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Stuff About James S. Huggins

This is the blatant, self-promotion section of the site. It gives you some of my professional information together with a smattering of personal information - information "about" me. If you need any information that isn't here, please feel free to ask.

My contact information is shown both at the right and also at the bottom of all pages. My phone rings at my desk and is covered by voice mail. My email address is hidden from spam bots but is also easy to use

As I mentioned earlier, this page attempts to distinguish between "professional" and "personal". Unfortunately this distinction isn't a thin, crisp black line; it is a wide, fuzzy gray one.

That said, if there is something you think should be on this page that is not, please let me know.

Contact Information

James S. Huggins
11150 Beamer Road #109-R2X
Houston, Texas 77089-2331

Email me for my phone number which I keep off the site to reduce sales calls

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