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This page provides the credits for items on my website, particularly for the the graphics on my website, that I have acquired from other sources.

I endeavor to always obtain permission and to give credit for whatever material I use.

Use of Other Material

This site has attempted to comply with both the letter and the spirit of copyright law and creators rights. Material has been used only if it is reasonably believed that the material is within the public domain or that such use constitutes "Fair Use" as permitted by the law or if explicit permission is obtained.


Some material on this site is partly based on internet postings of material reasonably believed to be anonymous and/or public domain material. Such material is identified on each page affected. The particular version on this site was edited, adapted and supplemented, and is Copyright © 1997-2014, by James S. Huggins. Feel free to copy and circulate this material. When you do, please credit this author and reference this website (www.JamesSHuggins.com).


Some material on this site is partly based on copyrighted material excerpted across the internet. This material is copyright by the original author. Such material, and the respective copyright and other attribution, is identified on each page affected. These excerpts have been made, and offered to you without fee or payment, for research and educational purposes, in accordance with Fair Use provisions of U. S. copyright law and guidelines from the Newsletter Publishers Association. Additional material added to these excerpts is Copyright © 1997-2014, by James S. Huggins. If you reference this material, please reference both the original site as well as this author and this website (www.JamesSHuggins.com).


No graphics have been copied from other sources except

  1. in accordance with general permissions and restrictions,
     (e.g., commercial cleared source graphics collections)
  2. in accordance with specific permission from the artist
    (e.g., awards, link graphics), and
  3. in conjunction with specific "Fair Use"
    (e.g., trademarks copied for product reference or parody humor pages).

Mirror Copies

Some links on this site are links to a mirror copy of another page on the internet. These links are identified by a special link bullet consisting of three red diamonds pointing right to left. This other page is copyright by the original author. This mirror copy has been made, and offered to you without fee or payment, for research and educational purposes, in accordance with Fair Use provisions of U. S. copyright law and guidelines from the Newsletter Publishers Association. This mirror copy has been made because the original is now unavailable for some reason. If you reference this material, please reference both the original site as well as this author and this website (www.JamesSHuggins.com).

Notifications of Misuse of Copyrighted Material

If, despite my best efforts, I have misused copyrighted material, please notify me, James S. Huggins, as soon as possible at a my "rights issues" email address created just for that purpose.

Also, I've created a special, DMCA page to tell you exactly what to do.

Copyright Membership Organizations

For more information on organizations that promote respect for copyright, see my Memberships Page.

JavaScript Code

iStockphoto.comThe JavaScript Source: An excellent source of JavaScript code and the source of several JavaScripts I have used on my site. ««»»

Specific Stock Sources for Graphics

The two sources I most commonly use sources for free stock graphics are:

iStockphoto.comiStockphoto.com: Originally completely free, it has now converted to an incredibly cheap source of excellent photography and other graphics. I have only used it for the photography. This is now my most used source of the photos on this site, replacing Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live which was previously #1. I try to use it whenever I can because I like honoring the work of individual artists, instead of just selecting clip art from a large corporate portfolio. See also below, for individual credits of the work I have used from this source. ««»»

Microsoft Office Design Gallery LiveMicrosoft Office Design Gallery Live: Clip art and stock photos available for free use for users of Microsoft software. This is my second most used source for the photos and graphics on this site having been passed by iStockphoto.com. (Note: unlike graphics obtained through iStockphoto and other sources, individual graphics obtained through the Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live are not necessarily noted on this page.) ««»»

Government Graphics

In most cases, photos by the U. S. Government (e.g., NASA, Air Force) are not subject to copyright. (Think about it. The government represents us. It wouldn't make much sense for the people who represent us to restrict the use of the photos that they take on our behalf with our money. Then again, using the "it wouldn't make much sense" standard is not a good way to evaluate government.)

For such photos, I provide through the alt text or additional text accompanying the photo, the source of the photo. For examples, see my U-2 graphics and also this humor page.

Unknown Sources for Graphics

Some of the graphics on my site are from unknown sources. Although I now attempt to keep accurate records identifying sources, this was not always true. I am working through my website, adding credit information as I can. When the source of a graphic is unknown, I note this in the alt text for the graphic.

Requesting Permission

In some cases, I use a graphic even though permission has not been given. I do this so that when I request permission, the owner will be able to see how the graphic will be used. Such graphics are noted as "permission requested". If such permission is granted, the record will be changed to note that. If permission is denied, the graphic will be promptly removed.

Suggesting a Photo

From time to time artists write to suggest a photo for a page. Feel free. Here are my general guidelines:

  • I prefer photos instead of "clip art
  • If I am not using a photo at all, I am the most receptive to suggestions
  • If the current photo I am using either from an unknown source or is from a "bulk" source like the Microsoft Digital Graphics Library, I am also likely to be receptive to suggestions
  • If I'm already using a photo from an individual artist (like one from iStockphoto), I am less likely to change it.

So, if you have a photo you'd like to suggest, just let me know.

Individual Graphic Permissions for Miscellaneous Graphics

Refrigerator door with postcards, photos and notes, on the Home Page
Photo by and copyright Cynthia e. Jones. Used with permission. See cynthiaejones.tripod.com

Red refrigerator door covered with magnets, on the Home Page
This red refrigerator door covered with magnets was made by handicapped children, in a project sponsored by Antique Appliances. It was displayed in an art gallery in Atlanta. Photo copyright Antique Appliances. Used with permission. See www.AntiquEAppliances.com and www.AntiquEAppliances.com/images/magnet.jpg

Quilt of the refrigerator door with magnets and notes, on the Home Page
This quilt, entitled "Portrait of the Artist as a....Refrigerator" was created by Ann Wasserman. The quilt, created in 2000, is 36" x 67" and constructed of cotton, nylon, felt. color transfers, fabric constructions and machine quilted. It has shown at the Museum of American Quilters Society, KY. It is for sale. Ann writes:

I came up with this idea when challenged to make a piece for a show entitled "Narrative Portraits". Refrigerator "stuff" provides a glimpse of where our lives are and what's important to us, and generally includes a good dose of humor, too. I love standing in my friends' kitchens reading their refrigerators. I use mine to post thoughts and images that remind me of my path, help me through my days. This quilt was a big step for me, my first adventure in what I like to call high-tech quilting. It's the first time I've ever done anything to the fabric besides cut and stitch it. It's also the funniest quilt I've ever made.

Photo and quilt copyright Ann Wasserman. Used with permission. See Ann's site at www.annquilts.com and www.annquilts.com/ArtQuilts/portraitoftheartist.html

Hexagonal chain mail in my Webring Section
Graphic by Dylon Whyte of artofchainmail.com. Copyright 2001 Dylon Whyte and James S. Huggins.

Mount everest, on the Sir edmund Hillary page
Copyright Jenifer Tidwell - Used with permission. From www.mit.edu/~jtidwell/nepal/kalapattar-everest-large.jpg. See also  www.mit.edu/~jtidwell/nepal and www.mit.edu/~jtidwell.

Jordache Jeans, on the Baby Boomer / Gen-X page
Photo copyright Fossilz.com. Used with permission.

Barbara Sher, on the Quotes by Barbara Sher page
Portrait of Barbara Sher; acquired from Barbara Sher (through Andrea, Barbara's assistant); used with permission; more information is available at Barbara Sher's website.

Boycott Delta Logo, on the Boycott Delta Webring page
From the BoycottDelta.com website; used with permission; more information is available at BoycottDelta.com.

Don't Spy On Us Logo, on the Don't Spy On Us Webring page
From the DontSpyOn.us website; used with permission; more information is available at DontSpyOn.us.

Individual Graphic Permissions for Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live

Note: unlike graphics obtained through iStockphoto and other sources, individual graphics obtained through the Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live are not necessarily noted on this page.

Chain links against blue background, on the A Wazillion Links Webring  page

Egg Timer, on the  Fifteen Minutes Webring  page

Individual Graphic Permissions for iStockphoto.com Graphics

These graphics have all been obtained and licensed through iStockphoto.com.

NB: I am experimenting with different layouts for the presentation of this information. This page is in flux.

Graphic   Where Used   Copyright by
Tree in four seasons   MS Pages   Maurice van der Velden
Gold ring stack   Webring.com Section   Jeff McIntosh
1. Prayer wheels and bell, Tibetan Buddhist temple, Katmandu, Nepal   Tantras from Nepal   Christine Gonsalves
2. Row boat   Corporate Regatta   Christine Gonsalves
1. Stuffed toy bears   Hugs and Hope   Daniel Norman
2. Starfish   Making a Difference   Daniel Norman
3. Frustrated Man   5 Toughest Questions   Daniel Norman
4. Phone Support Technician   Girlfriend/Wife Upgrade   Daniel Norman
5. Shaking Head   Rules Men Wish Women Would Learn   Daniel Norman
6. F on a Chalkboard   Count the Fs   Daniel Norman
Gift box   Random Acts of Kindness   bloodypixy
1. Pen   Price of Liberty   Andrea Gingerich
2. Heart   Valentine's Day   Andrea Gingerich
1. People on City Street   Paradoxes of Our Time   Rafal Dudziec
2. Pushpin   Other Stuff   Rafal Dudziec
Hands Holding Globe   Messages from God   Ruben Barrio
Dandelion   Inspirations for the Day   Nico Zorn
Cup of Coffee   Best Things in Life   Matjaz Slanic
Desks in a classroom   Things I've Learned   ewan Loughlin
Rubik's Cube   Affiliate Link Cloaker   Norton Amato Jr.
1. Man Reading Magazine   Articles About Me   Nick C
2. Boring Corporate Office   Corporate America Today   Nick C
3. Burnt Out Worker   Burn Out   Nick C
4. Magnifying Glass   Search engines Dispute   Nick C
1. Open Book   Books   kemie
2. Paper Airplane   Airplane Images Webring   kemie
3. Cups of Coffee with Foam   4ever Friends Webring   kemie
4. Hand Pointing to a Mouse Pointer   Links, Links and More Webring   kemie
Fat, Lazy Cat   Miscellaneous Cat Stuff   Joerg Hausmann
1. Streaker Button   Buttons   Barbara Henry
2. Red Lips   Kissing the Mirror   Barbara Henry
3. Clock   Internet Time
Internet Time - CNN
Internet Time - Multiples and Fractions
  Barbara Henry
4. Old Gear Assembly   see here at the bottom of the page for links to those pages   Barbara Henry
5. Wheelchair   Multiple Sclerosis Old   Barbara Henry
Light Bulb   Changing Light Bulbs   Martin Molenkamp
Chicken   Chicken Crossing the Road   Dave Brenner
1. Church with Clouds   Church Bulletin   Mike Panic
2. Loose Pile of Money   Ultimate Urban Legend   Mike Panic
1. Computer Genius   Too Serious About Computers   Ran Plett
2. Syringes   Drug Dealer / Software   Ran Plett
View from the Back of the Plane   Fasten Seat Belt   Brian Poirier
Long Bridge   Genie   Trae Regan
Cat   Guidlines for Cats   Alex de Groot
1. Fisheye Photo of PC Worker   Hello Help Line   ed Hidden
2. Fisheye Photo of PC Worker   Online Hacker Jargon File   ed Hidden

NB: I am experimenting with different layouts for the presentation of this information. This page is in flux.

1. Old Books and Pen, on the Language Questions page
2. Pen and Writing,
on the Quotations page.
     on the Quotations - General page and
     on the Quotations - New page

Photo copyright Lorenzo Colloreta.

1. Man With Blurred Head, on the Why Men Are Glad They Are Men page
VHS Tape, on the Culture Gap page
3. Signature
, on the Signature Stories page
Photo copyright Rich Cutter.

Heavenly Clouds, on the Messages from God - The Rejects page
Photo copyright Sibylle Kuske.

Toy Car, on the If Microsoft Built Cars page
Photo copyright Albert Skibinski.

Film Spool, on the Things You Learn By Watching Movies page
Photo copyright enad Turkovic.

Mosquito, on the Noah's Top Ten Sayings page
Photo copyright eric Shaw.

Potted Plant, on the You Know You're Getting Older page
Photo copyright Lars Forsberg.

Floating Colored Marbles, on the Ultimate email Virus page
Photo copyright Rich Foxall.

Island, on the Two Digits for a Date page
Photo copyright Lisa Devlin.

Close-up of Typewriter Ribbon, on the Y-to-K page
Photo copyright Craig Vanders.

A Man from the Back, on the Millennia Year Application Software System page
Photo copyright Sarah Lamont.

A Plate of Bagels, on the You Might Be a Yankee If . . . page
Photo copyright Jeff Pierson.

A Close-up of a Typewriter (eRT), on the Anagrams page
Photo copyright Ralf Herrmann.

Close-up of Letters AS, on the Copyright page
Photo copyright Bryan WEinstein.

Gorilla, on the Darwin Awards page
Photo copyright Daniel Sieradski.

Spider, on the Phobias, Hatreds and Dislikes page
Photo copyright Jeff Ocheltree.

Couple in Front of a Mountain, on the Nina Atwood page
Photo copyright Mark Howells.

1. Girl on the Floor, on the Quotations by Women page 2. Blurred Face, on the Prurient Programmers page
Photo copyright Bosse Küllenberg.

1. Avatars in Flight, on the Technology page, and
     on the Technology - Original Linked Page Is Gone page

2. Numeral Zero, on the Where Did Kilo . . . Cme From? page
3. Heart Radiating Spheres, on the Affaire de Coeur Webring page Photo copyright Alwyn Cooper.

Tape Measure, on the How Much Data Is That? page
Photo copyright Brian evans.

Piano Keyboard, on the Remember When page
Photo copyright José Manuel Ferrăo.

Silver Sunglasses, on the Sunscreen, Vonnegut and the Internet pages Photo copyright Virgil Viall.

Chrome Question Mark, on the Two or Ten page
Photo copyright Li Cat.

Theatre Tickets, on the Actors Webring page
Photo copyright Perry Kroll.

1. Red Christmas Ornament, on the Christmas Webring page 2 . Blue Toy Chicken Alone with Yellow Toy Chickens,     on the Anything & everything Webring page
. Red Metallic Heart, on the Alliance of Healing Hearts Webring page
. Purple and Pink Heart, on the Heart Writings Webring page
Photo copyright Jodie Coston.

1. Round Candles, on the Christmas Cooking and Crafts Webring page
. Parthenon in Athens, on the Democracy in America Webring page
Photo copyright Karen Grieve.

Santa Hat, on the Christmas from Santa Webring page
Photo copyright Rob Sylvan.

Gifts Wrapped in Gold, on the Christmas Shopping Webring page
Photo copyright Phil Sigin.

Christmas Angel, on the Christmas Victorian Style Webring page
Photo copyright Scott Carver.

Ornamental Snowflake, on the Happy Holidays Webring page
Photo copyright Greg Wellborn.

Mother Hugging a Child on Grass, on the Christmas Love Webring page
Photo copyright Martin de Wit.

Cat Peeking Out from Under a Curtain, on the Adorable Pet Stories Webring page
Photo copyright Pat Coughlin.

Monticello, on the American Colonies Webring page
Photo copyright Matthew Kazmierczak.

Political Button, on the NOT! Politically Correct Webring page
Photo copyright Jennifer Duncan.

Left Turn Sign, on the Liberals Webring page
Photo copyright Michael Tupy.

Old, red, Ford truck, on the Anti-Ford Webring page
Photo copyright ed Hughes.

Appaloosa horse, on the Appaloosa Horses Webring page
Photo copyright Don Palmer.

Hand Grasping Floating Ball, on the Applaud Webring page
Photo copyright erran Yearty.

Girl in a Frame, on the Bared Webring page
Photo copyright sdominick.

Cat in the Sun, on the Bark & Meow Webring page
Photo copyright Randy Sesser.

Binoculars on a Bird Book, on the Bird enthusiasts Webring page
Photo copyright Audrey Roorda.

BMW, on the BMW Webring page
Photo copyright Ramon Villamar.

Red "@", on the email Contact Information page
Photo copyright Joel R.

Soccer Ball, on the Soccer Webring page
Photo copyright Janne Heinonen

At Sign Above the World, on the Best Practices of email, ezine and List Management page
Photo copyright scorpion26

Standing Light Bulb, on the Microsoft and Changing Light Bulbs page
Photo copyright Tobbes

Out of Focus Candles, on the 11-September-2001 Webring page
Photo copyright tdammit

Colorful Tower Sculpture, on the 21st Century Art Webring page
Photo copyright lechnermedia

Abstract Stack of Colored Pastels, on the 3D Webring page
Photo copyright mevans

Baby Using a Computer, on the 4 Kidz / By Kidz Webring page
Photo copyright nko

A Pair of Dice in Motion, on the 4A Gambling Center Webring page
Photo copyright ajphoto

A Flag and a Rifle, on the A Gathering of Warriors Webring page
Photo copyright kccoffey

Head Shot of Man in Disarray, on the Abnormal Webring page
Photo copyright mammamaart

Self Portrait of a Photographer, on the About Me Webring page
Photo copyright Kantjil

Abstract Flower Petals, on the Abstract Artists Webring page
Photo copyright photoport

Cat Peeking Out Under Curtain, on the Adorable Pet Stories Webring page
Photo copyright PatSee

Hands Shaping a Spinning Pot, on the Art Pottery Webring page
Photo copyright TerryHealy

Baby Smiley Toy, on the I'm Addicted to Webrings Webring page
Photo copyright kywoman

1. Clock at 5 O'clock, on the After 5 Webring page
2. Wad of crumpled paper, on the Allegory Webring page
3. Rosary, on the Roman Catholic Webring page
Photo copyright diane39

Close up of a Soft Drink Tab, on the Soft Drinks Webring page
Photo copyright nmacpher

Winding Road Sign, on various Webring Join pages
Photo copyright BKindler

Can Telephone, on the CAN-SPAM Is Stupid page
Photo copyright Dan Fletcher

Man on Futon Reading Magazine, on the various TestZine pages
Photo copyright Lise Gagne

Country Mailbox, on the various Snippets pages
Photo copyright Bart Claeys

Downtown Dallas Across the Trinity River, on the various SITC 2004 IM pages
Photo copyright floop

Girl With Manila envelope, on the Gammadyne Mailer page
Photo copyright David Gilder

Envelope with Letter Opener, on the List Email Headers page
Photo copyright SKashkin

Scissors, on the Trimming List Posts page
Photo copyright Nathan Blaney

Knight in Armor, on the Sleepless Knights Webring page
Photo copyright Nita08.

Flag in Chains, on the Freedom of Speech Webring page
Photo copyright Mammamaart.

1. Flying Dice, on the Gambling Sites Webring page
2. Assorted Nuts, on the Nuts About Webrings Webring page
Photo copyright PattersonMinx.

Stacked Dice, on the Online Casinos Webring page
Photo copyright Bing.

Scales, on the Viewpoints Webring page
Photo copyright PaulCowan.

Flying Dice, on the A Gambling Center Webring page
Photo copyright ajphoto.

Stacks of Chips, on the Betting & Gaming Webring page
Photo copyright kmaassrock.

Flag in the Shape of Arkansas, on the Arkansas Webring page
Photo copyright RangerNiner.

Woman with Large Books, on the Book World page
Photo copyright Mario13.

Garden Gate, on the Landscape Webring page
Photo copyright tiburonstudios.

Cup of Coffee, on the Cafe Poetry Webring page
Photo copyright PK-Photos.

Blue Ribbon, on the All the Best Webring page
Photo copyright webking.

Lady on Pool Table, on the Billiards Webring page
Photo copyright caracterdesign.

Guitar Headstock, on the Rock Music Webring page
Photo copyright Gards.

Victorian Man and Wife, on the Genealogy and Local History Webring page
Photo copyright duncan1890.

1. Female Singer, on the Female Singers & Songwriters Webring page
2. Woman Biting on Her Finger, on the Funny People Webring page
3. Jigsaw Puzzle, on the 100 Pieces page
Photo copyright hidesy (Amanda Rohde).

Parthenon, on the Democracy in America Webring page
Photo copyright kazza.

Bananas, on the Bunches O' Bananas Webring page
Photo copyright Ken Zirkel Studio.

Dice with Reflection, on the Casino Webring page
Photo copyright Jenny Horne.

1. Face in White Costume and Makeup, on the Drama Webring page
2. Man with Giant Pen, on the Writer's Assistant Webring page
Photo copyright Josh Blake.

Blue Marker on Paper, on the Graphic Design Webring page
Photo copyright Andreas Rodriguez.

Flowers, on the Garden Webring page
Photo copyright Smileyjoanne.

Yellow Pages, on the Gambling Directories Webring page
Photo copyright JHorrocks.

Stack of Chips, on the Gambling Online Webring page
Photo copyright TulissiDesign.

Hand Holding Compass, on the Help Webring page
Photo copyright messenjah.

Garden Walkway, on the Landscape Design Webring page
Photo copyright chieferu.

Sports Book Stats Board, on the Sportsbooks Webring page
Photo copyright LugoGraphics.

Red Flower Against a Blue Sky, on the Poetry Place Webring page
Photo copyright HiDesignGraphics.

Chocolate Candy, on the Candy Webring page
Photo copyright keeweeboy.

Heart with Santa Hat, on the Christmas in Your Heart Webring page
Photo copyright mipan.

Upraised Hands, on the Don't Fry Forever Webring page
Photo copyright Portugal2004.

Green Information Sign, on the James S. Huggins' Webring Resources Webring page
Photo copyright kickers.

Metal Type Ampersand, on the Original Publishers Webring page
Photo copyright sprout22.

Painted Lady Painting, on the Artistic Conceptions Webring page
Photo copyright Photo euphoria.

1, Pipe Cleaner People Around the World, on the Circle of Friends Webring page
2. Art Gallery, on the Fine Arts Webring page
Photo copyright redmal.

Aviation Map, on the Aviation News Webring page
Photo copyright SummitView.

Pen Over Paper, on the Voix Webring page
Photo copyright kemie.

Light Bulb in the Corner, on the Corners in the Round Room of Insanity Webring page
Photo copyright Flutter_97321.

Movie Reel, on the Movies Webring page
Photo copyright bubbels556.

Lady in Red, on the Fashion Webring page
Photo copyright matt.scherf.

Blonde Back with Flower, on the Figurative expressions Webring page
Photo copyright forgiss.

Yellow Duck with Sunglasses, on the Individualist! Webring page
Photo copyright ho72.

Grand Piano, on the Music Webring page
Photo copyright compucow.

Paintball Jar, on the Paintball Webring page
Photo copyright StanRohrer.

Yellow Flower Closeup, on the Ring of Poets Webring page
Photo copyright Luso.

White Head with Wires Plugged In, on the Mensa Network Webring page
Photo copyright Pleio.

Two Wild Horses, on the Stallion Showcase Webring page
Photo copyright rodehi.

Open Blank Book, on the Write On Webring page
Photo copyright Morrhigan.

Open Blank Book, on the Write On Webring page
Photo copyright Morrhigan.

Woman Working at Kitchen Table, on the Home Based Business Women Webring page
Photo copyright sandoclr.

Students on the grass, on the Free Tutorial Webring page
Photo copyright humonia.

Remote Control, on the Radio Controlled Airplanes Webring page
Photo copyright chichi.

Hand with Paint Brush, on the Artists Webring page
Photo copyright gvictoria.

Blue Tone ebook, on the EBooks Plus Webring page
Photo copyright travellinglight.

Dance Costume Feathers, on the Indigenous Peoples Webring page
Photo copyright Jason Cheever.

Redhead with Green Makeup, on the Come To My Page Or I Will Beat You!! Webring page
Photo copyright abu.

Colored Pencils, on the Colored Pencil Webring page
Photo copyright milosluz.

Autumn Tree, on the eternal Poetry Webring page
Photo copyright profeta.

Fire Flowers, on the Mind on Fire Webring page
Photo copyright djarvik.

Magnolia Blossom, on the South Webring page
Photo copyright Craig Walsh.

Mixing Board, on the Home Recording Webring page
Photo copyright RedDotInteractive.

Girl Friends Lying Down, on the Friends Webring page
Photo copyright efenzi (Maciej Laska).

1. Girl Friends Hugging, on the True Friends Webring page
. Girl in Sunglasses (Wide Angle), on the Kewl Sites Webring page
Photo copyright phildate (Phil Date).

Shopping Bag, on the Shopping Mall Webring page
Photo copyright Mummu Media (Dan Brandenburg).

Horses on a Mountain, on the Wildlife Artist Webring page
Photo copyright designwest (Larry Jacobsen).

Space Swirls, on the Creative energy Webring page
Graphic copyright mecaleha.

Teens at a Computer, on the Teen expressions Webring page
Graphic copyright tomazl (Tomaz Levstek).

Corner Detail of an Old Book, on the American Literature Webring page
Graphic copyright pablohart (Paul Hart).

Comic Strip Face, on the Comic Strip Creator Webring page
Graphic copyright isaad.

Child at an easel, on the Free Original Graphics Webring page
Graphic copyright Photoeuphoria (Jaimie Duplass).

Business Woman with Card, on the Marketing Webring page
Graphic copyright nmaxfield (Nathan Maxfield).

Women Laughing, on the Humor Webring page
Graphic copyright Fotosmurf03 (Simone van den Berg).

Paint Horse, on the Midwest Paint Horses Webring page
Graphic copyright studioimagen (Tracie Jibbens).

Neurotic Woman Yelling, on the Neurotic Webring page
Graphic copyright sdominick (Sharon Dominick).

Public Domain Citations

Sitting Bull, on the Quotes by Native Americans page
Portion of a full length photo of Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Lakota warrior, mystic and chief; Library of Congress [USZ62-12281]; from the PBS site.

President Bill Clinton Playing a Sax, on the Subornation of Perjury page
President Bill Clinton plays the saxophone presented to him by Russian President Boris Yeltsin at a private dinner hosted by President Yeltsin at Novoya Ogarova Dacha, Russia, By Bob McNeely, January 13, 1994; courtesy of the White House; from the National Archives here for the exhibit, and, in particular, here for the page and here for the photo.

U-2s and eR2s in my U-2 Section
Most of these photos are from the U. S. Government, in particular, from the Air Force or from NASA. Complete credits are given in the section.

Portrait of Grace Hopper on the COBOL page, on the Grace Murray Hopper page, and on the Portraits of Grace Murray Hopper page,
This portrait was originally obtained from this page on the San Diego Supercomputer Center site. That page no longer exists, and I cannot, at this time, locate it on the site.

Portraits of Grace Hopper in my Portraits of Grace Murray Hopper pages,
Most of these photos are from the U. S. Government, in particular, from the Navy or Department of Defense. Complete credits are given in the section.

First Computer Bug on the First Computer Bug and First Computer Bug Large page,
This photo is from the U. S. Government, in particular, from the Navy or Department of Defense. Complete credits are given in the section.

Fair Use Citations

Bob Kaufman on the Abomunists Webring page,
This photo is from http://www.txt.de/
spress/beatland/homes_of/the_beat/margin/kaufman/portrait.jpg   It's use is claimed as "fair use".

Elmo on the Sesame Street and Elmo Webring page,
This photo is from CNN documenting elmo testifying before Congress in 2002. It is copyright CNN. It's use is claimed as "fair use". The photo is here and the news article is here.

Unknown Sources

A few graphics on this website suffer from my poor record keeping. If you recognize any of these graphics, please advise me so that I may correct the record or remove the graphic, as appropriate.

Paintbrush, on the Amateur Artists Webring page
Unknown origin and copyright.

Screws, on the Having a Bad Day Webring page
Unknown origin and copyright.

Pile of Money, on the Internet Marketing Webring page
Unknown origin and copyright.

The extra text menu links (previously here) are being removed in the site redesign.
Browser and search engine improvements have eliminated the motivation/necessity for them.

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