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. Moons

Full Moon: You light the Knight within the night.
And offer chance to heal the Depths of Dark,
To take the Wrongs and change them into Right,
To show the Magic Way, the Path to mark.

Although the Man before you knows your gleam,
A Child lurks there within him wondering.
And in this Child your Magic works its way,
Illuminating dreams, inviting play.

Last Quarter Moon: You wane like fading fire
As though a Dragon fierce had bit your disk
And eaten off a piece. You'll soon expire
And leave the sky all black, the night all risk.

And though Man understands the cycles old
The Child within still marvels at the change
That transforms you from orb of shining gold
Into a silver sliver thin and strange.

New Moon: you've gone away. You've fled the sky
And left the stars to twinkle 'round the dome
That you did once inhabit as ally
To light the way to show the night Knight home.

The night is black, the pathways dimly shown.
The Child who once relied upon your beam
Walks home at night all frightened and alone
A tale of Dragons hungry there to dream.

First Quarter Moon: You wax the night to shine,
Returning from your sojourn in the void.
The Man divines from old your new design:
He knows that you are simply planetoid.

But Child sees friend who leaves and then returns.
And from the changes seen begins to learn
The order of the months and of the years,
The cycles of his life: the cheers and tears.

Full Moon: release in each Adult the Child:
Astonished, marveled, full of wonder wild.
Help him discover Knights from deep within,
Princesses all around, thoughts sovereign.

Illuminate the visions in his mind.
From worlds imagined help him conjure new.
Defend, protect, let not the real world bind
The awe he felt when first he gazed at you.

Copyright James S. Huggins

In December of 1989 I was giving a gift of a watch that featured the phases of the moon. I wanted to compose a poem to accompany the gift. The poem expresses meaning at many levels, including several private ones.

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moons, fantasy, knight, night, cycles, love, phases, moon phases, phases of the moon . . . moons, fantasy, knight, night, cycles, love, phases, moon phases, phases of the moon