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This is NOT my cat. My cat is real. My cat is all black. Her name is Spot. She likes to pretend she is a ferocious panther.

Spot, My Pet

I  just lost my precious cat when she ran away from a very serious car accident in Huntsville Texas, Sat 28.Sep.2008. Click here for the Word poster about my cat. I am offering a reward

If there are two staples of the "personal page" on the web they are

(a) the quotations page and

(b) the pet page.

Well . . . I have both on my site.

I have a pet.

She is (or more properly, she used to be) female.

She is all black.

She is a cat.

And, I named her Spot.

She is the second all black cat that has lived with me. The first one left a bit over 20 years ago. He was also named Spot.

When Data on Star Trek Next Generation named his cat Spot, friends called me to remind me that

(a) I'd done it first and

(b) mine was black and his wasn't.

I hadn't had a pet since then.

Then, I decided it was time for another cat.  My colleagues directed me to cat rescue shelters in the area. Now, when you call one of these shelters and tell them you are specifically looking for a black cat, they investigate you rather thoroughly. Seems that some bad people do bad things to black cats.

After all my screenings, one of the shelters called with a candidate: an all black "female" that had been completely declawed: all four paws. She needed a home where she could be an indoor cat.

I was looking for an indoor cat, so a match was made.

That was in 1998.

No. She is not a show cat. No pedigree at all. But she is my Grand Winner. She gives me her love and affection. She wakens me in the morning by licking my eyebrows. And she waits for me to return home at night by sitting in the window.

And, she sits above my keyboard on a shelf I installed for her. Sometimes she leans over and tries to type. Her HTML skills aren't very good.

Most pet pages have a picture. Mine doesn't. I have a black lacquer bed with black sheets. It didn't work. Even all my digital photo manipulation couldn't make it work. You'll just have to imagine.

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spot, cat, pet, black cat . . . spot, cat, pet, black cat