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2000 & 2001

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ephemerae: 2000 & 2001


Tuesday, 17.Jul.2001

Scientific American (01.Aug.2001), "Touchy-Feely Computing"Scientific American (01.Aug.2001) , "Touchy-Feely Computing": Logitech's new mouse adds tactile sensations to the web surfing experience. For example, if you mouse across a desktop program icons, it shakes "like dice in a cup". When mousing over a menu bar, "it feels like a set of chattering false teeth". When over a pull-down menu, "it hums like an electric shaver". "The most noticeable sensation is the bump that occurs when the cursor crosses a hot link or menu choice." ( scientificamerican.com/2001/0801issue/0801technicality.html )

Vancouver Sun (13.Jul.2001), "Mother Duck's 'Bird Brain' saves Ducklings"Vancouver Sun (13.Jul.2001) , "Mother Duck's 'Bird Brain' saves Ducklings": When a family of ducklings fell down a Vancouver sewer grate their mother did what any parent would do. She got help from a passing police officer. Vancouver police officer Ray Peterson admitted he was not sure what to make of the duck that grabbed him by the pant leg. Article includes photo.

Reuters (13.Jul.2001), "Ducklings in Trouble, Mother Calls the Police"Reuters (13.Jul.2001) , "Ducklings in Trouble, Mother Calls the Police": Same topic; Reuters article. ( www.reuters.com/news_article.jhtml?type=humannews&StoryID=117072 )

Addicted to the NetAddicted to the Net: I am not addicted!! (I_Am_Not_Addicted)


Sunday, 14.Jul.2001

BBC News (06.May.2001), "No Limits Browser Planned"BBC News (06.May.2001) , "No Limits Browser Planned": The music industry, the film industry, the police and repressive governments have a new nightmare. A group of hackers are developing a web browser that it claims will make it easier for people to circumvent censorship and avoid the attentions of law enforcers. ( news.bbc.co.uk/hi/English/sci/tech/newsid_1313000/1313399.stm )

DilbertDilbert: Viewing the User Friendly site reminded me that I haven't been to the Dilbert site in forever. (www.dilbertzone.com/comics/dilbert/index.html)

Computerworld (24.Apr.2001), "FTC Assesses First Fines for Violating Kids' Privacy Law"Computerworld (24.Apr.2001) , "FTC Assesses First Fines for Violating Kids' Privacy Law": The Federal Trade Commission assessed penalties totaling $100,000 against three web sites for violating the year-old Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and warned that more fines are likely in the next few months. The action comes almost a year to the day since the law took effect. (For more information on COPPA and on my site's compliance, see my COPPA Cabana page.) ( www.computerworld.com/rckey52/story/0,1199,NAV63_STO59778,00.html )


Friday, 18.May.2001

WiredNews (02.Sep.2000), "The Michelangelo of Lego"WiredNews (02.Sep.2000) , "The Michelangelo of Lego": How would you like to get paid for building Lego sculptures. He does. And he just built a 35,000 piece Lego desk! The article includes a link to pictures! ( www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,38547,00.html?tw=wn20000904 )

Technology Review (Jul/Aug.2000), "Lying With Pixels"Technology Review (Jul/Aug.2000) , "Lying With Pixels": It is incredible what we can now do with video special effects. How long will it be before a picture, even a "moving" picture is no longer considered evidence because we have become so good.  ( www.techreview.com/articles/july00/amato.htm )

PCWorld.com (25.Aug.2000), "Click Here for Geek HumorPCWorld.com (25.Aug.2000) , "Click Here for Geek Humor": This is the article that introduced me to User Friendly, a new comic strip. Well, not all that new but new to me. It is about the adventures of 14 geeks set in the offices of Columbia Internet, an ISP. I read this article, then went and lost myself in the comic strip (linked below).  ( www.idg.net/ic_230903_1794_9-10000.html )

User Friendly --- The Comic StripUser Friendly The Comic Strip: The home site of the comic strip. But be careful. It is addictive.  (www.userfriendly.org)

DilbertDilbert: Viewing the User Friendly site reminded me that I haven't been to the Dilbert site in forever. (www.dilbertzone.com/comics/dilbert/index.html)

Media Metrix --- Women Outpace Men Online In Number and Growth Rate (09.Aug.2000)Media Metrix Women Outpace Men Online In Number and Growth Rate (09.Aug.2000): This press release on the Media Metrix site describes how there are now more women than men online, how they are getting online faster than men. Other interesting statistics are that the fastest growing group are the 12-17 age while women 55+ have the highest audience share within family, health, genealogy and joke/fun pages. Also, women also use the Internet to gather specific information to make their lives easier, rather than just indiscriminately surfing across many different sites (like men?).  (www.mediametrix.com/press/releases/20000809.jsp)

E. Jean Carroll --- Reprint from Brill's Content: Method to Her Madnesse. Jean Carroll Reprint from Brill's Content: Method to Her Madness: This article is a reprint of a Brill's Content article about e. Jean Carroll. I enjoy her columns (they appear in elle; I read them on her website). I was intrigued to read what someone else said about her.  (www.ejeanlive.com/brill.htm)

E. Jean Carrolle. Jean Carroll: This is her home page and has her current column and her archives.  (www.ejeanlive.com)

UpsideToday (26.Aug.2000), "Time Warner Posts a Link It Had Banned"UpsideToday (26.Aug.2000) , "Time Warner Posts a Link It Had Banned": Time Warner's CNN.com linked to download sites for DECSS, the controversial DVD-descrambling program, even after Time Warner won a ban on such links in court. The case is the latest example of a large media company contradicting its legal arguments with its own actions.  ( www.upside.com/News/39a6fef00.html )

Washington Post (24.Aug.2000), "Harrelson Acquitted of Drug Charge"Washington Post (24.Aug.2000) , "Harrelson Acquitted of Drug Charge": Woody Harrelson convinced the jury that the state law outlawing all forms of hemp should be ignored. ( www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/aponline/20000824/aponline210115_000.htm )

HealthGrades (22.Aug.2000), "Mass. Genetic Privacy Bill Signed Into Law"HealthGrades (22.Aug.2000) , "Mass. Genetic Privacy Bill Signed Into Law": Massachusetts has passed an important bill that gives patients almost total control over who gets to see genetic test results. It also prohibits genetic discrimination in employment and insurance. ( www.healthgrades.com/news/Article.cfm?NewsID=151 )

The Times (08.Aug.2000), "How a Law-less &apost;Data Haven&apost; Is Using Law to Protect Itself"The Times (08.Aug.2000) , "How a Law-less 'Data Haven' Is Using Law to Protect Itself": Sealand, the world's newest self-proclaimed state is in the news again. (See ephemerae below, 10.Jun.2000, for background.) This article by Gary Slapper, the Law Programme, the Open University, gives some background on the international law involved. Also, it seems that england is trying to have it both ways, arguing sometimes that Sealand is beyond jurisdiction and other times that it is not. ( www.the-times.co.uk/news/pages/tim/2000/08/08/x-timlwtlwt01009.html )

WiredNews (24.Aug.2000), "Pay Those Fines Online"WiredNews (24.Aug.2000) , "Pay Those Fines Online": A look at early attempts to commercialize egovernment. ( www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,38336,00.html?tw=wn20000824 )


Monday, 04.Sep.2000

WiredNews (24.Aug.2000), "DVD Pirates Face Watery Foe"WiredNews (24.Aug.2000) , "DVD Pirates Face Watery Foe": Discusses plans by RIAA to add "watermarks" to DVDs, not only to permit detection of piracy, but also to control the ability to play the content. ( www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,38279,00.html?tw=wn20000824 )

IDG.net (25.Aug.2000), "TRUSTe Learns a Privacy Lesson the Hard Way"IDG.net (25.Aug.2000) , "TRUSTe Learns a Privacy Lesson the Hard Way": A discussion of how the problem happened, how TRUSTe responded and how other organizations might need to also be "on guard". (See the other articles below at 26.Aug.) ( www.idg.net/ic_230886_1794_9-10000.html )

Washington Post (27.Aug.2000), "In Maryland, a Murder in the Making"Washington Post (27.Aug.2000) , "In Maryland, a Murder in the Making": The homicide rate is down overall, but one-third to one-half of slain women are victims of an intimate partner, about the same as in 1976, when the first wave of shelters opened for battered wives and girlfriends. An array of new laws and programs developed during the last two decades has yet to overcome two obstacles. Those who most need help often feel conflicted about asking ashamed, torn and frightened. And the system intended to protect them remains fragmented and uneven almost impossible to comprehend and negotiate without an aggressive lawyer or advocate, which many women still do not have. This is the story of how the system failed one woman, killed by her husband, and chronicled in part through her journal.  ( washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A29630-2000Aug26.html )


Saturday, 26.Aug.2000

BusinessWeek (25.Aug.2000), "Hollywood vs. the Hackers vs. Free Speech"BusinessWeek (25.Aug.2000) , "Hollywood vs. the Hackers vs. Free Speech": An editorial raising some journalistic concerns about the recent DECSS decision. ( www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/aug2000/nf20000825_720.htm )

IDG.net (25.Aug.2000), "TrustE Breaks Privacy Rule"IDG.net (25.Aug.2000) , "TRUSTe Breaks Privacy Rule": Seems that TRUSTe, a privacy advocacy organization which administers a seal-of-approval program for retail websites was violating their own privacy policy. ( www.idg.net/go.cgi?id=303554 )

Newsbytes (25.Aug.2000), "Cookie Watchdog Organization Web Site Cookied"Newsbytes (25.Aug.2000) , "Cookie Watchdog Organization Web Site Cookied": A different article on the same issue. ( www.newsbytes.com/pubNews/00/154215.html )


Sunday, 20.Aug.2000

Katie.comKatie.com: It seems that Penguin Putnam published a book by Katharine Tarbox about sexual molestation by a stranger met on the internet and called it Katie.com. But Katie.com already existed and was owned by Katie Jones. Penguin claims no legal responsibility. Katharine Tarbox's website is KatieT.com. Why didn't they use that one? The page includes links to major news articles about this big goof.  (www.katie.com)


Saturday, 19.Aug.2000

New York Times Magazine (20.Aug.2000), "He Just Said No to the Drug War"New York Times Magazine (20.Aug.2000) , "He Just Said No to the Drug War": The story of Gary Johnson, Republican governor of New Mexico, calling for legalization of marijuana. ( www.nytimes.com/library/magazine/home/20000820mag-drugwar.html )

New York Times Magazine (20.Aug.2000), "Austin, We Have a Problem"New York Times Magazine (20.Aug.2000) , "Austin, We Have a Problem": Has Austin's success become too much? ( www.nytimes.com/library/magazine/home/20000820mag-austin.html )

Wednesday, 21.Jun.2000

Publish (Jun.2000), "Finding Common Ground"Publish (Jun.2000) , "Finding Common Ground": A nice introductory article on the value of Cascading Style Sheets. ( www.publish.com/features/0006/feature1.html )

Washington Post (01.Jun.2000), "Digital Satellite Radio Could Transform Long Hauls"Washington Post (01.Jun.2000) , "Digital Satellite Radio Could Transform Long Hauls": Do you travel a lot in a car? Or, do you drive a rental in many different cities? Or, are you thinking of buying a car? You should know about the new digital satellite radio. It isn't here yet. But it will be soon. ( www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A44565-2000Jun1.html )

AutoDave! The Automated Dave Barry Column GeneratorAutoDave! The Automated Dave Barry Column Generator: Absolutely hilarious! You've got to try this out. (The rumor is that Dave has seen this and likes it!) (www.peacefire.org/staff/bennett/autodave)


Tuesday, 20.Jun.2000

CDC: False Email Report About Klingerman VirusCDC: False email Report About Klingerman Virus: A new virus hoax, this time about a human virus traveling through the U. S. Mail. This notice is on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Website.  (www.cdc.gov/ncidod/klingerman_hoax.htm)

Peter McWilliams, R.I.P.Peter McWilliams, R.I.P.: Peter McWilliams, the best-selling libertarian author has died.  (www.free-market.net/features/rip/mcwilliams.html)

Peter McWilliams HomePagePeter McWilliams Home Page: The Peter McWilliams Homepage, including the free text of his best-selling books. (www.mcwilliams.com)

Peter McWilliams Trial SitePeter McWilliams Trial Site: The Peter McWilliams Trial site. Provides information about his trial for illegal use of medical marijuana. (petertrial.com)

USA Today (27.Aug.1999), "Case Could Shape Future of Gun Control"USA Today (27.Aug.1999) , "Case Could Shape Future of Gun Control":  Article on the emerson case that decided the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to own a gun. ( www.saf.org/emersonUSA1.html )

USA Today (11.Jun.2000), "Texas Case Could Affect Gun Ownership"USA Today (11.Jun.2000) , "Texas Case Could Affect Gun Ownership":  Article on the emerson case as it is about to go to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans for appeal. ( www.usatoday.com/news/ndssun10.htm )

Circuit Court Asks Great QuestionsCircuit Court Asks Great Questions: A report from Neal Knox on the hearing Tue, 13.Jun.2000 at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans regarding the emerson case. (www.nealknox.com/alerts/msg00289.html)

Emerson Argument Causing A Roaremerson Argument Causing A Roar: Another report from Neal Knox. This one includes a similar email from Tom Gresham. (www.nealknox.com/alerts/msg00290.html)

Second Amendment Foundation Emerson SiteSecond Amendment Foundation emerson Site: This page on the Second Amendment Foundation site includes substantial information on the emerson case. (www.saf.org/emersonViewOptions.html)


Sunday, 11.Jun.2000

How to Stop a Heart Attack By YourselfHow to Stop a Heart Attack By Yourself: Can coughing save your life? Or is this just another dangerous urban legend? Find out how an email is forwarding very misleading medical information. (heart_attack_cough)


Saturday, 10.Jun.2000

The Guardian (28.Mar.2000), "Storm Warning"The Guardian (28.Mar.2000) , "Storm Warning": The Principality of Sealand has "existed" for 33 years. Have you ever heard of it? Now it promises to be an offshore internet haven. And it's just an abandoned gun tower seven miles off the england coast. ( www.thestandard.net/article/display/0,1151,15718,00.html )

The Standard (05.Jun.2000), "A Rogue Hacker State in the Making?"The Standard (05.Jun.2000) , "A Rogue Hacker State in the Making?": More on the Principality of Sealand. ( www.thestandard.com/article/display/0,1151,15712,00.html )

New York Times (04.Jun.2000), "Rebel Outpost on the Fringes of Cyberspace"New York Times (04.Jun.2000) , "Rebel Outpost on the Fringes of Cyberspace": Still more on the Principality of Sealand. ( partners.nytimes.com/library/tech/00/06/biztech/articles/04have.html )

Wired News (04.Jun.2000), "A Data Sanctuary is Born" ired News (04.Jun.2000) , "A Data Sanctuary is Born": And yet still more on the Principality of Sealand. ( www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,36749,00.html )

HavenCoHavenCo: Touting itself as "The Industry Leader in Colocation Services", this is the company at the Principality of Sealand.  (www.havenco.com)

The Principality of SealandThe Principality of Sealand: The official website of the principality.  (www.sealandgov.com)

The Principality of Sealand (bogus)The Principality of Sealand (bogus): The completely bogus website that claims to be the official website. Has some accurate information and photos and maps, but also appears to attempt to sell bogus passports. (See the article at Wired News for more information.)  (www.principality-sealand.net)

Photos of SealandPhotos of Sealand: On the bogus site, some interesting photos.  (www.principality-sealand.net/en501.html)

Map of SealandMap of Sealand: On the bogus site, an RAF map showing the location.  (www.principality-sealand.net/04.jpg)

Sea FortsSea Forts: A webpage about the Navy forts like the one Sealand is based on.  (freespace.virgin.net/line.design/forts/sea_forts.htm)

Radio EssexRadio essex: A webpage about pirate radio station operated by Roy Bates on a Sea Fort like the one Sealand is based on. Roy Bates is the self-proclaimed prince of Sealand.  (freespace.virgin.net/line.design/forts/radio_essex.htm)


Wednesday, 07.Jun.2000

WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation ServerWorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server: This is a great site for finding out what an abbreviation means. It doesn't yet list all my Hugginisms, but I'm working on it.  (www.ucc.ie/info/net/acronyms)

The Standard (05.Jun.2000), "Another Voice Enters the Napster Debate" he Standard (05.Jun.2000) , "Another Voice enters the Napster Debate": The Coalition for the Future of Music aims to bring independent labels and musicians into the discussion. ( www.thestandard.net/article/display/0,1151,15718,00.html )

Alfie KohnAlfie Kohn: Alfie Kohn has been writing for years about the ineffectiveness and counter-effectiveness of rewards, incentives and contests. His site offers a wide variety of quotes and references. I list only two.  (www.alfiekohn.org)

For Best Results, Forget the BonusFor Best Results, Forget the Bonus: A reprint of a 1993 New York Times (Sunday Business edition) article. (www.alfiekohn.org/managing/fbrftb.htm)

No Contest: The Case Against CompetitionNo Contest: The Case Against Competition: A quick look at his 1986 book (revised in 1992). Contrary to the myths with which we have been raised, Kohn shows that competition is not an inevitable part of "human nature". It does not motivate us to do our best (in fact, the reason our workplaces and schools are in trouble is that they value competitiveness instead of excellence.) Rather than building character, competition sabotages self-esteem and ruins relationships. (www.alfiekohn.org/books/nc.htm)

Joel SpolskyJoel Spolsky: An interesting site. Below are some of the interesting parts.  (joel.editthispage.com)

Let Me Go Back!Let Me Go Back! (Strategy Letter III): Joel Spolsky looks how you can attract more customers by making it easy for them to leave you. (joel.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$122)

Chicken and Egg ProblemsChicken and egg Problems (Strategy Letter II): Joel Spolsky looks at the backwards compatibility problem, including software platforms and bill presentment systems. (joel.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$117)

Ben and Jerry's or Amazon?Ben and Jerry's or Amazon? (Strategy Letter I): A great article by Joel Spolsky on two different business models. 
[originally posted on this page on 14.May.2000 below]

Some More Info From Joel SpolskySome More Info From Joel Spolsky: A collection of essays and a book on UI design.  (joel.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$94)

Michael David Scully Writes About Mr. CastillaMichael David Scully Writes About Mr. Castilla: A letter by Michael David Scully, of Richmond Hill, New York, to Michael Lowry, a Customer Service Manager, about his encounter with Mr. Castilla, Postmaster at the North Richmond Hill Station. If even part of what Michael Scully writes is true, this is disturbing.  (www.mindspring.com/~mdscully/lowry.txt)


Saturday, 03.Jun.2000

Further Reading About COPPAFurther Reading About COPPA: Part of JimWorld.com, this page provides links to additional resources about COPPA: the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Jim was kind enough to reference my COPPA compliance notice saying: "An excellent article dealing with ways to step on COPPA land mines by accident." Thanks, Jim.  (www.jimworld.com/privacy/coppa_reading.html)

Darwin Awards June SpotlightDarwin Awards June Spotlight: Issued 01.Jun.2000, this page features a great look back at the big hazards in a man's life: (1) intimate encounters with dangerous objects, (2) showing off for friends, (3) losing your wits over a woman, (4) voyeurism, (5) living on the wrong side of the law, (6) working.  (darwinawards.com/index.new.html)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (27.May.2000), "Man drives pickup onto friend's roof as a stunt"Seattle Post-Intelligencer (27.May.2000) , "Man drives pickup onto friend's roof as a stunt": This is the first part of a great story. Check this out. Then see part 2 below. ( www.seattle-pi.com/local/truk27.shtml )

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (01.Jun.2000), "Man who drove truck onto roof being sought by Kent police"Seattle Post-Intelligencer (01.Jun.2000) , "Man who drove truck onto roof being sought by Kent police": Not quite the Darwin Awards. But close. ( www.seattle-pi.com/local/truk01.shtml )

New York Times (31.May.2000), "High Schools Discourage Use of Free E-Mail Sites"New York Times (31.May.2000) , "High Schools Discourage Use of Free e-Mail Sites": Unbelievable. Each school in Houston get 50 whole megabytes for websites at the whole school. This website takes twice that! Paul Simon's song keeps ringing in my ears: "When I look back at all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all." ( partners.nytimes.com/library/tech/00/05/cyber/education/31education.html )

New York Times (30.May.2000), "Light Exceeds Its Own Speed Limit, or Does It?"New York Times (30.May.2000) , "Light exceeds Its Own Speed Limit, or Does It?": No, I don't understand the article yet. But it is still fascinating. ( partners.nytimes.com/library/national/science/053000sci-physics-light.html )

Washington Post (30.May.2000), "Move Over, Dan Rather"Washington Post (30.May.2000) , "Move Over, Dan Rather": She has a cute shock of teal-green hair, a button nose and a voice once described as Barbie on Quaaludes. She moves. She emotes. She reads the latest news. The news is real, but Ananova is not. She is a news droid, a virtual newscaster. ( www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A33956-2000May30.html )

Computerworld (17.Apr.2000), "The Passive/Aggressive Job Seeker"Computerworld (17.Apr.2000) , "The Passive/Aggressive Job Seeker": Recruiters are desperate for the IT pros who are working, not looking. But there are ways to make sure you get discovered as a non-job-hunter. ( www.computerworld.com/home/print.nsf/all/000417d542 )


Monday, 22.May.2000

New York Times (19.May.2000), "U.S. Is Said to Seek New Law to Bolster Internet Privacy"New York Times (19.May.2000) , "U.S. Is Said to Seek New Law to Bolster Internet Privacy": FTC is about to reverse his long standing position favoring self-regulation. ( partners.nytimes.com/library/tech/00/05/biztech/articles/20privacy.html )

Washington Post (20.May.2000), "FTC to Propose New Online Privacy Rules"Washington Post (20.May.2000) , "FTC to Propose New Online Privacy Rules": FTC is about to reverse his long standing position favoring self-regulation. ( www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A39330-2000May20.html )

GEISS Screensaver and Winamp Plug-inGEISS Screensaver and Winamp Plug-in: An incredible screensaver that create "sound-reactive eye candy". "Geiss generates fluid-motion realtime graphics based on the sound it can hear... that includes audio CDs, a microphone, or line-in (for the screensaver) or an MP3 file (for the plugin). The graphics you'll see are a direct response to the music that's playing. And it's free!"  (www.geisswerks.com/index.html)

ICANN At Large Membership OrganizationICANN At Large Membership Organization: Go here to join as an At Large Member of ICANN: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  (members.icann.org/join_now.htm)

Would I Join This Club If It Would Have Me as a Member?Would I Join This Club If It Would Have Me as a Member?: This essay by Andy Oram explains why being an At Large Member of ICANN may not matter.  (webreview.com/wr/pub/2000/02/18/platform/index.html)

ICANN WatchICANN Watch: An organization run by David Post, David J. Farber and Michael Froomkin, this site helps to "serve as a central point of reference about what ICANN is and is not doing".  (www.icannwatch.com)

El Dorado Ignores Genocide of Nativesel Dorado Ignores Genocide of Natives: An extremely critical view (and one I happen to agree with) of the Spielberg movie and it's depiction of indigenous peoples.  (members.xoom.com/peaceparty/eldorado.htm)

RollingStone.com (18.May.2000), "Courtney Love Wages War on Major Labels"RollingStone.com (18.May.2000) , "Courtney Love Wages War on Major Labels": "Stealing artists' music without paying for it fairly is absolutely piracy, and I'm talking about major-label recording contracts, not Napster." ( rollingstone.lycos.com/news/newsarticle.asp?ID=10847&Artist=23 )


Tuesday, 16.May.2000

InternetNews.com (15.May.2000), "Experts Applaud Microsoft's Security Moves"InternetNews.com (15.May.2000) , "experts Applaud Microsoft's Security Moves": It appears Microsoft is planning to turn off some of the features that make email good. I will not be installing this patch. ( www.internetnews.com/prod-news/article/0,2171,9_362501,00.html )

OptOutOptOut: Do you know what Spyware is? Have you heard of Aureate/Radiate? Real Networks? Conducent Technologies? Comet Cursor? If you don't know what I am talking about, you should check this out. Software that you have installed on your machine may be tracking your movements on the net and reporting you to the vendor. Check this out!  (grc.com/optout.htm)

International Leonard Peltier Defense CommitteeInternational Leonard Peltier Defense Committee: Leonard Peltier has been behind bars for 24 years for a crime the government now admits it could not convict him of. His case has drawn the attention of international human rights organizations and citizens, including Amnesty International, The European Parliament, Mother Teresa, Ramsey Clark (former Attorney General), and many, many others. Please at least visit and check it out for yourself.  (www.freeleonardpeltier.org)

LA Times  (14.May.2000), "Monopolies Without End"LA Times (14.May.2000) , "Monopolies Without end": An article by Charles Ferguson. Charles founded Vermeer Technologies, created FrontPage and sold it to Microsoft in 1996. He argues that the problem is much bigger than Microsoft.   ( www.latimes.com/news/comment/20000514/t000045431.html )

Salon.com  (11.May.2000), "Embrace, extend, censor"Salon.com (11.May.2000) , "embrace, extend, censor": Microsoft has asked Slashdot to remove postings about Microsoft's implementation of the Kerberos standard. The postings were made precisely because of this type of action by Microsoft!   ( www.salon.com/tech/log/2000/05/11/slashdot_censor/index.html )

Newsbytes  (11.May.2000), "Hacker - Explorer Flaw Exposes Private 'Cookie' Data"Newsbytes (11.May.2000) , "Hacker - explorer Flaw exposes Private 'Cookie' Data": An Ie cookie security hole.   ( www.newsbytes.com/pubNews/00/148908.html )

Internet Explorer "Open Cookie Jar"Internet explorer "Open Cookie Jar": This page at the Peacefire.org site includes a demonstration of the Ie software bug. It lets you retrieve cookies that the page should not be able to receive.  (www.peacefire.org/security/iecookies)

MSNBC  (11.May.2000), "An Opening to Steal Your Cookies"MSNBC (11.May.2000) , "An Opening to Steal Your Cookies": An Ie cookie security hole.   ( www.msnbc.com/news/406496.asp?cp1=1 )

Computerworld  (12.May.2000), "Cookie data in IE may be vulnerable to snooping"Computerworld (12.May.2000) , "Cookie data in Ie may be vulnerable to snooping": An Ie cookie security hole.   ( www.computerworld.com/home/print.nsf/all/000512DEF6 )

FREE: Forum for Responsible and Ethical EmailFRee: Forum for Responsible and ethical email: This organization is anti-spam. It works with ISPs, educates consumers and lobbies legislators.  (www.ybecker.net)

CAUCE: Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial EmailCAUCE: Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email: This organization is lobbying for an anti-spam law. They also have a mailing list.  (www.cauce.org/index.shtml)

Spam Recycling CenterSpam Recycling Center: Do you hate spam? Here is a way to retalliate.  (www.chooseyourmail.com/spamindex.cfm)

Oprah to Underlings: Shut Your MouthOprah to Underlings: Shut Your Mouth: Why you won't be reading about Oprah from a disgruntled former employee.  (www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,6327,00.html)


Sunday, 14.May.2000

Ben and Jerry's or Amazon?Ben and Jerry's or Amazon: A great article by Joel Spolsky on two different business models.  (joel.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$113)

Some More Info From Joel SpolskySome More Info From Joel Spolsky: A collection of essays and a book on UI design.  (joel.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$94)

IDGB Are DummiesIDGB Are Dummies: The story of one person's encounter with IDG and the battle of the "for Dummies" trademark. And, it looks like he might have won this one! He also has an EGroups email discussion list.  (www.users.one.se/~feltby/idgb_smells)

LinksLinks: The links page on the EGroup mailing list has links to some really great trademark sites, including other IDG "for Dummies" sites. [NB: you must join the EGroup mailing list to see this page.]  (www.egroups.com/links/felion-vs-idgb)

Corporate Standover Tactics for Dummies?Corporate Standover Tactics for Dummies?: Seems that the publisher IDG is "protecting" their trademark to "for Dummies" very aggressively. A great comment and parody. Also includes some great links to discussion threads on this topic and other information about IDG trademark enforcement.  (www.octapod.org.au/dummies)

Is AOL's Filter a Republican?Is AOL's Filter a Republican?: Seems that AOL's filter is blocking access to the Democratic National Committee website.  (uspolitics.about.com/newsissues/uspolitics/library/weekly/aa050400a.htm)

BBC News (11.May.2000), "Net Users Are Not Nerds"BBC News (11.May.2000) , "Net Users Are Not Nerds":  Great news!  ( news.bbc.co.uk/hi/English/sci/tech/newsid_744000/744780.stm )

Minivan with Microwave and Washer/DryerMinivan with Microwave and Washer/Dryer: "Ten years ago, installing a cup holder was a big deal," Lee said. "Now, you're dead without it."  (www.msnbc.com/news/392068.asp?cp1=1)

Elian: Bill & Fidelelian: Bill & Fidel: Bill and Fidel grab the kid. A clever spoof.  (www.federalist.com/elian2.asp)

Elian: Chaloopaelian: Chaloopa: Drop the chaloopa. Also features the dog. (www.stickdeath.com/elian.htm)

Elian: Pricelesselian: Priceless: A great parody of the AP photo, based on the MasterCard ad series.  (members.xoom.com/csfiend)

Elian: Wassupelian: Wassup: The original site for the elian Wassup video. As of this writing, pulled (see the AP threat). See also all the news about the video and it being pulled.  (www.geocities.com/elian_true)

Elian: Wassup: The Story and the Video on the Playboy Siteelian: Wassup: The Story and the Video on the Playboy Site: Given that both of the creators of the elian Wazzup work for Playboy.com it is a natural site to (a) host a copy of the video and (b) tell the story. See the great quote from AP.  (www.playboy.com/digital/inthenews.html)

Microsoft Clipart Gallery Security FlawMicrosoft Clipart Gallery Security Flaw: Includes information on the flaw and Microsoft's fix. (www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/ms00-015.asp)

MPAA v. 2600 Enterprises --- Defendents' Reply Brief to Linking Motion and Cross-Motion to VacateMPAA v. 2600 enterprises --- Defendents' Reply Brief to Linking Motion and Cross-Motion to Vacate  (cryptome.org/mpaa-v-2600-rb.htm)

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