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Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

I've Been Named a Microsoft MVP for a Second Year

In April 2004 I received notice that I was selected as a Microsoft MVP (for the second year in recognition of my participation in the FrontPage community. I continued as an MVP until April 2009.

To find out more about the Microsoft MVP program, click here.


Refrigerator Door

Refrigerator Door

To help me track people that link to me I use a service that identifies newly indexed pages with phrases like "JamesSHuggins.com" and "James S. Huggins" and, of course, "Refrigerator Door". A article on Wired recently showed called "When Pop Goes Tech":

"To Henry Jenkins, the conference's program chair and director of the Comparative Media Studies Program at MIT, the Web is like a family's refrigerator door, a place parents show off their children's artwork -- turned global."

Thanks, Henry. My thoughts exactly.

Here is another one from a PC Magazine article titled "Free Home Pages and Communities":

"These [club and community] sites are more effective for using the Web as a virtual conference room for your small workgroup or civic club--or as a virtual refrigerator door for your extended family."

Internet Connected Refrigerator (from http://www.augustachronicle.com/images/headlines/100198/JAPAN_PC_WORLDLR.jpg) How about one more? An article from the Augusta Chronicle showing an internet connected refrigerator.

This new appliance is supposed to be smart enough to keep track of what's inside, store recipes and make your grocery list?

Of course, this was years ago and it still hasn't happened.

What is taking so long?

Kid Territory Section of the San Diego Zoo

Then, recently, I found another one. In the Kid Territory section of the San Diego Zoo, is the Kid Art on the Refrigerator Door. It features art by kids that the zoo posts on its virtual refrigerator door, just like I post my own articles and interests here.

Refrigerator Door Quilt by Annie Copeland

Then, most recently, Ann Wasserman, whose refrigerator door quilt I feature on the Home Page of my site, wrote to tell me about a web page dedicated to quilts about refrigerators. And shortly after that I heard from Annie Copeland, a quilter featured on that web page. She was kind enough to send me her graphic to put on my site. (But it is hard to see here. Click here to go see it in all its bigness.

(You should also check out my Home Page for some photos of other "refrigerator doors".)


I have a mailing list. I use it to send out Snippets: tidbits I find interesting. I mail them usually (but not always) at least once a week and rarely (though sometimes) more than once a day. I also use them to let people know about new stuff on my website. If you want to get onto my Snippets list, just sign up on my Snippets Page.


Cool Stuff Page
every day interesting "stuff" crosses my desk. Some isn't important enough to put here permanently, but it is interesting enough to show up for a while. This is my Cool Stuff Page.


Multiple Sclerosis
I've created a section on my site to address Multiple Sclerosis. It's been fun and it is winning some awards. To find out why, and to see the pages, click here.


My Brother is a U-2 Pilot
A while back he served in the NATO/Yugoslavia conflict. While he was there I created a special U-2 page and put up a Keeping the Homefires Burning "virtual candle" (see below) to honor him, his plane, the U-2, and the other NATO and U. S. Soldiers. He then returned to Europe on another assignment and returned back home as well. And, he moved on to fly jets for United Airlines. However, in December 2001, he responded again to our country's needs: he returned to the Air Force to resume his role as a U-2 pilot. Click here to visit my brother's tribute page and learn about the U-2.


Peter Chantilis, 1934 - 1999
Some years ago I lost a colleague, fellow professional speaker and friend when Peter Chantilis passed away. It seems like only yesterday he was here, among us, making us laugh. Take a moment to visit to his tribute page to learn about this great guy.


My Resume, Bio, Schedule, Articles . . .  
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Want Some Site Tips?
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What in the world are all the graphics on this page?
I am proud of the organizations I belong to and the web programs I support.  I like to celebrate and promote them.  Also, some programs "require" you to put their graphics on your "main" page to participate in their program. It seemed only fair to put the others also. Finally, I don't use a lot of graphics on this site, so clumping them all here helps reduce the clutter!  Just click on any of the images to go to find out more information about these organizations.

Special Recognitions

Microsoft MVP - FrontPage


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6th Annual POW/MIA Blackout Day --- February 1, 2004
4th Annual POW/MIA Blackout Day --- February 1, 2003

This Award is issued to this site by the
executive Committee of the POW/MIA Freedom Fighters Organization,
for it's early and steadfast commitment to our missing Warriors
for its early commitment to honor POW/MIA Internet Blackout Day, 01.Feb.2004.

Operation Just Cause
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