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every page on this site has the same navigation bar on the left of the page. And, these same navigations appear as text at the bottom of every page. This overview may help you to understand each of these large categories.

One important summary note: on many sites the information is organized very hierarchically: a page is in one and only one section. On this site, the actual information/content pages may be referenced by more than one section header.   The idea is to make it as easy to find what you are looking for without the need to know exactly how the site is "structured".

Major Sections

Front DoorFront Door: This page highlights new pages of my site as well as some pages I wish to "feature".

James S. Huggins, Pforessional Speaker on Technology, Ecommerce and EbusinessStuff About Me: This section is the blatant, self-promotion section. It contains my biography and resume as well as information on my future speaking schedule and previous speaking engagements. It also contains complete contact information for me.

PrivacyPrivacy: This section is about privacy, particularly privacy on the internet.

TechnologyTechnology: This section addresses technology topics of all sorts. A couple technology topics get their own section (e.g., privacy and webmastering). The Technology section contains everything else related to technology. 

WebMasteringWebMastering: This section provides links to resources, both on and off this site, for WebMasters, Web Designers and Web Travelers. It also provides some information regarding email and about email viruses. 

HumorHumor: Circulating on the internet are many stories. Some are motivational, others just humorous. This is my collection of type 2. (For type 1, see "Motivation" below.) 

MotivationMotivation: Circulating on the internet are many stories. Some are motivational, others just humorous. This is my collection of type 1. (For type 2, see "Humor" above.) 

Multiple SclerosisMultiple Sclerosis: I have devoted a section of my site to Multiple Sclerosis. It provides a brief background in a FAQ format plus hundreds of categorized & annotated links to organizations (national, local and international organizations), agencies, publications, forums, personal websites and resources across the internet. 

WebringsWebrings: I am a webring fanatic. I have a wazillion webrings. This is the jumping-off point for all webring memberships. Don't know what a webring is? Go here. Want to see what webrings I belong to? Go here.

CherokeeCherokee: You would be hard pressed to tell by looking at me, but I am Cherokee. I am registered as a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. As I work to understand the history and culture, not only of the Cherokee Nation, but also of all Native American peoples, I offer this section with some of what I have found. 

The U-2The U-2: My brother was a U-2 pilot in the U. S. Air Force. Then he left to become a commercial pilot for United Airlines. Now he has returned to the Air Force to again fly the U-2. This is a page about his plane.

NTSA/NSANSA & NSA/NT: I am active in a number of organizations. Two of them are the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the National Speakers Association of North Texas (NSA/NT). This page provides some information on each as well as links to their websites.

ToastmastersToastmasters:  I am also active in Toastmasters. This page provides some information on this organization, a link to the international site and information on my club: Dallas Singles Toastmasters: The Loud and the Proud.

QuotationsQuotations: In the preparation of my presentations and articles, I collect quotations. This section presents those I have used, as well as some favorites that haven't yet made it into my work.

BooksBooks: When I speak, I quote from some books, cite a few others and mention a few more. After my presentations I am frequently asked about these books. So, I began a page to make it easier: easier for me and easier for them too. And, having a book page let's me add a few favorite books I'd like to recommend, even though I haven't quoted, cited or even mentioned them in a speech.

Ephemeraeephemerae: every day interesting "stuff" crosses my desk. Some isn't important enough to put on my site in any permanent way. But it is interesting enough to put here somehow, quickly, at least for a while. These are ephemerae: collections of temporary, transitory tidbits. 

Other LinksOther Stuff: In addition to the information links I promote through the major sections and the organizations I've given buttons to (NSA, NSA/NT, Toastmasters and the Singles Coach), there is a lot of other information I wanted to include. So I put it here.

AwardsAwards: I like it when my website wins awards. So, like all good webmasters, I show them off. 

HugginismsHugginisms: In addition to using quotes from others, I have created some of my own. My colleagues began calling these "Hugginisms".

MembershipsMemberships: Information about all the organizations I belong to, including their logos, their history and purpose, and a link to their home pages.

LinksLinks: There are other sites I want to link to. Some are fellow professional speakers, fellow consultants or fellow authors. Others are just cool sites. And, some are reciprocal: they said they'd link to me if I linked to them and I thought "What the heck!"

Snippets/EzineSnippets/ezine: My irregular email newsletter (ezine) called Snippets. Subscriptions are free.

GuestbookGuestbook: I resisted having a guestbook for a long time. I finally found one I could "integrate" into my site.

A Listing of All My Affiliate ProgramsAffiliates: Includes airplane posters, cat posters, motivation posters, books, medical products and more.

Site MapSite Map: every site needs a site map. You are, right now, on the one for this site.

Email MeEmail Me: A page that provides a variety of email addresses to use to contact me.

SearchSearch: This page provides a way to search my site. It also includes extensive information about many of the free search services that are available for webmasters to use.

HomeHome: Brings you back to my home page.

Button Colors

The section buttons change color to indicate what page or section you are on:

  • red is the default color
  • gray indicates that you are on the page to which the button refers (when the button is gray, there is no hyperlink)
  • black indicates that you are on a page in the group to which the button refers (e.g., when the "Front Door" button is black, like it is on this page, you are on a page that is part of the "Front Door" group of pages.)

Link Bullets

There are several different types of link bullets on this site:

  Link Within My Site   This bullet links within my site.
  Link Off My Site   This bullet links off my site.
  Link to an Affiliate Page   This bullet links to an affiliate page within my site.
  Link to an Affiliate Page Off My Site   This bullet links to an affiliate page off my site (at this time this is an unused link graphic).
  Link to a Mirror Copy of Another Site   This bullet links to a mirror copy of another site.
  Link to an email list   This bullet links to the email address of a list (e.g., Majordomo and Listserv)
  Link to on the Page (Down)   This bullet links to a bookmark lower on the same page.
  Link to on the Page (Up)   This bullet links to a bookmark higher on the same page.
  linkback.gif (130 bytes)   This bullet links to an awards page or a links page that links back to me.
  star.gif (110 bytes) starhalf.gif (853 bytes)   These two bullets (the star and half star) identify the rating of awards and link back to the award ranking site.

Same Window or New Window

In general, links within my site open in the same window. And links that are off my site open in a new window.

In addition, links within my site that are simple text links within the body of a narrative may open in a new window. (This is in contrast to bulleted link lists for pages on my site. Such links should open in the same window.)

Site Design Guidelines

I promise to never use anything that scrolls, moves or blinks. No pop up windows.   No split screen navigational extravaganzas using frames. And, no matter what olfactory enhancements Netscape or Microsoft may offer in the cause of product differentiation, no matter what features like "ODOR=WinterGreen" ultimately enter the HTML standard, absolutely no aromatherapy.

Ok. I lied. I've decided to use animated GIFs on two pages:

  • My Awards page
    (Because the awards are animated.)
  • My Memberships and Advocacy page
    (Again, because the graphics I am using are already animated.)

Humor, on the other hand, well . . . life is too important to take seriously.

This site contains professionally constructed hyperinks Eternally Under Construction This is a Frame Free Web Site Choosy Websites Chose Gif Stop Kitty Porn Feline Exploitation Top 95 Percent of the Web Award This site is made with certified virus free HTML If this were your page, you'd be home by now Iambic Pentameter Man Super Site If you had DSL, this icon would be finished I'm sorry I made this horrible webpage. Empty Cart Award: There is nothing for sale on this site.

The extra text menu links (previously here) are being removed in the site redesign.
Browser and search engine improvements have eliminated the motivation/necessity for them.

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