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Sorry About That, But . . .The News Page You Requested Is No Longer Available On The Web - - - Photo of the start of a website URL - - - original photo from Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live
Sorry About That, But . . .
The News Page You Requested Is No Longer Available On The Web

The page you requested was originally available on another site. I referenced it and created a link to it. 

But it has "disappeared".

The problem is that it was at a "news" site and many "news" sites do not maintain a significant history and archive.

I have left the reference on my site because some of the information on my page derived from the referenced page.

And, I have pointed you here just so you will know that I know that it isn't there any more.

It isn't really a great solution, but it is better than

(a) removing the reference or

(b) a broken link.

If you can think of a better solution, let me know.

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Tue, 20.Jun.2000

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16:17, Sat, 10.May.2014

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