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Personal Biography for James S. Huggins

James Huggins was born in Austin, Texas. His father was an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry. The family moved to Arlington, Texas where James attended kindergarten, then to Phoenix, Arizona where he spent his grade school years.

In 1967, the family moved to the Clear Lake area, south of Houston, Texas, near the Johnson Space Center. James attended Clear Creek High School there (along with the astronauts' children) during the years of the first lunar landings. He moved to Dallas to attend college (University of Dallas).

Since then he has lived and worked in Dallas (and the surrounding metroplex), Houston, Austin, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Chicago with a few small towns tucked in for good measure.

Throughout his life he has been continually placed in leadership positions: top scholastic honors each grade during grade school, captain of the school safety patrol, patrol leader in Boy Scouts, President of Student Council in grade school, President of the church youth organization all four years of High School and President of Student Government in college.

His interests are broad and varied. For example, while in high school he participated for two summers in extensive environmental studies of Clear Lake and the Clear Creek Basin. These studies won U. S. presidential awards. As another example, in 1969 he founded, with five other high school students, a television production company. They then talked their way into the press center to cover the first lunar landing.

He received his college degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, at a liberal arts university: the University of Dallas. Philosophy, History, Theology, English Literature, Politics, Art History, Economics and other similar studies contributed significantly to his education and continue to interest James even today.

Additionally, he attended the University's campus in Rome for one of his sophomore semesters. The school weeks there are four days long: the three-day weekends are for travel. Over 75 percent of the University's sophomore's participate in this program, the highest recorded percentage in the United States. Since then, he has been back to Europe for one long vacation, and several times to speak professionally.

Although focused in the information technology industry, James has written and produced industrial video, developed technical education programs, consulted with national political parties regarding their data processing efforts, worked in sales and marketing and speaks professionally on a variety of technology topics.

He has been married once, and is now divorced. He has no children.

When he is not working, he loves to read, to travel and to learn.

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personal biography, clear creek high school, university of dallas . . . personal biography, clear creek high school, university of dallas