Refrigerator Door - Photograph copyright Cynthia E. Jones. Used with permission. See and

James S. Huggins'
Refrigerator Door

Magnets pin them up for everyone to see. Quotes. Clippings. Cartoons. Phone numbers. Business cards. Family photos. Pets. Sketches we have made. Souvenirs of trips taken, sights seen and places been. Snippets of life, held on a refrigerator door.

Step into any home. The refrigerator door reveals the personalities and peculiarities and particulars of the inhabitants.

I am an eclecticist. I draw on a variety of disciplines, systems, talents, skills and experiences in my work.

I am a writer.

And, I am a professional speaker.

This website is my personal, electronic refrigerator door. I don't use magnets; I use millions of bits of electromagnetism. And this refrigerator door is so big, I'll never run out of room.

This red refrigerator door covered with magnets was made by handicapped children, in a project sponsored by Antique Appliances at It was displayed in an art gallery in Atlanta. Photo copyright Antique Appliances. Used with permission.Here on this site you can find out about me, just as you would find out about anyone by looking at their refrigerator door.

You can discover information about topics like technology and privacy topics I speak and write about.

You will find examples of motivational and humorous stories.

You may wonder about my criteria for posting on this site. Bottom line: this is my refrigerator door. If I like it, I stick it up.

Sure. Part of the site is blatant self promotion. It lets meeting planners and potential consulting clients find me and find out about me.

This quilt, entitled "Portrait of the Artist as a....Refrigerator" was created by Ann Wasserman. The quilt, created in 2000, is 36" x 67" and constructed of cotton, nylon, felt. color transfers, fabric constructions and machine quilted. It has shown at the Museum of American Quilters Society, KY. It is for sale.But it is also just a big, electronic refrigerator door: my chance to post the stuff I like to let other people see.

Write to tell me what you think. I want to hear from you. You can email me. And, if there is something you were looking for that you didn't find, or a suggestion of something you think I should add, I'd like to know that too. And, if you want to get onto my mailing list, just ask.

So, enjoy your visit. Step on in and explore. The buttons on the left or the links at the bottom will take you there. If this is your first time here, or if you haven't been here for a while, may I suggest my Front Door. It even includes more examples of "refrigerator doors".

But, whatever you do here, remember to have fun. Because life is too important to take seriously.

James S. Huggins
Eclecticist, Author & Professional Speaker

PS: From 11.Sep.2001 through 11.Sep.2002, I had a special "9/11" splash page" on my site. Since I took it down, several people wrote to say that they had heard about it and to ask where they could see it. Click here to see the general splash page I used for that year. Click here to see the special splash page that I used to "black out" my site on 11.Sep.2002.

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