both unnecessary and a dangerously bad precedent. ««»»

E-Mail Alert: Wash on Spin Cyclee-Mail Alert: Wash on Spin Cycle: How's this for a great idea: the washer in the laundry room emails you or phones you when it is done? Or how about being able to see if a washer is free by checking the net? Stupid idea? Well, stupid or not, it is real. ««»»

Bad Movie Hurts Jedi Down UnderBad Movie Hurts Jedi Down Under: More than 70,000 Australians and 50,000 New Zealanders consider themselves followers of the Jedi religion. But the latest movie's clarification that the religion means a "renouncement of social attachment, maintenance of chastity, and a pursuit of neo-Franciscan poverty" is thinning the ranks. And the country's census bureaus are pleased. ««»»


Saturday, 31.Aug.2002

Gary Power's Ejection SeatGary Power's ejection Seat: ejection seat from the 1960 Gary Powers U-2 incident. Wreckage is on display at the Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow. On 1 May 1960, U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers was shot down by the Soviets over Sverdlovsk. He was tried in August 1960, in a three-day open trial in Moscow and was sentenced to 10 years by the USSR Supreme Court's Military Cases Collegium. He spent 21 months in prison and was then exchanged in February 1962, for Soviet intelligence officer Rudolph Abel, who had been arrested in New York in 1957.  ««»»

International Spy MuseumInternational Spy Museum: There is a new museum in Washington, DC: the International Spy Museum. I haven't been, but based on their website, it is definitely "on the list".  ««»»

The Right to ReadThe Right to Read: This fictional story originally appeared in February, 1997. It describes the future, in 2096, when a combination of law and technology has combined to restrict our ability to read. For example, software monitors who and when each digital book is read. When written it was seen by many as hyperbole. Today, with congress having passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and introducing additional laws to extend the length and scope of copyright controls, people are beginning to realize that the story is not as far fetched as they originally thought.  ««»»

MSNBC (28.Aug.2002), "Destinations"MSNBC (28.Aug.2002) , "Destinations": It seems that it is now possible to board an aircraft without identification, provided you are willing to undergo additional searches.  ««»»

Techinformer (29.Aug.2002), "Sept. 11 Shakes European Civil Liberties, Critics Say"Techinformer (29.Aug.2002) , "Sept. 11 Shakes European Civil Liberties, Critics Say": Apparently, European citizens are losing their civil liberties both more and faster than those of us in the US. And also, it appears that the European public hasn't awakened to the legal changes being pushed through the European Parliament.   ««»»


Friday, 30.Aug.2002

Miscellaneous Cat StuffMiscellaneous Cat Stuff: This is a page begun to hold miscellaneous cat stuff. Little snippets that don't fit anywhere else. It also links to the cat humor in the humor section of my site.  ««»»

Guidelines for CatsGuidelines for Cats: ever wonder how cats know what to do? They have guidelines.  ««»»

Wired (18.Feb.2002), "Blah, Blah, Blah and Blog"Wired (18.Feb.2002) , "Blah, Blah, Blah and Blog": An article about blogging . . . writing in web logs. What was the trigger for this article? National Public Radio did a 3 minute story on how blogging is transforming journalism. ««»»

Windtalkers - The Story Behind the MovieWindtalkers - The Story Behind the Movie: This movie was a severe disappointment. It virtually ignored the code talkers and used them as a pretext for a film. This website provides much additional information. It links to hundreds of primary sources within the web sites of American universities, national archives, official military sites and Navajo-produced sites. This site was created after a year of careful research, and it has been approved by families of CodeTalkers. The purpose of the story is twofold: To honor the veterans and to address (and provide some answers) to the many questions people will have after they see the film. ««»»

All You Should Know About Navajo Code TalkersAll You Should Know About Navajo Code Talkers: An excellent page with lots of information and photos regarding the Navajo Code Talkers. Great stuff  ««»»


Wednesday, 05.Jun.2002

Wired News (04.Jun.2002), "ReplayTV Won't Quit, Won't Quit"Wired News (04.Jun.2002) , "ReplayTV Won't Quit, Won't Quit": Sonicblue is pressing forward to make their ReplyTV recording device. The entertainment industry doesn't like it.  ««»»

Fortune.com (27.May.2002), "This Is War – Should the computer industry protect Hollywood from digital theft?"Fortune.com (27.May.2002) , "This Is War – Should the computer industry protect Hollywood from digital theft?": This overview article has some questionable "facts". For example, it claims that "piracy" is responsible for the decline in music sales; that is clearly questionable. Several surveys indicate that people who sample MP3 are more likely to buy the CD. And other surveys suggest that a reason for the decline in music sales is that the price reductions promised when the CD was introduced never happened. But, overall it presents an interesting overview of the topic.  ««»»

ABCNews.com (04.Jun.2002), "Flipper Tries to Get Fresh: Swimmers Warned That Dolphin Off British Coast Is Eager to Mate"ABCNews.com (04.Jun.2002) , "Flipper Tries to Get Fresh: Swimmers Warned That Dolphin Off British Coast Is eager to Mate": Seems that a sexually frustrated dolphin is trying to lure unwary humans (normally females) out to sea to mate with them. ««»»

Wired (18.Feb.2002), "Try Living in the Wheel World"Wired (18.Feb.2002) , "Try Living in the Wheel World": Seems some Viennese architect firm has designed large "hamster wheels" you can live in. They rotate to change function. Some news isn't really news. It is just fun. This is just fun.  ««»»

The U-2The U-2: My brother was a U-2 pilot in the U. S. Air Force. Then he left to become a commercial pilot for United Airlines. Now he has returned to the Air Force to again fly the U-2. This is a page about his plane. This page had major additions today, 04.Jun, including several dozen additional links and links to U-2 books. ««»»


Tuesday, 04.Jun.2002

Weird SunsetWeird Sunset: At sundown, on Monday, 10.Jun.2002, much of the US and North America will be able to view a partial eclipse of the sun. This page from NASA provides some details, including specifics for different cities.  ««»»

The Public Voice in Internet Policy MakingThe Public Voice in Internet Policy Making: If you happen to be in Washington, DC on 22.Jun.2002, you might want to check out this symposium sponsored by the electronic Privacy Information Center (ePIC). ««»»

H2K2: The Fourth HOPE ConferenceH2K2: The Fourth HOPe Conference: In New York City, on 12-14.Jul.2002, the fourth HOPe (Hackers On Planet earth) Conference will be held. If you think all hackers are the same as crackers, or that hackers are bad people you may not understand. But take a look at the speakers at this event and you begin to understand that it is one of the important conferences about the important issues on the internet. ««»»

The New York Times (02.Jun.2002), "The Elderly Man and the Sea?"The New York Times (02.Jun.2002) , "The elderly Man and the Sea?": A story that irked me more than many lately. It seems that the people who prepare the New York State Regent's tests (that are required for public high school students to graduate) are changing classic literature used in the tests to make them more politically correct. The editors have removed almost all references to "race, religion, ethnicity, sex, nudity, alcohol, even the mildest profanity and just about anything that might offend someone for some reason." ««»»

Not RecommendedNot Recommended: As the web grows, a number of services are springing up. Many I can recommend. A few I cannot. This page identifies a few that I feel I cannot recommend, and explains why.  ««»»


Sunday, 02.Jun.2002

The New York Times (01.Jun.2002), "Wary of Risk, Slow to Adapt, F.B.I. Stumbles in Terror War"The New York Times (01.Jun.2002) , "Wary of Risk, Slow to Adapt, F.B.I. Stumbles in Terror War": "The F.B.I. is the greatest in the world at investigating a crime after it happened, but it is not equipped to prevent crimes." This quote, which closes the article, summarizes an expansive New York Times article on the FBI. ««»»

Newsweek (10.Jun.2002), "The Hijackers We Let Escape"Newsweek (10.Jun.2002) , "The Hijackers We Let escape": The CIA tracked two suspected terrorists to a Qaeda summit in Malaysia in January 2000, then looked on as they re-entered America and began preparations for September 11. This Newsweek "exclusive" looks at what may be "the worst intelligence failure of all". ««»»

What is Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?What is Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?: An explanation of the Myers-Briggs classification system. ««»»

HumanMetrics Online Personality TestHumanMetrics Online Personality Test: A free, online test based on the Jung - Myers-Briggs typology.  ««»»

The Personality ProjectThe Personality Project: A large site with lots of information about personality.  ««»»

The Sixteen Personality TypesThe Sixteen Personality Types: An explanation of the sixteen personality types in the Jung - Myers-Briggs typology. ««»»

U-2 GraphicsU-2 Graphics: I've added dozens (!) of graphics on my site related to the U-2. I've been very successful in locating many unclassified government photos of the U-2, including photos of the brand spanking new, electronic cockpit. In addition you can see many photos of the eR-2, NASA's civilian version of the Air Force U-2.  ««»»

U-2 Graphics ThumbnailsU-2 Graphics Thumbnails  ««»»

ER-2 Graphics ThumbnailseR-2 Graphics Thumbnails  ««»»

First Delivery of New U-2 CockpitFirst Delivery of New U-2 Cockpit  ««»»


Tuesday, 05.Mar.2002

FirstGovFirstGov: The General Services Administration has created this unified portal for government services. The first attempt received lots of criticism. The new FirstGov (early 2002) was redesigned to reduce the number of clicks required to navigate. You might check it out just to see what is there. ««»»

U-2 Photo: The Dragonlady LogoU-2 Photo: The Dragonlady Logo: The logo for the U-2 program: the Dragonlady.  ««»»

U-2 Photo: Gary Powers TrialU-2 Photo: Gary Powers Trial: In August 1960, Powers was subjected to a three-day open trial in Moscow. He was sentenced to 10 years by the USSR Supreme Court's Military Cases Collegium. Powers was exchanged in February 1962, however, for Soviet intelligence officer Rudolph Abel, who had been arrested in the United States.  ««»»


Monday, 04.Mar.2002

XXVote for the New M&Ms Color: Looks like there is gonna be a new M&M's color. The prediction is that it will be purple. Purple came in second to blue the last time we added a color. And, purple (actually violet) was a part of the original M&M's pack, before it was tossed out for tan in 1949.  ««»»

M&M's Site to VoteM&M's Site to Vote: Go here to vote. You can also buy whatever color of M&M's you want. Want 5 lbs of green? They can do that.  ««»»

Wired (21.Feb), "MS Media Player Tracks You"Wired (21.Feb) , "MS Media Player Tracks You": The Microsoft Media player . . . that software that plays your CDs and DVDs . . . keeps track of what the computer has played and tells Microsoft. This article explains the details. ««»»

Gilder.com/American Spectator (Jan/Feb.2002), "Ahead of the Curve"Gilder.com/American Spectator (Jan/Feb.2002) , "Ahead of the Curve": In 1974 Art Laffer "invented" the Laffer Curve. It showed that cutting the tax rate might actually increase tax revenue. (I remember when it happened.) This is a brief look back at the history and an interview with Art Laffer today.  ««»»

U-2 Photo: Soviet MRBM site in CubaU-2 Photo: Soviet MRBM Site in Cuba: Photo taken from a U-2 during the Cuba missile crisis in 1962.  ««»»

U-2 Photo: Khrushchev and Wreckage from the Gary Powers U-2U-2 Photo: Khrushchev and the Gary Powers U-2: Soviet leader Khrushchev and wreckage from the shootdown of the U-2 piloted by Francis Gary Power.  ««»»


Sunday, 03.Mar.2002

Houston Chronicle (01.Mar.2002), "Dell: Refusal to Sell Laptop to Gun Dealer a Mistake"Houston Chronicle (01.Mar.2002) , "Dell: Refusal to Sell Laptop to Gun Dealer a Mistake": An article about Jack Weigand's attempt to buy a PC from Dell. ««»»

Wired (28.Feb.2002), "Dell Proves a Bit Gun-Shy"Wired (28.Feb.2002) , "Dell Proves a Bit Gun-Shy": An article about Jack Weigans's attempt to buy a PC from Dell. ««»»

Weigand Combat Handguns, Inc.Weigand Combat Handguns, Inc.: Jack Weigand's site. ««»»

Weigand's Dell PageWeigand's Dell Page  ««»»

The Towboat and the BridgeThe Towboat and the Bridge: This page features a collection of pictures showing what happens when a drawbridge fails to open for a towboat pushing a large load of barges down (note: down) a fast flowing river. If I didn't see it, I wouldn't have believed it. ««»»

WorldTimeServer.comWorldTimeServer.com: This site offers a freeware Atomic Clock Sync utility to "ping" the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) atomic clock server to get the correct time and then to update your PC. It will update on your command and you can set it to update on a schedule. ««»»
This link was suggested by David Hatchuel CL, President eden-epsom Toastmasters, Club 4748, District 72, speak-up@ihug.co.nz, in response to the links from yesterday.
This link was added to my WebMastering page.


Saturday, 02.Mar.2002

Scientific American (13.Jul.2001), "Scientists Devise the World's Most Accurate Clock"Scientific American (13.Jul.2001) , "Scientists Devise the World's Most Accurate Clock": I'm obsessive about time. I call WWV in Fort Collins, Colorado to set my watch. I like knowing that my watch is "right". So any article about atomic clocks is fascinating to me. This article describes how scientists have created a new clock. The old one ticked every nanosecond. The new one ticks every femtosecond . . . Every quadrillionth of a second!  ««»»

Official U. S. Time Site: The website is shared by the Naval Observatory and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Want the exact time? Here it is.  ««»»

How Accidents HappenHow Accidents Happen: The supposedly true explanations of accidents from insurance reports.  ««»»


Friday, 01.Mar.2002

Washington Post (17.Jan.2002), "Talk: Singing in the Key of Me"Washington Post (17.Jan.2002) , "Talk: Singing in the Key of Me": Seems that a recent best-selling country song in America isn't about a busted romance or cheatin' hearts. It isn't about loneliness, wanderlust, cowboys or even pickup trucks. It's about men and women talking, and it has a message: Ladies, you talk about yourselves too much. ««»»

Lyrics to "I Wanna Talk About Me"Lyrics to "I Wanna Talk About Me"  ««»»

Lyrics to "You've Got to Talk to Me"Lyrics to "You've Got to Talk to Me"  ««»»

The U-2 Program: A Russian Officer RemembersThe U-2 Program: A Russian Officer Remembers: This article on the CIA website was excerpted from a longer study written by retired Soviet Colonel Alexander Orlov. He spent most of his 46-year military career with the former USSR's Air Defense Forces and personally participated in many of the U-2 events described.  ««»»
(This link has been added to my U-2 page.)

U-2 Photo: Over BealeU-2 Photo: Over Beale: Photo of a U-2 over Beale Air Force Base in California.  ««»»

U-2 Photo: Over BealeU-2 Photo: Powers Model: Photo of a model of the U-2. The model was used by Gary Powers during his testimony before Congress.  ««»»


Thursday, 28.Feb.2002

Scientific American (09.Jul.2001) , "Walking the Dinosaur": MIT's Artificial Intelligence laboratory have created Troody—a 10-pound, two-legged robotic replica of a Troodon dinosaur from the Cretaceous period. And Troody walks. The site includes a link to a QuickTime movie of Troody walking. ( scientificamerican.com/explorations/2001/070901troody )

Shift Magazine (V9.2) , "The Payphone Project":  A short article about Mark Thomas and his database of payphone numbers: payphoneproject.com. Want to call the Vatican? The eifel Tower? Bermuda? He's got the numbers. (And his obsession lets me feel much better about mine.) ( www.shift.com/mag/9.2/html/9.2obsession.asp )

Youth Studies Australia (Jun.2001), "Email – the Ups and Downs of a Useful Tool"Youth Studies Australia (Jun.2001) , "email – the Ups and Downs of a Useful Tool": An interesting introduction to email usage, made more interesting because it quotes me. ( www.acys.utas.edu.au/ncys/ysa/nn/02-june.htm )

AnagramsAnagrams: A few of my personal favorites.  ««»»


Wednesday, 27.Feb.2002

Salon (21.Feb.2002), "Mickey Mouse vs. The People"Salon (21.Feb.2002) , "Mickey Mouse vs. The People":  Discusses a case before the supreme court regarding the recent extension of copyright. If the copyright isn't extended, Disney might lose the copyright on early Mickey Mouse cartoons.  ( www.salon.com/tech/feature/2002/02/21/web_copyright/index.html )

NY Times (26.Feb.2002), "U.S. to Weigh Computer Chip Implant"NY Times (26.Feb.2002) , "U.S. to Weigh Computer Chip Implant":  A Florida technology company is asking the government to market a personal identity chip that would be embedded beneath the skin. Privacy advocates have some questions. ( www.nytimes.com/aponline/technology/AP-Human-Computer-Chip.html )

Shift Magazine (V9.2), "The Rise and Fall of the Geek"Shift Magazine (V9.2) , "The Rise and Fall of the Geek":  Jon Katz (Geeks: How Two Lost Boys Rode the Internet Out of Idaho) wrote how after decades of frustration, persecution and marginalization, the net finally, and for the first time, gave them their own nation, their own space, which they alone knew how to navigate. Now he writes that even tech glory is fleeting and that the Geek Movement was perhaps only a Geek Moment. How quickly revolutions rise and fall. ( www.shift.com/mag/9.2/html/9.2feature001.asp )

Shift Magazine (V9.2), "The Geek Timeline"Shift Magazine (V9.2) , "The Geek Timeline":  From 1865 to 2001, essential moments in geek history. ( www.shift.com/mag/9.2/html/9.2feature002.asp )

Spam and the LawSpam and the Law: Did you recently receive spam? Did it claim it was legal because of the law S.1618? Maybe you should check this out.  (spam_and_law)


Monday, 04.Feb.2002

FrontPage TipsFrontPage Tips: A small collection of tips for the FrontPage user.  (frontpage_tips)

USA Patriot RegistrationUSA Patriot Registration: Careful. It is a parody site. ( www.whitehouse.org/initiatives/patriot/index.asp )

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