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Contact Information

Home: Email Me for My Phone Number
Fax: 270 . 596 . 0140
eMail: See HERE for Email Information
Website: www.JamesSHuggins.com
Snail Mail:

11150 Beamer Road #109-U2A
Houston, Texas 77089-2331

Professional Interests

I am interested in engagements in several areas, including, but not limited to:

In addition, I am open to other employment positions including:

I am open to both contract and traditional employment as well employment with an intermediate “contract firm". Travel is an option. However, at this time, relocation is not possible due to medical limitations.

Career Summary

More than thirty five years of business experience, with emphasis in Information Technology, in varied technical, application and industry areas. Responsibilities have been primarily technical, but have included Recruiter and Account Manager roles as well.

Technical responsibilities have included Project Leader, System Architect, Senior Technologist, Business Analyst, User Liaison, Facilitator and involvement in many large application development projects. Industry experience includes Mortgage Banking, Credit Card Banking, Oil and Gas, and non-profit organizations. Technical platforms include mainframes, minis and personal computers with a variety of languages, databases and system software environments.

Additional experience has included industrial television, sales and marketing support, including development and delivery of both technical and executive presentations, technical recruiting and training of both technical and non-technical staff.

Additional experience has been in writing, primarily in technical documentation and training material authorship.

Additional experience has included a role as an international professional speaker.

Career experience

Feb 2002 — Present

The Eclectic Power Company (My own personal corporation)
Senior Electic  

The Eclectic Power Company was created to provide a large and diverse variety of business and personal services, including business coaching, lifestyle coaching, writing, editing, book publishing, video scripting, video production, technology services, software development, process "engineering" and "reengineering", web development and management, meeting planning, meeting facilitation, training development, training delivery, presentation development, presentation skills training, keynotes, breakouts, seminars and other professional speaking services, as well as developed products, including books, ebooks, pamphlets, software, novelties, posters, advertising specialties and promotional products. The name ("The Eclectic Power Company") was specifically chosen to reflect the large and diverse variety of these products and services, the large and diverse variety of talents and skills of the principals of the firm and the underlying principle of bringing together diverse and varied talents, skills and people to solve business and life problems.

At Eclectic Power I am currently engaged primarily in web development, contract writing, business coaching and professional speaking assignments.

I also have responsibilities for new business development.

Mar 2000 — Feb 2002

Technical Staff

System design and project management responsibilities for a major redesign of the Conversion/Acquisition system. Redesign was to (a) decompose programs into independent functional modules, (b) dynamically combine independent functional modules into custom programs based on business criteria specified by business analysts, (c) maximize code reuse and (d) minimize custom code and (e) improve linkages between business requirements specifications and code modules.

Developed and presented customer communications related to this project. Acted as meeting facilitator for cross-functional reviews and design resolution activities.

Throughout 1999

Primedia Workplace Learning (customer)
Consultant and On-Camera Host

Served as on-camera host and subject matter expert for a variety of television broadcasts, including:

Feb 1999 — Jan 2000

Excel Communications (customer)
Consultant and Y2K Remediation Expert

Served as lead for Y2K remediation of online legacy billing application. This remediation effort served as the prototype. This remediation effort was the first completed. It passed all lab tests by the independent Y2K audit team without any incidents.

Subsequent to Y2K remediation, served on the team for development and installation of the new billing system. Responsible for tracking and monitoring user acceptance test incidents and coordinating resources for correction. Functioned as an interface between the user community and the technical community.

Following conversion from the old/legacy system to the new system, served as a resource on the Post Conversion Support Team continuing the final system implementation.

Feb 1999 — Mar 1999

Metamor ITS (customer)
Consultant and Project Auditor

Assisted in audit of Mississippi Automated Child Welfare Information System (MACWIS) project with Maximus, Inc. Served as Metamor representative to the audit.

May 1997 — Jan 1999

Director of Extended Services

Director of extended Services, within the Services Arena. Responsible for support of specialty practices (e.g., Year 2000, Client/Server and Data Warehousing). Responsibilities include solution evaluation, project start-up and quality reviews. Communications support includes speeches, presentations and panel participation within national and local, industry conferences, seminars and association functions.

During first three weeks with Softworks, delivered six, one-hour presentations on The Top 5 Testing Pitfalls and Real World Testing Strategies as part of a three-hour seminar sponsored by Meta Group, Computer Concepts and Softworks to forums in Atlanta, New York, Boston, Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco. Subsequent speeches have included California, Massachusetts, New York, Toronto, Canada, Paris, France and London, England.

Wrote and published two part article on Y2K Testing: "Testing, Testing, 1-2-3: The Critical Step in Year 2000 Projects" — Part I (August, 1997) and Part II (September, 1997) — Technical Support magazine.

(Articles are available online at www.JamesSHuggins.com/articles)

In conjunction with SOFTWORKS Services group, designed and implemented a special service offering. The offering identified, recruited and trained individuals not currently in the Information Technology sector, providing them with knowledge and skills for Cobol mainframe maintenance and development work. All trained individuals were placed as billable consultants at a client site.

Functioned as on-site mentor to continue education/training past the classroom phase.

(Additionally, while on site, developed an 'intelligent', 'dynamic' file reporting subsystem that creates formatted, field labeled, reports of data files without user intervention, based on the file copybook. This subsystem eliminated the need to write between 60 and 120 custom report programs.)

Working with Marketing and Product Development, developed a seminar series entitled Taming the enterprise Availability Beast. Presented the seminar in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas. New York, San Francisco and Washington DC. Future venues include Sydney and Melbourne (Oct 1998), as well as Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Stockholm (Spring 1999).

May 1986 — Apr 1997

Senior Technologist 

As Senior Technologist, provided project and technical leadership for client projects and served as an information and advisory resource for corporate and regional COMSYS offices.

Last assigned to Management Services and Technical Practices, COMSYS centers of excellence providing project management assistance, technical assistance and marketing support to COMSYS branches nationwide. Principal activities were focused in the Year 2000 practices and included project, RFI and RFP evaluations, proposal preparation, project engagement initiation, project advisories, marketing literature development, marketing support and public presentations at nationwide forums as COMSYS' principal speaker on the Year 2000 Problem.

As Quality Specialist, served on the vanguard team for Quality Quest (the COMSYS Total Quality Management Program). Designated Quality Specialist as part of first TQM program.

MBNA Information Services (client assignment)

Team member on the TACS (Telephone Access Customer Support) Superstation project, a client/server system replacing an existing CICS/3270 system. Responsible for design, code and implementation of the Monetary Adjustments server modules. Tasks assignment began two months behind schedule. Completed tasks on schedule.

Authored prototype design specification documents and assisted project office adaptation for use by the entire project.

MBNA Information Services (client assignment)

Served as Assistant to the Project Director for the TRAMS project. This project installed and customized a purchased system to process incoming and outgoing credit card transactions.

Analyzed system for compliance with changing Visa and MasterCard regulations and authored compliance requirement documents.

Developed and monitored system testing process.

MBNA Information Services (client assignment)

Served as Project Architect for the Dynamic Card Carrier enhancement Project. Provided technical design, authored all core design documents, developed core system modules including flexible print controllers, lexical analyzers (parameter parsers) and print driver subroutines. Served as technical liaison to the hardware vendors and as business process liaison to the user community.

This project replaced pre-printed credit card mailers with 100% laser printed mailers, including proportional fonts, customizable text, embedded text variables and an English-like parameter set to control layout design and customization.

Corporate Director of Training and Education (internal assignment)

Served as Corporate Director of Training and education, establishing a company-wide Consultant Training Program. Created a pilot Corporate Training Center facility, including laboratory workstations and the accompanying physical facility. Developed technical courses, intended primarily for COMSYS consultants, but also delivered to customers. Examples include:

Other courses included Telon, Batch IMS, Interactive IMS, CICS and Advanced DB2.

Delivered these, and other, courses to COMSYS Consultants as well as client organizations.

Assisted planning, deployment and initial training for a LAN-based Micro Focus development and maintenance environment for major oil company.

Developed and promoted the regional training center concept and implemented initial transition into decentralized program.

IBM/ISSC (client assignment)

Consultant to IBM/ISSC on joint proposal to State of Texas. Advised on CASE tools, staffing plans, costing scenarios, security technology.

Member of the COMSYS team evaluating participation options and developing concurrent proposal for COMSYS participation.

Texas State Board of Insurance (client assignment)

Developed portions of an on-line system to support capture and analysis of Detail Claim Information for Workman's Compensation Insurance using the Oracle RDBMS, including SQL*FORMS and SQL*PLUS.

Sr. Software engineer

Lomas Information Systems (client assignment)

Supported conversion from Unisys to an IBM mainframe environment.

Developed and supported a subsystem to access and interpret the IMS data dictionary and load tables providing time-stamped descriptions of the defined databases to permit programmatic understanding of IMS defined data structures.

Developed a parameter compiler to translate user specified English-like parameters for system edits into control tables. Wrote a Cobol II utility to emulate the 'READ Y TRACe'.

Developed generic I/O module to manage I/O to flat files, VSAM files and IMS databases, including dynamic allocation and key access to non-key files.

Served as engagement Manager and Andersen Consulting Liaison for all COMSYS staff in the conversion team.

Software engineer

Exxon Company, U.S.A. (client assignment)

Designed and developed enhancements to the Computer Automated Production System (CAPS) using Fortran and SPL on an HP 3000. CAPS is exxon's Oil and Gas Production Accounting System performing real-time data acquisition and historical accounting and reporting. It interfaces to their baseline Accounting System.

Improvements included:

ARKLA Oil  Gas (client assignment)

Participated in a team environment responsible for the modification and enhancement of the Gas Accounting System to interface with a new General Ledger System and a restructured Chart of Accounts. This project required analysis and modification of all gas accounting modules which impacted individual company and corporate financial information. Developed detailed program specifications and test plans, coding changes (Cobol, IMS DB, VSAM and MARK IV), testing and implementation. Of the original contract staff of approximately 30, one of three retained to final project completion.

Apr 1986 — May 1986

Trucking Service Company (customer)

Designed and developed a Front-office Automation System using the Oracle RDBMS on IBM PCs. Installed Oracle on IBM PCs.

System was designed to provide regulatory reporting for independent truckers, and to process all related business transactions (e.g., invoices and statements) associated with the service.

Jan 1985 — Apr1986

American Management Systems

Project team member for the development and testing of a Property Accounting and Control System (PACS) and the Oil and Gas Information System (OGIS). Primarily responsible for the Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization subsystem. Wrote specifications, coded, tested and implemented using Cobol, VSAM, IMS DB, and AMS Foundation software.

Provided pre- and post-sale marketing support.

Converted PACS from AMS Reporter language to Cobol and IMS DB, including functional enhancements.

Aug 1984 — Dec 1984

American Management Systems (customer)

Project team member for the Harvard University Alumni Office project. This system provides complete, unified support to the Alumni and Development Offices.

Developed data conversion system to migrate from the existing IBM batch Cobol system to an HP 3000 system using HP's database and transaction software (Image, Query, V/3000). Deliverables includes strategies, procedures, algorithms and software.

Aug 1983 —  Aug 1984

 Image Dynamics

Developed, coded and implemented a Campaign Management System written in dBASE II for CP/M and later migrated to IBM PCs using MS-DOS. Final system included approximately 80,000 lines of dBASE II code.

Developed VOTES/SC for use by State and County political parties. Assisted marketing to and supervised installation at the Republican Party of Texas. Conducted all training, including general computer concepts, word processing and spreadsheets.

Provided technical support to marketing staff.

Coordinated complete rewrite of all standard corporate contracts and served as staff consultant and attorney liaison for all intellectual property rights issues.

Jan 1981 —  Aug 1983

Stalsby and Wilson

Developed (designed, coded, tested and implemented) Petroleum Systems, including Petroleum Marketing Accounting, Supply

Distribution, and Contract Tracking.

Participant in the development of a Tank Monitoring and Yield Accounting System on a microcomputer using FORTRAN.

Converted Petroleum Marketing Accounting System from an IBM 36 to an HP 3000 environment using Cobol.

Implemented these systems at client organizations on a variety of hardware, including IBM mainframe, IBM System 36, IBM

System 38, TI 990, and HP 3000 using Cobol, FORTRAN, VSAM and KSAM.

Developed specialized emulating routines to permit emulation of TI and IBM terminals on HP 3000s.

Designated Publisher/editor of Stalsby's Who's Who in Petroleum Supply when the publication was acquired. Completely redesigned the publication as well as all related databases, software and office procedures.

Coordinated complete rewrite of all standard corporate contracts and served as staff consultant and attorney liaison for all intellectual property rights issues.

Jun — Jan 1981

Coastal Corporation

Developed (designed, coded, tested and implemented) an interactive Truck Ticket Data Capture System in compiled Basic on a PDP 11/34. The system (in California) communicated with the Contract Billing System (in Houston) to download contract data, upload truck lift ticket data and produce product invoices on site within hours of lifting. Reduced invoicing time from 5 days to 18 hours or less.

Team lead. Installed and analyzed the Coopers and Lybrand software system to perform Department of energy (DOe) Pricing Reporting, then designed and implemented changes to transform the software into a compliance modeling system. Internal and external legal counsel used the system to model the effect of different interpretations of DOe regulations in anticipation of litigation with the DOe. Served as principal technical interface with external counsel.

Evaluated System Analysis and Development Methodologies and wrote management exposition paper exploring options for adoption of a new methodology.

Jan 1978 — Jun 1978

Independent Consultant

Worked as an independent consultant specializing in HP 3000 systems.

Largest client was the Southern Baptist Radio and TV Commission.

Jun 1976 — Jan 1978

Management Shares
Programmer Analyst

Led a team which designed and developed an on-line, interactive, database hosted, General Ledger System, with integrated Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Subsystems, for an HP 3000.

Jun 1975 — Jun 1976
Independent Consultant

Jun 1975 — Jun 1976

Independent Consultant

Assisted in conversion of all business applications from a Honeywell 120 to an HP 3000 at the University of Dallas.

Designed and developed Accounts Payable system for the University of Dallas.

Coordinated all telecommunications at the University of Dallas. Developed automated system to process telephone billing, department budget chargebacks and call/expense analysis. Supervised all student workers on the main switchboard. Wrote switchboard operations and procedures manual and performed all training. Functioned as liaison between the university and the telephone company.

Wrote and directed two video programs for Texas Instruments, Dallas: (1) a video to train employees on the use of an in-house world-wide message transmission network, and (2) a film to train outside retail sales personnel on the features and use of TI calculators.

Sep 1971 — Jun 1975

University of Dallas

As a freshman, one of five students granted unlimited access to the university computer system. Lab assistant for the computer science course.

As a sophomore, a student worker in the Computer Department. Continued through senior year, including summers.

Assisted in the conversion from an IBM 1130 to a Honeywell 120. Co-developed a circulation control system for the university library.



Active on the COMSYS Software engineer Advisory Panel from its creation in early 1989 through its completion in November 1989.

Designated COMSYS Field Support Manager when the FSM program was first created, November 1989.

Brief assignments at COMSYS as Account Manager (interim position) and Recruiter (special project).

Public speaker at conferences, seminars and professional societies on a variety of technical and related topics (e.g., the Year 2000 Problem, ECommerce, Technology Trends, Quality, Teams).

Active and/or recent memberships in professional societies, including the Association of Information Technology Professionals (formerly Data Processing Management Association), the Association for Systems Management, the Association for Computing Machinery, the Institute of electrical and electronics engineers, the Ieee Computer Society, the National Systems Programmers Association, Interex (the HP 3000 Users Group), DECUS (the DEC Users Group), Mensa, Intertel, the International Society for Philosophical enquiry, Toastmasters, the National Speakers Association and the North Texas Speakers Association.

Served on Board of Directors of the National Speakers Association / North Texas.

Prior observer on the ANSI X3J4 Cobol Standards Committee. 


B.A., Mathematics, University of Dallas, cum laude, 1975

President of University of Dallas Alumni Association June 1985 to February 1986. Secretary June 1984 to June 1985.

Student Government President, senior year, University of Dallas.

Founding member, Student Foundation, senior year, University of Dallas

High School

Team member, Clear Creek Basin Water Quality Study, summers of 1971 and 1972. Received U. S. Presidential commendations both years.

One of a select student group granted access to the Region IV education Agency computer, senior year, high school. Program allowed independent, self-directed study of computer science and programming and the use of the computer facility to assist other class work.

Attended National Science Foundation Summer Science Training Program at Loyola University, New Orleans, summer of 1970: Chemical Kinetics, electronics and Computer Science.

Founded Young Vision Productions, summer 1969. Purchased bulk cable network time and produced a weekly local interest program. Obtained access to the NASA JIP-C Press Center to cover the first manned lunar landing. Constructed a mobile recording facility and conducted an interview of Jules Bergman, ABC Television Science editor on site at the Johnson Space Center.

President of parish youth organization (CYO) all four years of high school.

Clear Creek High School, League City, Texas (serving the NASA Johnson Space Center), 1967—1971. Rank 22/628. National Merit Semifinalist.

High School

President of all-school Student Government, eighth grade. Secretary seventh grade.

Village Meadows Grade School, Phoenix Arizona, 1960—1967. Skipped first grade. Top male scholastic honors every year. Salutatorian.

Ethnicity and Citizenships

American Indian and citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

Technical experience


IBM 30XX series, IBM 43XX series, IBM PC (and compatibles), IBM System 34/36/38, HP 3000, PDP 11/34, TI 990, RCA Spectra 70, CDC 3300, IBM 1130, Honeywell 120, IBM 1620


Cobol, Basic, Fortran, MVS, TSO/ISPF, VSAM, IMS DB, Abend Aid, File Aid, dBASe II, dBASe III, Pascal, C, Ada, Assembler, (HP) Image, (HP) Query, (HP) V/3000, SQL, Oracle, SQL*FORMS, SQL*PLUS, DB2, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, Database Manager (DB2/2), Micro Focus Workbench, Micro Focus Visual Object Cobol, WordPerfect, Lotus, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, HTML


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