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Personal Art - - - A picture of abstract art in the style of Mondrian - - - original photo from Microsoft Clip Art Collection
Personal Art

When I began this website, I was exploring, not entirely sure why I wanted one or what I would do with it.

One of the things I've been encouraged to put onto the site is my personal art: both my visual art (my photographs and my electronic creations, as well as digital copies of my non-digital work) and my literary art (primarily poetry and short stories).

As I was encouraged to do that, I decided to check out what others were doing. I was concerned with art theft and the protection of my copyrights.

As I research these topics, I encountered some interesting information and began to assemble pages to deal with this. And, I began to join organizations (typically web organizations) devoted to creator's rights (what they often call artist's rights).

This research activity has consumed my time to date and I have only now begun to add my visual and literary art to the site.

But when I do, I'll be advising everyone on my Snippets email list.

And, when I do, because of the work I've done so far, I'll be a lot "safer" in that effort.


Poetry: Bright Copper KettlesPoetry: Bright Copper Kettles: This poem was inspired by a discussion with a friend. It addresses the pain of relationships and the security of cats. 

Poetry: MoonsPoetry: Moons: What do you see when you look at the moon? 

Copyright Issues

Search Engine DisputesSearch engine Disputes: The technology of the web, the power of search engines and the rights of creators have collided. This page addresses some of the current concerns, links to current stories on the controversy and identifies resources, both on and off the web that may be of use. 

Parody & "Fair Use"Parody & "Fair Use": What is parody and how does copyright law and trademark law treat this particular form of imitative work? 

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art, visual art, literary art, web art, protecting art, artists rights . . . art, visual art, literary art, web art, protecting art, artists rights